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In 1950, Harold William Tilman is a first European peak climbing and expedition leader who had been visited Annapurna range with his five friends. They started walked from Kathmandu then within six days they had been to Manang then walked to Bhimthang their team member interested to trek up to larkye la top then they saw Mt. Manaslu expedition and tried to climb it but could not summit.

After the Tilman survey, Four Japanese group expeditions between 1950 and 1955 that explored the possibility of climbing Manaslu by the north and east faces. In 1952, a Japanese exploration team visited the area after the monsoon season. In the following year 1953, a team of 15 climbers led by Y. Mita, after setting itinerary up base camp at Samagaon, they try to reach the summit from the east side but they are failed. In this first attempt by a Japanese team to summit via the north-east face, three climbers reached a height of 7,750 meters before turning back.

Finally, in 1956, Toshio Imanishi and Gyaltsen Norbu Sherpa made the first ascent of Mt. Manaslu on May 9, 1956. The Japanese expedition was led by Maki Yūkō.

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8163M Mt. Manaslu / Hard
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