Know Accommodation

Accomodation in Manaslu trekking region

Accommodation in the Manaslu region is limited in the winter but enough for the visitors. In the prime trekking season, you can choose among some of the tea houses, homestays, and lodges to rest for the day. The price may range anywhere from 5 to 15$ per night in these places. Food services are also provided in many of these places for your services, or there would be small diner nearby.

Hot water services aren’t possible at higher altitudes. However, you will have a thick blanket and bed provided here. Squat toilets are the standard form of restrooms with either separate or attached bathrooms there too. Cell phones are supported in most parts of the trail. Similarly, GPS messengers can be used for communication too. For an authentic Himalayan experience, you will love to end your day in the local homestays here in the Manaslu region trying the local cuisine as well.

After the Annapurna circuit trek well developed, Then trekkers follow is growing day by day in the Manaslu region. So, most of the places very nice hotels with a good room but some places quite a simple room available.

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