Gokyo Lakes Trek: Mysteries, Highlights, and Trekking Packages


22 Sep 2023 Chandra Gurung

Introduction to Gokyo Lakes

Gokyo Lake’s rich aquatic presence, in the heart of the Himalayas, is an amazing place to explore the mystics of nature. The 6 oligotrophic lakes, situated at a high altitude of 4,700 to 5,000 meters in the territory of Sagarmatha National Park, are something you cannot miss out on. 

What interests me more about the Gokyo Lakes is the scenic mystery of the crystal-clear lakes, surrounded by majestic Himalayas, a truly enriching grandeur. Join us to discover more about the unexplored aspects of the Gokyo Lakes Trek portrayed significance and unwavering beauties of this magnificent natural hub.

6 Sacred Lakes in Gokyo Lake Regions

The pristine blue and picturesque glacial lakes provide a refreshing ambiance to the Gokyo region. Highlighting the major attractions of Gokyo Lakes Trek, 6 main freshwater lakes are on the list. 

Delving more into the attractions of this crystal clear and mirror-reflecting idyllic lake in the regions of Solukhumbu, here are some briefings you can find interesting.

1. Gokyo Cho (Dudh Pokhari)

Gokyo Cho is one of the lakes in the Gokyo region, which are clear freshwater lakes at a high altitude. Also known as Dudh Pokhari, this lake has an abundance of dissolved oxygen, spread over an area of 106 acres. The eastern shore of the lake is easily accessed from the Gokyo village. 

2. Longpanga Cho

The peaceful environment around Longpanga Cho is a delight to catch. It is the first one you can witness after entering the Gokyo region, and it is as beautiful and refreshing as other lakes in the Himalayan region.

3. Ngojumba Cho

Ngojumba Cho is one of the smallest lakes in the Gokyo region, with an area of 35.6 acres. Like other freshwater, it is also recognized in the village of lakes, and experiencing the ever-rich water embodiment in this region can be awe-inspiring. 

4. Gyazumpa Cho

Gyazumpa Cho is one of the lakes in the Gokyo region, spread within an area of 29 hectares/72 acres. The freshwater resource has its own impactful presence, making Gokyo Lakes renowned for their natural beauty and richness. 

5. Thonak Cho

Thonak Cho is the largest lake in the Gokyo region, with an area of 35.07 meters/160.8 acres. It is also the deepest among the 6 lakes, with a depth of 62.4 meters. The secrets and mysteries behind the tranquil and majestic presence of this lake are amazing. 

6. Tanjung Cho

Tanjung Cho, another freshwater oligotrophic lake in the Gokyo village, has an expansion area of 16.95 hectares/41.9 meters. The remote lake has been adding more abundance to Gokyo village.

Mysteries of Gokyo Lakes

So, what’s inside the heart of Gokyo Lakes that is fantastic and eye-pleasing to trekkers who aspire to conquer the Gokyo Peak? The journey is a relaxing getaway to Everest Base Camp, the Gokyo village region is more of a scenic pleasure, which is an unforgettable experience for those who visit. 

1. Changing Colors

The snow-capped mountains are reflected in the lakes’ surfaces, which holds the breath of the climbers. Enriched lakes, the magnificent trail, and the epic color-changing rituals of the lakes make them more attractive. 

When it comes to colors, they are famous for their color transition from green to blue and vice versa. Based on the seasons, time of the day, the night, day, and the morning light, the color of the lakes can just be vibrant and the symphony of the blue and green hues is always on top.

2. Refreshing journey to Gokyo Peak 

Gokyo Peak or Gokyo Ri Peak, the ultimate destination of the trek, is situated at an altitude range of 5,357 meters (17,576 feet) above sea level. The panoramic vistas of Gokyo Peak offer you an opportunity to have a glance at the Everest region. 

