7 Best Fitness Tips for Trekking in Manaslu Circuit Trek


15 Sep 2023 Chandra Gurung

Are you planning to explore the Manaslu region? Here’s how you can create an everlasting memory on the trekking journey. Simply, you need to access your core stamina and meet the physical requirement for off-beating the uneven terrain on the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Understanding the Importance of Fitness Tips for Trekking

Physical fitness, endurance training, and stamina are key factors for conquering Manaslu Circuit Trek. For having a rewarding trekking experience in Manaslu Mountain, having a certain level of physical fitness is a must.

As the trekking requires walking through a diverse landscape of the tropical region, you need to prepare yourself accordingly. Walks between lowlands and high altitudes can be smoother if you prepare beforehand for this day. Reaching your target, at the mountain ranges, base camps, and passing in the area, through hours of walking, is aided by the core strength you have. 

Above all, your hours of walking and uphill climbing might cause chances of strain in your shoulders and blisters on your foot. Having the right set of guidance and stamina can ensure your safety and better enjoyment on the uneven trekking trail.

Assessing your Fitness Level for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Trekking with no prior experience as such might be difficult. Conquering the Manaslu region for beginners, which is a moderately difficult trekking trail, could be challenging for those, with no clues on how to begin. 

Make sure you assess your fitness level and have beforehand preparations for developing the potential to reach your destination. If you are confused about how to begin, ask yourself if your body can, and perform these simple assessment tests at home.

  • Perform plank for 1 consecutive moment, and see if your body starts to pain.
  • Try some stretching exercises and assess if your body can cope with it.
  • If your breath is shortening after uphill and downhill walking, you need some more training.
  • Reflect on your body’s ability to tolerate changes in altitude.
  • Check on your leg strength and flexibility through Squats and try some Pigeon yoga poses and inner thigh stretching.

By trying some of these, you know, if you are ready or not, for your next Manaslu Circuit Trek. If your body is giving up, no worries, you still can improve your body endurance, and build stamina by working on your exercises.

7 Best Fitness Tips for Trekking in Manaslu Region

Choosing a healthy lifestyle and incorporating healthy choices of diet in your routine can enhance fitness. Apart from these, staying hydrated and performing strength-building and flexibility training can help you accomplish the fun of Manaslu Circuit Trek, without getting fatigued.

1. Frequent Cardio Exercises

You can perform cardio exercises at home like beginner-friendly jumping jacks, marching, leg stand, dancing, and jogging. Walking around 30 to 45 minutes a day in the morning or evening could also boost your heart health and condition.

2. Legs Training and Flexibility

Through leg training and flexibility, you can prepare yourself for trekking in the high and low altitudes of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. You can perform staircase walking, jump ropes, squat jumps, mountain climbing, and burpees to strengthen your legs. For leg flexibility, you can try front splits, butterfly stretch, and also go for Pilates.

3. Endurance Building

If you are wondering how endurance exercises can help you achieve your target. You can try push-ups, plank, running, and crunches at home to see the difference in your physical strength. Your muscular endurance is to get better with these techniques, allowing you to trek to your destination. Focusing on swimming, and biking can also increase your heart rate and shorten your breath, which can increase your endurance.

4. Altitude Training

Altitude training will facilitate you to adapt your body even at high altitudes. Learning breathing rhythms and spending time in high-altitude ranges would allow you to elevate your fitness level. Through altitude training, cyclists, trekkers, mountain climbers, and others can perform intense exercises in different altitude ranges by increasing their endurance power. 

5. HIIT Training

HIIT Training is a high-intensity interval training method. It is also a cardio workout, in which there is a swap of high-intensity and moderate exercise ranges in between, allowing gradual dealing with one’s fitness level. For fat reduction, strength building, and trekking purposes, incorporating a HIIT workout prior to your trek experience is suggested. 

6. Yoga and Meditation

Through various forms of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam, and breathing exercises, you can prepare yourself physically for the trekking experience in Manaslu. You can meet the physical fitness and mental abilities requirements by including yoga and meditation in your regular practices. Several stretching techniques will increase the flexibility needed for your upcoming adventure. 

7. Rest and Recovery

Taking a nutritious diet, and not stressing yourself too much over a high-intensity workout, is suggested. Your body needs time to cope, deal with, and rest after physical training, hence, understanding body needs, and having adequate rest and sleep, would also elevate your trekking experience. 

Packing Tips: Gear and Equipment Essentials for Manaslu Circuit Trek

By packing light and only essential gear for trekking in Manaslu, you can prevent yourself from becoming exhausted. Make sure, you choose a backpack with padded shoulder straps. You can also carry, a hip belt to ensure additional safety during the trek. 

Wearing a warm hat and gloves, adding layers of clothes, and carrying a sleeping bag with you on your trek route are also recommended. Carrying extra pairs of socks and underwear and wearing a down jacket for trekking would be helpful.  

You may also pack some snacks and energy food to save you at the last moment. These could add up energy and enlighten your mood during trekking.

Prepare Yourself Mentally to Conquer the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Preparing yourself mentally for your upcoming Manaslu Circuit Trek is key here. With great challenges comes the spirit to conquer the difficulty and elevate the adventure to a new level. 

With a great spirit that you are ready to conquer the adventurous trek of the Manaslu, you can proceed. Reaching the altitude and sightseeing the stunning landscapes would be memorable, and this is possible when you keep saying to yourself that you can do it. 

You can research the trek routes, potential risks, and the conditions of the trek route, weather forecast, and accommodate accordingly, during the trek. By analyzing on how you can practice self-care during the trek days and stay motivated to abide by Itineraries. Though discomfort may be a part of your journey, but you sign up for it to create a memorable adventure and milestone for your life.


All in all, with effective strength workout plans, and fitness schedules, you can boost your stamina and endurance. Just by incorporating the aforementioned exercises into your routine, you can lead a change. Assessing the true meaning of freedom when it comes to dealing with your body and embracing the journey with what you can, would help. With these awesome fitness training and tips, you can conquer a remarkable Trek journey ahead in the Manaslu region. 

Moreover, you can mentally prepare yourself on how to cope with challenges, and discomfort, and manage stress of any kind that comes your way. Manaslu Circuit can be an amazing life adventure that you sign up for, provided you prepare yourself physically and mentally for it.