15 days Tsum Valley Trek

5 - Excellent
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Group Size 2+ PAX
Trip Grade Moderate
Accommodation Lodge/Tents
Max. Elevation 3700M, Mu Gompa
Meals B+L+D
Transportation Jeep, Local Bus
Best Season Sep - Nov to March - May
Trip Route Arughat - Machha Khola - Philim - Chumling - Mu Gumpa - Jagat - Arughat to Kathmandu


  • Moderate trekking trail embedded in the Himalayas with some beautiful sections with adventure.
  • Cultural expedition of local Tsum ethnic people in Manaslu in the Hidden Valley of Nepal, Tsum.
  • Fantastic view of the Manaslu and surrounding mountain ranges.
  • Wildlife and vegetation showcase the high hills and sub-tropical climatic regions (2500 to 3500 m).
  • Beautiful and historically significant pilgrims and shrines with fantastic architecture (Mu Gompa and Rachen Gompa).
  • Magical sunrise and sunset views of the scenic landscape of the Himalayas.
  • Lower Himalayan and hill cuisine (thenthuk, apple wine, thukpa) with Yak and Chauri dairy products.
  • Authentic trek experience in the lesser-traveled trails of the restricted sections of the Tsum Valley.
  • Buddhist Guru Milarepa meditated in the Milarepa cave in the trekking region of Tsum Valley.
  • The Shyar Khola (river) melted from the glacier of the Ganesh Himal and the Budhi Gandaki River supplies water to the Tsum Valley Nepal.


The Tsum Valley Trek is an unmatched pearl of trekking in the central Himalayas for 16 consecutive trekking days. Fantastic landscape, perplexing views of mountains, rich Tsum culture, and traditions in the Manaslu region.

This trek has been open to the outside world since 2008. Lately, one can expect the unexpected here. But Tibetan art and influence in culture, along with the mountain way of life, are unique experiences to enjoy. The dress, vibrant ornaments, magical arts, warm hospitality, and smiley faces of the locals will be in your memories forever. But streets, the great monasteries, and Mt. Manaslu stand tall on the horizon at every destination.

Tsum Valley Trekking is a thrilling story to share back home. A place still untouched by modernization The Tsum Valley of the Manaslu region conveys the art of living passed down through generations, which is a truly heavenly delight.

Why is the Tsum Valley trek in Nepal a must-do adventure?

Tsum Valley Trek is the hidden valley of Nepal at an altitude of 2,000 to 3,500 m (6,600 to 11,500 ft) in the northern part of the Gorkha district of Nepal.  To trek in this restricted area, one must have authorized permits to enter and explore the Tsum Valley Trek region. The rare animals, mountain flowers, and precious herbs here balance the ecosystem.

So, we must enjoy our trekking session responsibly once we enter the Manaslu Conservation Area. Walking on the pristine trails here is a way of discovering oneself. But by doing many small hiking portions embedded within the trek, you will complete a fantastic trekking feat here.

The views of Baudha Himal, Siringi Himal (7161 m), the whole of Ganesh Himal, and Manaslu (8163 m) provide us with boundless great memories. One can overlap their Tsum Valley trek with the major local festivals of Lhosar, Saka Dawa, Dhachyang, and Fanning for bonus cultural and religious showcasing.

Excluding Harsh winter, one can do this trek any time of the year. With Manaslu Guide, don't miss even a single experience on the trek to Tsum Valley.

What Kind of People and Culture Inhabit Tsum Valley?

In Tsum Valley, there are individuals of Tibetan ancestry. They live an agricultural lifestyle and truly pursue Buddhism. The Tsumba, who have their own traditions, culture, and dialect, are the inhabitants of the Tsum Valley.

They celebrate Tiji festivals. Do you know around 200 Tsumbas are scattered among 30 villages in the Tsum community, including Gho village and Lark village?

Chhokangparo, at 3031 m elevation, is known as the upper Tsum Valley Nepal. It is around 5 trekking hours away from Lower Tsum Valley ( Chumling ), at an elevation of 2386 m.

With fascinating old Buddhist civilization history, the Tsum Valley trek booking is now open for 2024–2025.  Since the trekking in Tsum Valley opened in 2008, journeys to Rachen and Mu Gompa have added more fascination, as has the heritage trek in Tsum Valley Nepal, in the Gandaki province.

Is it possible to trek Tsum Valley alone?

According to the Nepal Tourism Board, the Tsum Valley Trek requires at least two people in a group, along with a certified guide. One needs a Manaslu restricted area permit, TIMS card, MCAP permit, and licensed trekking instructor to explore the Manaslu Tsum valley. The best time to trek Tsum Valley is from October to November.

Also, savor the regional specialty cuisine of Tsum Valley Manaslu and enjoy the unique Tibetan tea( butter tea from yak).  Milarepa Cave also known as Namkading Cave, is yet another stop on the Tsum Valley trekking experience, where the Buddhist philosopher and spiritual poet Milarepa spent his years of enlightenment.