3. Ngozumpa Glacier

From the lake regions, you can also climb up to Gokyo Ri peaks, and have a sight at the largest glacier in Nepal, known as Ngozumpa Glacier. In the small village of Gokyo, you can find the traveler’s attractions and majestic pinnacles, which are often invited.

4. A Memorable Getaway to Majestic Mountains 

After triumphing in the Gokyo region, you can begin a trail to the well-known circuit regions of Everest. The next destination can be, Mount Lhotse, Mount Choyu, or Mt. Manaslu, Mt Everest, and others, which seem surreal.

5. Religious Significance

Gokyo Lakes hold major religious significance apart from being major attractions for trekkers. It is a sacred and religious place for both Buddhists and Hindu religion. Naag Devta is believed to dwell in the lake regions. Besides this, temples of Lord Vishnu and Maha Deva are built on the eastern side of the Gokyo Lakes. Especially in Janai Purnima, devotees do Snaan, and take a holy bath in the freshwater of the Lakes.

Trekking Packages: 11 days Itinerary for Gokyo Lake Trek

For better facilities and trekking experience, here at Gokyo Lakes Trek, you may contact the Manaslu Guide Trek team and have a mesmerizing adventure. 

To begin with, you need a Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit, and certain other trekking permits, costing around 30 USD subject to additional government charges. A certain level of fitness is required, which you need to prepare beforehand to elevate your trekking experience.

Starting your day off from Kathmandu, your trip shall begin from an altitude range of 1300m. Your trek begins right after you fly to Lukla airport. On the 2nd day of the trek, you can explore Phakding, another small village in the Khumbu region, which is situated at an altitude of 2610 meters. After getting sufficient time to rest, another day begins the trek to the region of Namche Bazaar, at an altitude of 3400 meters. Thereby, you can explore the cultural diversity and terrains of the Namche bazaar, and take time to acclimatize for a day before submitting to higher regions. You can also refer to the stated Itinerary detail for more information,

  •  Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu
  •  Day 2: Fly to Lukla and begin the trek to Phakding 
  •  Day 3: from 2600 m at Phakding, the next Trek is Namche bazaar at an altitude of    3400m
  •  Day 4: Acclimatization day
  •  Day 5: Dole village Trek at, 4200m
  •  Day 6: Trek to Machismo village alt 4400m
  •  Day 7: Trek to Gokyo Lake
  •  Day 8: Return to Dole
  •  Day 9: Trek back to Namche 
  •  Day 10: Explore Lukla
  •  Day 11: Fly back to Kathmandu

Continuing to the trail, the next getaway is to Dole village at an altitude of 4200 meters. The next trek is towards the Machermo region, 4400 m where you can explore the delightful local cuisines and even have fun, recalling your experience to date. 

You can ascend slowly towards Gokyo village, full of serenity, though the trekking journey has been difficult, what you get to see at the Gokyo lakes and the Himalayan summit is worth it. Meanwhile, you can trek to 6 appealing lakes of the village and move towards the Gokyo Ri viewpoint at an altitude of, 5360 m. It is exactly what you have signed up for. To have a more magical experience, make sure you choose the best seasons and weather outlets to submit to these regions. After having the best experience of your life, you can descend slowly with your trek guide, return to Dole village, Namche, Lukla airport, and fly back to Kathmandu, at your convenience.

Choosing this strenuous difficulty, Gokyo Lake Trek with Manaslu Guide Trek would be nostalgic for life. Make sure you conquer it safely and with needed trek assistance. You get to trek at a maximum altitude of, 5545m, under Gokyo Lakes Trekking packages. Head up for it by packing essentials and gears, and choosing the right trekking guide. 


Gokyo Lake Trek is a Himalayan adventure that awaits. In the heart of the Himalayas, you can explore the natural serenity and pristine beauty throughout your trail. The uniqueness, remote landscape, and freshness of Gokyo Lakes are a pleasure to experience for trekkers. The solace of the Himalayan adventure can remain in your everlasting memory, this is why Gokyo Lake Trek is a big yes.