Exploring the Best Time for Manaslu Circuit Trek


1 Aug 2023 Chandra Gurung

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a perfect opportunity to observe the stunning mountain views while also being in close contact with nature. You will walk into something new with every step, leaving all your problems and comfort behind as you enter a whole new world. In comparison to other treks, Manaslu Circuit Trek is longer. Usually, it takes between 12 to 15 days and the trek covers a total distance of roughly 177 kilometers. To make every second of the Manaslu circuit trek, it is important to determine the best time for different seasons like Spring, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter. The best hiking experience depends heavily on timing due to the changing seasons. You will know the best time to go on a trek, and also know different factors like things you need to carry, safety, weather, and trail, providing you with unforgettable memories.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Spring Season

For adventure seekers, trekking in Spring Season, which is usually from March to April, gives an amazing and exciting experience and is also considered one of the best times for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. During this season, different flowers will be blooming making the trek more attractive. Moreover, spring brings some of Nepal’s festivals to give the opportunity to experience and participate in them. Trekkers can experience different festivals including Holi known as the festival of colors and the local New Year’s celebration which brings the nation to new life.


March is among the best times for Manaslu Circuit Trek. It’s a perfect time for exploring Manaslu’s beauty. During this time skies are clear and surrounded by beautiful flowers. Talking about the weather, it will start to get warmer around this month. Many people will be ready for the trek so there might be busy routes.


April provides pleasant weather and temperatures as well as clear and beautiful skies making it a good opportunity to take pictures of the mountains. With it being a popular month for a trek, it is important to plan ahead of time with different things to keep in mind like accommodation availability and condition of trails.


As mentioned before, it is the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek because of the weather and perfect views. While trekking this month, you will be seeing different flowers on the trail. Temperatures during the day are warm, which makes people more comfortable for trekking. This month enriches the stunning view of sunrises and sunsets.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Monsoon Season

If you love adventure with obstacles and problems then monsoon season would be the perfect time for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Get yourself ready to encounter leeches and insects along the way. Likewise, this season is less popular among trekkers because of the rainfall, higher probability of landslides, and flash floods. You might expect there will be fewer trekkers and it might be easier to get accommodation compared to other seasons. It provides trekkers with a more quiet and relaxed experience due to the less crowded trails. However, trails get slippery and muddy due to heavy rains, which will make trekking more challenging and unpleasant.


June is known for the start of monsoon season, trekking in Manaslu might not be popular but it provides a distinctive and thrilling experience. The rain enters the county and it will bring cooler temperatures. People who are willing to go for a trek might enjoy the greenery around them.


Trekkers need to be clear that this is the month with the highest rainfall. It is very important to keep track of the weather, listen to the recommendations of local guides, and be ready to make changes to the trekking schedule if it is required.


The monsoon ends in August and rainfall starts to slow down, but you might expect some rainfall. Manaslu Circuit Trek would be amazing because the surroundings are still lush and colorful and the weather is cold and refreshing. As the month goes on, the trails begin to open up and the chance of landslides also decreases.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Autumn Season

Nepal’s autumn season begins in September and ends in November. It is regarded as the best time for people who are planning to trek in Manaslu. The season offers nice weather, clear skies, and stunning scenery of the Himalayan peaks to trekkers. The monsoon rains ended, and trails are now clear, dry, and easily accessible. Nepal’s major festivals like Dashain and Tihar are celebrated around this season. Local people’s warm hospitality will give you a memorable experience.


In Nepal, September marked the start of autumn, which is an ideal time to go trekking. The appealing weather, which combines warm days and cold nights. After the monsoon season ends this time, the scenery is lush and green.


October is known for being the busiest month to trek in Manaslu Circuit. Provides trekkers with good weather and breathing views. People from all over the world will be coming, bringing an upbeat and friendly environment along the way. Since there will be a lot of people planning to go on a trek, it will be better to book ahead of time for accommodation.


November offers trekkers a remarkable trekking opportunity, as the autumn season comes to an end. The weather is quite good, with moderate weather during the day and a bit of cold nighttime. The sky is still beautiful, providing beautiful scenery of the mountains. November is seen as the end of trekking season, so you might expect less busier compared to October.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Winter Season

Nepal’s winter season normally lasts from December to February, offering different perspectives on the landscapes in Manaslu Circuit Trek. Going on a trek in the winter season has its own difficulties, but it also offers snow-covered scenery and a quieter path. It is a great time for people who want a more peaceful and quiet environment. During the winter season, there is colder weather and the temperature can go down to -10ºC at night. To keep yourself warm and comfortable the whole trek, you must be well-equipped with proper gear like a jacket, hat, gloves, thermal layers, and boots. Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind is that most of the hotels, restaurants, and shops are closed and you need to be prepared for the alternatives.


As winter approaches in December, it begins to get colder but the days are sunny. By the middle of this month, snowfall and slippery paths can make your adventure more challenging. Despite the challenges, it provides trekkers with the chance to experience Nepal’s beauty in different surroundings, with lesser trekkers along the way.


Most people think it’s a bad idea to go trekking in January as it is the coldest month. The temperature decreases significantly during the night and morning. Therefore, only a few people plan for the Manaslu Circuit Trek and it’s better to carry a tent and other essential things because many hotels and other places are closed during that time.


February continues to experience cold, but the season begins slowly towards spring. It is a great month for viewing the mountains as there will be clear skies and days will start getting warmer. Days start getting longer and it’s the glimpse of nature waking up from the cold night. Slowly the hotels, restaurants, and shops begin to open around this month. However, it is important to carry appropriate gear and reliable equipment for your safety and comfort.

Brief details and average temperature of each season in Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Month Average Temperature (°C) Season Details
March 2 to 10°C

Spring Season

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit in the spring season is a thrilling journey. The blooming flowers make the trekking fascinating, and festivals like Holi and the local New Year’s bring cultural diversity.
April 6 to 12 °C
May 12 to 31°C
June 10 to 25°C

Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season in Manaslu Circuit Trek provides greenery all around, but it also causes frequent landslides and slippery paths.
July 5 to 20°C
August 5 to 18°C
September 7 to 21°C

Autumn Season

Manaslu Circuit Trek during the monsoon season, is considered the best season. With clear skies and major festivals, the joyful atmosphere will make your journey unforgettable.
October -2 to 15°C
November -6 to 13°C
December -8 to 12°C

Winter Season

Enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings of wintertime in Manaslu Circuit Trek. Treks at lower elevations can be viable, while higher routes may experience colder snowfall.
January -10 to 6°C
February 6 to 18°C


Trekking in Manaslu Circuit across the different seasons brings a variety of exciting adventures that each of the seasons highlights Nepal’s rich culture, religion, and natural beauty. During the spring season, trekkers are welcomed with the different colorful flowers and mild temperatures.  

Autumn is known as the best time for trekking and attracts trekkers from all over the world. Monsoon season is a challenging yet adventurous experience for trekkers. Winter offers a snow-covered experience and the right equipment is needed for a comfortable journey when trekking in cold weather. Each season has its own set of difficulties and benefits, making the journey a fascinating and rewarding experience.