Know Food and Drinking Water

Phungin Monastery

Food and Drinking Water are two of the most basic needs to consider while going for trekking and expedition. Local hygienic food is available in most of the lodges and tea houses of the Manaslu region. Dhindo, Rice, Roti, and Potatoes are basic starch going with the other local delicacies. For protein, you can choose between the different variations of Yak and Sheep meats. Locally prepared dairy products like cheese, Churpi, and milk-based sweets are also some of the popular snacks here. Manaslu area is a well-developed trekking route this time. So, you will get continental, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Local Nepali foods that are available in Menu.

Similarly, drinking water taps are also available with occasional encountering of the natural water resources here. You can buy mineral water, boiled water, and cold filter water during the trekking. But for assurance, you should carry some chlorine drops or use SODIS (sunlight aided) methods of purification too.

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