Know Flora and Fauna

Pine Tress are in Manaslu Circuit Trek
Pine Tress around Bhimtang

We can categorize the fauna here in Manaslu as three major types varying the altitude range. We will find varied, rich vegetation in the low hills, mid mountains & high hills going all the way to the high mountain types. These tend to overlap in some places giving the perfect view of transition for the visitors. For forests, we have 19 different significant types dominated by the beautiful rhododendron forest and Himalayan blue pine ones. With a large variety of smaller plants, we can also explore many medicinal herbs and mountain flowers all the way to the high altitude regions. Aromatic plants are also amongst the main attractions providing the bliss of freshness in the Manaslu area.

Marmots are playing lap of Mt. Manaslu in Nepal

Manaslu region is home to some of the most endangered and beautiful animals in the world. The highlights of wildlife in Manaslu will undoubtedly be the nearly extinct species of Red Panda and Snow leopards. Other beautiful animals consist of the grey wolf,  Asian black bear, blue sheep, Himalayan musk deer, tahr. And mainland serow, woolly Hare, horseshoe bat, Himalayan goral, Black-lipped pika, and Himalayan mouse-hare. Here also over 110 different species of birds, 33 species of Mammal, three reptiles, and 11 species of butterflies. Conservation of this majestic wildlife in Manaslu has been taken seriously in these late years as the declaration of the Manaslu conservation area. The population of the snow leopards, grey wolf, Himalayan Thar, blue sheep. And musk deer has prospered in recent years due to these efforts.