Know Climate

Trekkers walking on the way to Larke Pass Top 5130M.
On the way to Larke Pass Top 5130M.

The climate of places over the 5,000 meters of elevation is mostly snow-covered for the most part of the year in Manaslu. The precipitation in these areas is both from the rainfall and snowfall. Manaslu receives an annual rainfall of about 1,900 m, and most of it is in the monsoon season from June to September.

The southern end of the Manaslu region is made up of sub-tropical zone (average: Summer 24-27 °C / winter 7-13 °C). We will experience the temperate climatic zone (average: Summer 20-23 °C / Winter 2-6 °C) as we move up to the region.

The sub-alpine zone above it receives occasional snowfall throughout the year with the winter snowfall more frequent. Temperature mostly remains freezing above the subalpine zone, i.e., the arctic and the mountain regions in Manaslu. In comparison to most of the world. You will find a colder winter while the summer is moderate in the Manaslu region.

At the moment the weather season is changing due to global warming. So, it might snow and sun any moth in the Himalayas.

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