How to Stay Safe from Rain in the Manaslu Circuit Trek? 


11 Sep 2023 Chandra Gurung

Understanding the Manaslu Circuit in Rainy Season

Of course, Understanding the changing dynamics and trails of the Manaslu Circuit trek, as per season, might be complex. But you can avoid rainy and monsoon seasons by trekking around in the remote region of Manaslu, as far as you know. 

Weather patterns are highly unpredictable at times, and rainfall expectations may vary during summer. You cannot make a correct forecast of the rain sometimes, as the summer and rainy seasons coincide in Nepal. 

In this case, you need not panic and prepare cautiously with the advice of your guide.

Here is a guided overview of how to trek in monsoon season and cope with unexpected rain in the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

How to Deal with Unexpected Rain in the Manaslu Circuit Trek? 

So, how can you cope with unexpected rain when trekking through the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Staying safe during your Trek, especially when unexpected rain comes, can be quite challenging, but not anymore if you stick to safety procedures and stay alert about the probable weather fluctuations. At a difficult time, hiring an experienced guide becomes necessary to navigate river crossing and slipper landscapes during the rain. Opting for monsoon-friendly routes on the Manaslu Circuit trek will be highly beneficial. These routes are ideally recommended by the trekking agency, Nepal Government based on information accessed through the past. You can find certain courses during your trek when you can make itinerary adjustments and planning of your trek trail in order to avoid landslide-prone areas.

5 Tips to Stay Safe during Rain in the Trek 

Trekking in the rain and muddy trails can be challenging enough. But this set of difficulties can be adjusted and best with caution and careful steps. Here are 5 tips on how you can stay safe during rain in the Manaslu Circuit trek. 

1. Appropriate Rain Cover and Gear

If you are carrying rain boots, waterproof clothing, rain pants, and a jacket with you when trekking, you are making a smart move. Wearing waterproof trekking boots that have traction and help you navigate muddy routes are also suggested. 

2. Be Cautious on Muddy Trail 

Whenever rainfall arises, the trek routes become wet and muddy. In this case, you might have an increased risk of slipping, falling, and injuries. By being extra cautious knowing your route planning and dealing with the rain in a smart way, you can avoid those. 

3. Protect your Feet 

By carrying an extra set of socks, and wearing high-quality boots for trekking, you can protect your feet from blisters and injuries in the wet and muddy terrain of Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

4. Stay informed and Navigate with the Guide 

Staying informed about any sort of adjustment in your trekking itinerary during rainfall is significant., You can also consult with your experienced guide, who is there for you to help you facilitate and navigate the route ahead. 

5. Know the Safe Areas to Seek Shelter

When the rain is getting beyond your control, and you find it difficult, it is essential for you to know that you need to be somewhere for your safety from bad weather conditions like rain. Finding a reasonable place to seek shelter shall be your other move. This can be done by navigating the shelter through maps, compasses, and guidance. 

Pack Accordingly During the Manaslu Circuit Trek

More consequences can arise during rain, making it more inconvenient to trek during the Manaslu region of Nepal. Though the months of March, April, and May in Spring and September, October, and November in Fall are considered the best times to Trek in Manaslu, rain can come with unexpected surprises.

You never know if the weather unexpectedly changes, despite being updated with the weather forecast on a regular basis. But you can pack your essential and waterproof clothing items and rain gear when making the wise choice of packing. 

Often, choosing the right pair of footwear to trek on the muddy trails of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is advisable. Having non-slippery and trekking shoes or boots is a plus point.

Permit requirements for monsoon trekkers

There are seasonal restrictions and route closures due to hazards that may come due to Monsoon when you are planning to obtain a trekking permit in the Manaslu Circuit. There are certain requirements, and procedures for getting the needed permit, abiding by regulations and routes to permit ideally at times, when rain may occur. 

Choosing an ideal route, that is monsoon-friendly, is suggested. By obtaining the necessary permit from the Conservation area and Government authority, you can proceed ahead with a trek in rainy times. 

Accordingly, you can verify the permit documents like the Manaslu Restricted Area permit and ACAP, for proceeding in your journey. In case of queries or confusion, you can consult with local authorities for updated information. 

Also, getting yourself familiar with the trek information and alternative trek routes is essential to avoid any inconvenience on the muddy trail in the rain. Your Trek begins in the restricted area at the permit checkpoint of the local village of Jagat.

How can you Choose the Best Route during rain? 

By considering certain areas where landslides, floods, and other rain-related hazards are less would be an ideal route to trek during rain. You can also choose alternative routes that are monsoon-friendly, followed by experienced trek guides when it rains.  You can be cautious about prone areas to landslides, and avalanches, and get valuable insights about dealing with the rain with your local guide. With this guidance, you can plan an itinerary flexible enough to help you cope with the rain and deal in case of closures of rain due to heavy unexpected rain.

Advantages of Trekking in Monsoon Season

Despite increased Trek Difficulty and risk attached to trekking in Monsoon, some advantages are there for the same. You can have your unique experience with the rich biodiversity, flora, and fauna when trekking in the rain. 

1. Rich Cultural Festivals

Trekking in Rain and Monsoon has its own set of pros, despite more cons. You can encounter and interact with local people, their rich cultural experiences, and festivals when trekking in the Monsoon and Rain. Also, chances of being involved in rich, vibrant, and colorful festivals of the natives can be seen at these times of the year.

3. Wildlife and Flora

Amidst rain, wildlife sightings and birdwatching opportunities are increased during rain because of fewer crowds. You can come across a unique set of adventures being able to access a more tranquil trail through the route, appreciating the rare beauty of wildlife and flora. 

2. Rain-fed Waterfalls

Rain-fed Waterfalls are more beautiful and mesmerizing than ever to watch. You can prepare for a journey, unlike other times, a more refreshing one to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. The sparkling rivers and rain-fed waterfalls add more beauty to the serene landscapes of Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

4. Green Lush Forests and Terrain

The vibrant green lush and serene fields and terrain during the Monsoon Trek can be awe-inspiring. At times of rain, you can be able to get opportunities to witness green landscapes, lush fields, and forests. The increased beauty of nature is breathtaking and relaxing in these seasons.


The trek difficulty during rain in Manaslu Circuit Trek can be best with caution, expert advice, and opting for monsoon-friendly trek routes. At such times, knowing when to seek support and shelter would be significant. Wearing appropriate rain gear and protecting yourself by avoiding prone areas to hazards from rain can help you stay safe during Rain in the Manaslu Circuit Trek.