Know People and Crop

harvesting barley i n Manaslu tsum valley

People and Crop of the Manaslu region are mostly dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry to fulfill their everyday needs. A smaller percentage of the total population is involving in services and tourism as well.  Life in the Himalayas is definitely more challenging than in the cities. But the unity amongst the people makes this place truly a paradise. But the Sherpas in the higher regions are mostly mountaineers and guides for Mt. Manaslu Expedition. The villages are tightly located with most of the houses with stone-made and connected as well. People of Manaslu mostly migrate to the lower lands to escape the winter. And move up for the fresh grazing lands in the warmer season.

The farmlands of Manaslu vary from a wide range of elevation so, the cultivation of a diverse number of crops here. Most areas of the Manaslu lies in the high hills and Himalayan soil where only a few species of crops prosper well.

Wheat, millet, maize, buckwheat, and potato are the main crops whereas terraced Paddy fields are common sightseeings in the lower Manaslu area. Yaks, chauries (yak-cattle crosses), goats, sheep, and horses are the animals that the locals rear here.

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