Manaslu Circuit Trek Road Conditions: Tips for a Smooth Trek


5 Oct 2023 Chandra Gurung

Overview of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the most pleasurable yet challenging Trek in the history of Nepal. If you want a daring adventure, stroll your way toward the Manaslu Circuit trek. Starting from Machhakhola, the trek toward the high elevation of Larkya La pass at 5160 meters, takes about 14 days to complete. By walking on the red hills, uneven terrain, and lush green forests, you can be able to witness the true majesty of Manaslu 8163M, Cheo Himal 6812M, Shringi Himal 7161M, and Himlung Himal 7126M.

Manaslu Circuit Trek can be enlisted in the magnificent adventure of your life, as you explore through the restricted areas of Manaslu, high above the hills, chasing the snow-capped mountains, and enjoying the rich Cultural Gurung and Sherpas Villages. Crossing the Budhigandaki River, suspension bridges, walking by Namrung villages, Samagaun, and reaching Larkya La Pass, every moment in endeavoring. Join us on your smooth road trip and treks to Manaslu Circuit Trek, with Manaslu Guide, learn more about the existing road conditions, accessibility, gear, and preparation for your most awaited travel expedition.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: Road Conditions and Accessibility

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a trail through a remote area in Nepal. You can be able to immerse yourself completely in the cultural significance, natural beauty, and rugged scenery of the place. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a loop that is basically around a total of 115-120 km in distance to cover. 

The road conditions in the trek change at each section of the trek. In the beginning days, from Kathmandu to Macchikhola (869 m) the road is quite smooth. As you reach Labubensi, the difficulty level of the road starts to increase. You have to cross the Budhigandaki River, and in this section of the river-side trail, you need to be careful about the rocks falling throughout. Safety concerns increase during monsoon when this trek region can be difficult to pass by. 

To pass Manaslu Circuit Trek, you need to obtain the restricted area Trekking Permit, and Annapurna Conservation Area trek permit, and you need to trek with a licensed guide. Solo Trekkers are not entertained by this strenuous difficulty trek route, and one must be at a good fitness level when accessing the pathway. 

Navigating on the Manaslu Circuit Path is equally challenging, and you need to be careful about any shorts of landslides or washouts that may occur due to unexpected or heavy rain in this region. Flexible Itinerary plans during rain or unfeasible road conditions are advised. As the road is narrower on the slopes and the steep ascents can be a turning point, you need to be conscious starting from your trek, choosing the right gear to proceed with.

Local Transportation: Which is Best for you in Manaslu Trek?

Prior arrangements are always beneficial when you choose to trek in peak season in Nepal. Booking your local transportation in advance from your Trekking services will save you from the last-minute rush.

i) Buses

You can locally transport from Kathmandu to Soti Khola as buses depart on a daily basis on this route. But the prices can be expensive compared to other bus routes because of relatively fewer buses coming on the trail. It takes from 7 to 8 hours to reach Sotikhola, departing from Kathmandu by bus.

ii) Jeeps

Jeeps are costlier, but they can be the more convenient and quick mode of transport compared to local buses in Nepal. The journey to Sotikhola is around a 5 to 6-hour drive from Kathmandu in Jeep.

Seasonal Variations: Manaslu Circuit trek 

It is important for you to be cautious of the challenging prospects as per seasonal variations in Manaslu Circuit Trek. When exploring the mountain region and saying yes to a challenging trek route, you need to trek in the months which are mild and sunny. The best time when you can trek in Manaslu Circuit Trek is in spring (March to May)., The autumn months between September to November are also favorable when seasonal challenges are less. 

i) Spring (March to May)

During Spring, days are longer, and your trekking experience can be wonderful as you get ice and snow-free trails. However, weather is unpredictable in higher altitudes and mild chances of rain and snow exist. Packing rain cover and gear is also advised. 

iii) Autumn (September to November)

Autumn months are yet another seasonal-friendly time when you can set your plans to conquer Manaslu Circuit Trek. The clear skies offer great majestic views of picturesque landscapes and snow-capped mountains. However, you need to pack warm clothes with you as night can get colder at high elevations from September to November. 

ii) Summer (June to August)

The trekking route can get slippery and muddy during summer months., As monsoon season collides with summer in Nepal, heavy rainfall can occur, increasing the chances of natural disasters, floods, and landslides. It is recommended not to trek unless you are familiar with the trek routes and be prepared for what awaits you on the muddy road. 

iv) Winter (December to February)

The decision to trek on the Manaslu Circuit region would not be a friendly option as winter months are the coldest, especially on high ranges it can be freezing cold. Ice and snow are great challenges through steep ascents and descending routes on the trek. Despite challenging, clear skies and enduring views of mountains would be worth navigating. Trekking with warm clothes on and adding snow gear is advisable.

Some Preparation and Packing Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Preparation is always key, be it getting into a desired fitness level or planning the trek in advance. Arranging yourself with Trek partners like Manaslu Guide will be a plus point in your Himalayan adventure. 

i) Ascertain Fitness Level

The first and foremost of all is your fitness level. A good physical condition can help you keep moving despite long exhausting hours of walk. Make sure you train your body before the Manaslu expedition. Besides that, you need a comfortable backpack with essentials that you can carry with several hours of walk.

ii) Arrange Trekking Permits 

Arranging Trekking Permits is equally important when you are voyaging towards your journey to Manaslu. You need a Manaslu Conservation Area Permit. Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, TIMS Card, and Manaslu Restricted Area permit to complete your trek with a licensed guide. 

iii) Pack Wisely 

You need to have a quality backpack, that is spacious and comfortable at the same time. You need a pair of trekking boots that are durable and provide traction during the route. Packing clothes for all types of weather, rain, snow, and cold temperatures, and learning how to cope with those are crucial before you ascend. Layering your clothes, adding, sleeping back, trekking poles, sunscreen, first-aid kit, and other essential gear for your Manaslu Circuit trek is a wise move. 

iv) Acclimatization

If you are well aware of probable altitude sickness at higher elevations in your trek route and acclimatize gradually and appropriately, you can minimize the risk. Adjusting your body accordingly to the colder temperature, you can spend some days at lower altitudes before moving forward to your destination. The journey can get beautiful when you understand your body’s needs, cope accordingly, and ascend mindfully. 

v) Stay Hydrated 

Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep yourself energized throughout the trek route. You need rest, refuel, break, nutrition, and hydration to prevent yourself from getting tired easily. Refilling your water bottle and grabbing yourself some energy bars can be a savior. 

vi) Be aware of Surroundings

Researching on the trek route, road conditions, and safety gear for your trek is as important as being aware of your surroundings. In an unfamiliar environment, slopes, and road conditions of Manaslu Circuit Trek, it is crucial for you to watch for any signs of dangers or potential hazards. Staying connected with your loved one and being noted of any emergency situation is also suggested when conquering the Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

vii) Hiring License Trek Guide and Porter

Choosing experienced and reputable Trekking guides and agencies is essential. They can keep you informed and updated about road conditions and valuable insights on how to proceed on challenging and narrow roads as in Manaslu Circuit Trek. By emphasizing the right choice and abiding by the Nepal Government’s rules and regulations, you can have an unforgettable journey to Manaslu. 


Road conditions in the Manaslu Circuit trek may affect your Trekking experience. By analyzing the impact, you can pre-plan, arrange safety, and make preparations for the road conditions. Potential trekkers like you can successfully ascend and create success stories by adhering to the aforementioned tips for a smooth trek in the Manaslu Region. Remember that challenging terrain can be conquered with fitness and a good spirit within. You can hire a renowned Trekking guide and rely on the vehicle services and navigation under them.