Know When to go?

Trekkers walking on the snow with clear wearther in Autuman season in Manaslu

When to go on a trip to Nepal. It is one of the best adventure activities that Asia has to offer. You can get a wide range of experiences and some bonus adventure by timing the perfect time for the treks. The springtime to trek in the Manaslu regions is from March to May. One should also skip the tropical monsoon from June to September. Similarly, we can continue the autumn treks from September to mid-December which also includes the festive seasons in Nepal. One must try to rule out the snowy winter from December to late February when limited, or no lodges provide the services due to extreme winter.

Traveler enjoying with Rohodrendron flower spring season in MManaslu Trek

While trekking in the Himalayas, one must also keep updated on the changing weather and possibilities of difficult trekking conditions. Interacting with the guides for these purposes is the best way of minimizing the risks in the trail. Manaslu trek consists of many high passes so one must also try to complete it in the best weather conditions. For the best views of the Himalayas, time your visit in the above sections of the year.