Manaslu Trek Permit Information

Manaslu Trek Permit Information, Topographically Nepal is divided into three parts as Tarai region, the Hills region, and the Mountains region. So, especially trekking and mountaineering start from hills region to Mountain’s region.

Manaslu Trek Permit Information, The government of Nepal has been declared Manaslu region restricted area from Jagat to Larkya Pass 5106 M and Tsum valley restricted area from Lokpa to Mu Gumpa 3709M. For this restricted area, we need a special restricted entry permit.
Manaslu restricted area, individual trekkers are not allowed because they must hire license holder trekking guide through registered trekking company to get special permit. Minimum two trekkers are required to issue permits. We organize solo trekker special permits on their request and group joining service.

1, Manaslu Trek Permit Cost
Before planning to trek in Manaslu you should manage all trekking permits. Manaslu region is one of the restricted trekking regions in Nepal. So, it needs a special permit with a license holder trekking guide. And those trekking permits are only allowed to issue by government-registered trekking companies. Trekkers need three category permits to enter Manaslu region.
I, Special Restricted Permit for Manaslu Trek.
A special permit is required from Jagat to Larkya Pass 5109M. It is minimum of 7 days and if trekkers interest to spend more time entire this place, then need to extend permit days in Kathmandu.

Manaslu Special Restricted Permit

Cost of Permit: –

September to NovemberUSD 100 per person for first a week then if day is increased then adding USD 15 per day accordingly.
December to AugustUSD 75 per person for first a week then if day is increased then adding USD 10 per day accordingly.

Authorized trekking companies can apply for Manaslu permits with the following documents.

  • Photocopy of the trekker passport.
  • Online application form with summit number of trekkers, Link of Trekking permit online.
  • Valid visa for whole trekking days.
  • Name details of all group trekkers.
  • Trekking itinerary of Manaslu Trek.
  • Assurance letter of the company.
  • Latest government tax clearance document of trekking company.
  • Travel insurance of agency staff for trekking.
  • Certificate copy of Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Civil Aviation from a company.
  • Certificate of Nepal Rastra Bank, authorize exchanging of foreign currencies.
  • Registered certificate of Permanent Account Number (PAN or VAT)
  • Full payment voucher from Bank (as your traveling days)

II, Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit (MCAP).
In Manaslu Trek Permit Information, Manaslu trek permit cost is USD 30 per person for the whole trip. And it is checking from Philim to Samagaun. This permit cost is the same for a whole year. You can make this permit from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) building, Manaslu conservation office Brikutimandap, Kathmandu.

MACAP Permit

III, Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit (ACAP).
ACAP permit needs in the Annapurna area. It is from Bhimthang to Besisar. If trekkers want to continue the Annapurna circuit, then necessary to buy a TIMS permit too. ACAP permit cost is USD 30 per person for the whole trip and TIMS cost is USD 10 per person. Manaslu Trek Permit Information will help you all traveler for trek information about permit.

ACAP Permit

Tsum Valley Trek also needs special permit from Lokpa to Mu Gompa and Manaslu conservation project Permit (MCAP).

2, Manaslu Circuit Trek Blog
The journey starts like some other ordinary excursion to Nepal, with your landing in the air terminal, and touring around UNESCO World Heritage locales in Kathmandu valley. The next day, a half-day-lengthy drive from Kathmandu to Arughat, and therefore, a few hours long drive will take you to Sotikhola, where the trip starts along the banks of the Budi Gandaki waterway. During the excursion, you will cover places like Machhakhola, Jagat, Deng, Namrung, Samagaun, Samado, Dharamsala, Bimtang, Tilje, and Dharapani. On the trip, you will likewise get to cross Larkya La Pass 5160M. The excursion closes as you require a 4 to 5 hours long drive to Besisahar from Dharapani, and afterward back to Kathmandu. Manaslu Circuit Trek Blog details here.

Samagaun Village

3, Manaslu Base Camp
Manaslu base camp is situated above the Samagaun of Gorkha district Nepal. It is the best place for a day hike. And when Manaslu trekkers are resting in Samagaun they hike to Mt. Manaslu base camp for acclimatization. The base camp lies at the 4800m. It takes around 3 hours to go base camp from the hotel and 2 hours back to the hotel. You view beautiful Birendra lake, samagaun village.