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Travel Map

Daily itinerary

30 Min.

After landing in TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport), our representatives from Himalaya guide Nepal will meet you. You can view the bustling city lifestyle of Kathmandu on your way to the hotel. Visit our office for a quick orientation of the Tsum Valley trek program. Take an evening tour of the nearby places and markets from your hotel. Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu

After breakfast, meet your guide for the Tsum Valley trek in our office. After a brief introduction session, you will spend the day preparing for the upcoming trekking. Visit the nearby heritage and religious sites in your spare time today. Return to your hotel and rest for the day. Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu.

8-9 hrs drive B+L+D Lodge

After breakfast today, we will catch a bus from Kathmandu leaving to the eastern hills of Dhading district. The hill highway drive starts your day leading you to the villages of Arughat. The magnificent scenic view of nature from this drive is a perfect booster to kick start your journey. You will end your day nearby the beautiful Budi Gandaki River in Soti Khola. Once here you can head for a quick village tour.

4-5 hrs B+L+D Lodge

You will start your day with a fantastic sunrise over the mountains. The first part of the day is through lush Sal forests to the Labubensi village (884 m). Walking beside the beautiful Budi Gandaki River, we’ll pass through many small Gurung settlements to Khanbensi.

The trail to Maccha Khola from Khanbensi also provides you with some steep and challenging sections of Manaslu. The final part of today's trek is narrow, and you must be careful with the incoming mules and donkeys. Overnight at a lodge in the Gurung community of Macchakhola.

6-7 hrs B+L+D Lodge

We start the day by making our first cross of the Maccha Khola and trek up the trail surrounded by patches of Gurung settlements and hill farmlands. Continuing further on this trail looking to Tsum valley trekking route map, we will reach the village of Khorla Bensi. You can enjoy the organic coffee here in your brief break.

We will walk in the paths carved between hill forests to reach Tatopani. Tatopani is a place to relax for a while and rinse up your exhaustion with the hot-water springs. We will cross a steel bridge from here to reach the village of Dovan (1070 m). Crossing the settlements of Thulo Dunga and Yaruphant in the adjacent side of Budi Gandaki, we will reach the beautiful Gurung settlement of Jagat. Overnight at a lodge in Jagat.

5-6 hrs B+L+D Lodge

We will have our permits to the Manaslu region checked here at Jagat in the morning. In the meantime you can head for a Tibetan inspired cultural village tour here with the Himalayan view. We will hike up to the Suspension bridge from Jagat (1400 m) and to Salleri.

The segment connecting Jagat to Sirdibas is mostly flat and provides you with great views of the Shringi Himal (7161 m). We will then pass from many small patches of hill farmlands and reach Philim (1750 m).

Crossing the Gandaki River once more from Sirdibas, we will walk about an hour to reach the Lokpa Village. Rest for the day viewing the sunset over the Himalayas here. Overnight at a lodge in Lokpa.

4-5 hrs B+L+D Lodge

Lokpa is the only lodge for trekkers. It is in the middle of the jungle and very peaceful and quiet. We will walk further for 4-5 hours to reach Chumling village in the lunch hour. Overnight at a lodge in Chumling.

4-5 hrs B+L+D Lodge

We will pass the suspension bridge at Chumling and continue our trail, passing through hilly farmlands. The settlements here are small, with stone-patched houses close to each other. In the fields, one can see the harvest and cultivation of potatoes, maize, millet, and buckwheat (phapar ). There are chances of strenuous crossing difficulty in the landslide-prone area, near Shyar Khola, on your way to Chhekam Park.

One can experience the gradual reflection and lifestyle in the settlements to come in this Tsum Valley trek. Walking steadily on this trail, we will cross the Sarpu Khola and climb to the village of Gho. Take a brief snack break here and continue your walk to Chhekam Park. One of the biggest towns in the Tsum Valley trek, we will stay in a lodge here for the day.

4-5 hrs Lodge

This stretch of our trekking trail holds many legends of Lama Kongchong, one of the most decorated figures in the Manaslu region. Legends say that the Lama was resurrected in the village here in his child form and continued his meditation. The award-winning documentary "Unmistaken Child" follows this same story.

Continuing our walk, we will take a brief break in the village of Lamagaon. We will visit the famous Rachen Gompa, one of Manaslu's significant monasteries. You will see the holy Milarepa cave, where the great Buddhist Yogi Chyuchin Milarepa meditated for years. Continuing our trek, we will take our lunch at the next stop, Chhule. Overnight at a lodge in the Nile.

3-4 hours B+L+D Lodge

After early breakfast, join the monks in their morning prayers at Mu Gompa. We have a whole day of exploration, so we will spend it visiting the popular attractions here. You will climb to the Chhyosing Glacier for an adventure and somewhat challenging walk section. After returning, visit the religious shelter of Dhyphydoma Gompa.

Mu Gompa's trails are home to beautiful mountain flowers and lush Himalayan vegetation. You will also have opportunities to spot rare Fauna like Blue sheep, Naks, Chauris, and many species of birds found in the high-altitude areas.

The Gompa is the highest point in our trek, and the spectacular view from the top alongside the cultural showcasing makes it worth a visit. You will also have options of day hikes for higher viewpoints surrounding Mu Gompa here. Return to your lodge in the evening and rest for the day here. Overnight at a lodge in Nile (3500 m).

3-4 hrs B+L+D Lodge

We will start our descent by walking and revisiting some of your favorite sites on the trek. Our day trek is short today, adhering to Tsum Valley trek map route, and we make the most of it is a gradual downhill to Ranchen Gompa at an elevation of 3240 m from sea level. The stretch provides scenic landscapes, which you can enjoy throughout the trek.

Passing the village of Chhule and Pangdung, we will reach Rachen Gompa in the afternoon. In your spare time, before dinner, you can explore the paintings, architecture, and culture around Ranchen Gompa. Overnight at a lodge in Ranchen Gompa.

3-4 hrs B+L+D Lodge

Wake up and take a warm-up walk after breakfast for a walk downhill to Dumje village today. The first stop of the trek will be Chhekam Park (3031 m). We will continue on this less-traveled trail to pass the gompas at Gho and the bridge over Shiar Khola.

Crossing it, we will reach the small village of Dumje in the evening. In your spare time, you will have the option to take a rarely traveled path to Lungdang Gumba. Return to your lodge and rest for the day. Overnight at a lodge in Dumje.

6-7 hrs Lodge

We will start our trek today, walking beside the deep gorges and passing multiple bridges to Ripchet Town. The Ripchet village has a huge mountain terrace high above the Shyar Khola River, with exceptional navigation, we help you conquer the obstacles. The Northern Nepal valley, Tsum trekking also help you observe hill farming methodologies with traditional tools of farming.

We will continue our walk down to Khumjung and cross beautiful rhododendron forests leading to Lokpa. We will have our lunch in Lokpa and walk for an hour to reach Eklebhatti. We will join the original Manaslu circuit trail from here and walk to the Philim Village to end the day. Overnight at a lodge in Philim.

6-7 hrs Lodge

The trail will get more accessible today as we can enjoy the landscape and hill vegetation with slow descending to lower Manaslu. Passing the villages of Salleri and Jagat, we will get opportunities to revisit our favourite destinations nearby.

We will take short breaks on the trail and reach our lunch village at Dovan. We will end our day at the small settlement of Tatopani. Replenish your energy and wash your exhaustion resting in the Hot springs here. Overnight at a lodge in Tatopani in the Tsum valley trek.

5-6hrs B+L+D Lodge

Today's trail passes through terraced farms and fields, continuing the descent to Labu best. We are altering the village to stay for the night on the return trail for a wide range of trek experiences. In this section of the trek path, we will pass multiple beautiful waterfalls beside the mighty Budi Gandaki River.

We will pass Maccha Khola along the way by stopping and gulping quick snacks in the Gurung villages. We will continue our walk to Sotikhola, which is a couple of hours long. Overnight at a hotel in Soti Khola.

6-7 hrs

We will travel back to Kathmandu from the Soti Khola today. We will take the local bus carrying us from here to Kathmandu. The first section will pass through the gravel and off-road area to reach Dhading Besi.

From here, we can enjoy the hill highway ride back to Kathmandu after memorable and exhausting Tsum Valley trekking. Rest your day with local Nepali cuisine and music in the restaurants and pubs in Kathmandu. Shop some souvenirs from the streets in Thamel and rest for the day. Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu.

What's included?

  • International airport pick up and drop Service.
  • Bus ticket to Sotikhola by public bus.
  • Transportation along the trek.
  • Public bus back to Kathmandu.
  • Drop to Hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along the trek).
  • Lodge accommodation on the way.
  • License holder guide (including his salary, equipment, insurance, transportation, lodging and food) .
  • Equipment; Down Jacket, Sleeping Bag if you need.
  • Legal documents (MCAP permit, Tsum valley restricted area permit and TIMs).
  • All gov taxes.
  • Trekking and city map.
  • First aid medical box.
  • Some fresh and dry fruits along the trek.
  • Token love from office.
  • Farewell lunch or dinner as suitable time.

What's not included?

  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Cold drinks such as; Coke, Mineral Water, Beer etc.
  • Personal expenses (laundry, bar bill, telephone, extra helper, battery charge shower and boiled water).
  • Tips for guide.

Fixed Departures

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Trip Reviews

5 - Excellent Based on 1 Reviews

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John and Michael 

Tsum Valley Trek 15 Days

- 2022

We have contacted the Manaslu guide (Chandra Gurung) for the Tsum Valley trek. And we found him very quick responses and replied to all our curiosity about the Nepal trek. So, we have decided to go to Tsum Valley trekking with the Manaslu guide team.
When we were in Nepal Manaslu guided the Nepal team to care for us coming from the airport to the airport when we were in Nepal. During the Tsum Valley trip, we enjoyed ourselves a lot with our team and it was an unforgettable holiday in our life. Take care Manaslu guide team, We highly recommend this Manaslu guide team.

John and Michael