Picture from Mt. Manaslu Base Camp 4800M.

4, Trekking Itinerary
Day 00: Arrival in International Airport Nepal 1350mtrs

Day 00: Equipment and legal documents preparation day.

Day 01: Kathmandu-Dhading to Sotikhola 710mtrs/ 6-7 hours’ drive.

Day 02: Sotikhola – Khanebensi to Machhakhola 869mrs/ 5-6hours.

Day 03: Machha Khola – Khorla Bensi – Dovan to Jagat 1410mtrs/6-7hours.

Day 04: Jagat- Pewa to Deng 1350mtrs/ 6-7hours.

Day 05: Deng-Rana-Bihi Phedi to Namrung 2165mtrs/ 5-6hours.

Day 06: Namrung-Lihi to Lho 3180mtrs/ 5-6hours.

Day 07: Lho-Syala to Samagaun 3525mtrs/ 3-4 hours.

Day 08: Rest Day in Samagaun 3525mtrs/Site trip 3-4hours.

Day 09: Samagaun to Samdo 3875mtrs/3-4hours.

Day 10: Samdo-Larkye Bazaar to Dharamsala 4460mtrs/ 3-4 hours.

Day 11: Dharamsala – Larkye Pass 5160mtrs to Bimthang 3590mtrs/7-8 hours.

Day 12: Bimthang – Yak Kharka – Gho to Tilije 2300mtrs/6-7hours.

Day 13: Tilije – Dharapani – to Besisahar 560mtrs/ 4-5hours.

Day 14: Besisahar to Kathmandu by public bus 6-7hours drive.

5, Manaslu Trek Map

Manaslu Trek Map create by Himalaya Guide Nepal.

Around Manaslu Trek – Recommended Side Trips

Around Manaslu is the best trekking destination after driving the road in Annapurna circuit because the Manaslu trekking route is very peaceful to walk because there is no driving road. So, there are many side trips to do when you are in a Manaslu circuit trek. When you are on this trip, our office staff takes you this side area if you have time to go there.

Kal Tal 3650M

We recommend a side trip to Kal Tal; this lake is no regular way to Manaslu circuit trek but which is a side part so you can manage one day to spend Prok village and the side trip to Kal Tal. This is a mountain lake at an altitude of 3685 meters. It takes about 5-6 hours to Round Trip Lake from the village of Prok. The mountain scenery from the lake is superb, but the effort is worth only in clear weather. Note that in early autumn and late spring, clouds cover the mountains even early in the morning, so plan accordingly before you leave from Kathmandu.

Hinang Gompa 3120M.

Manaslu trek route goes through Lihi phedi so we should walk to Lihi village to go Hinang Gompa. It takes 1 hour walking from Lihi village ascending to Hinang Khola and go to the large Hinang Gompa. When you are there monks will well come as their culture and there is normal room and basic food so if you prefer to spend a night there. If you go continues ascending to the Himal Chuli range then you can see spectacular Mountain View, and continue to visit the Hinang glacier. Taking a local guide that knows the area and the glacier is highly recommended. We highly suggest if you go Hinang glacier to hire a local guide from the village.

Punggen Gompa 4245M

Punggen Gompa is a day trip that starts in a branch of the trail between Shyala and Samagaon. It takes about an hour to reach a Yak pasture area and an additional one and a half hours to reach the punggen gompa, this place is located at the end of a huge green plateau surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. This is one of the best places to get a view of Mount Manaslu from mountain valley and but again – the effort is worth only on a clear day. The Gompa includes a small prayer hall and some monk dormitories built into the mountain. There are no accommodation facilities here but it looks like an attractive place for camping. Morning views from here will probably be awesome.

Birendra Tal (Lake) 3643 M

Birendra Tal (lake) is a turquoise lake at the foot of the Manaslu ice sheet and day hike place from samagaoun. It tends to become to by 45 minutes turn from Samagaon. Those of you who like to wash shower in removed waters will think that it’s agreeable to plunge in its nippy ice water. The lake can be visited in transit from Samagaon to Samdo, as it is a generally short preoccupation from the primary trail.

Manaslu Base Camp 4756M

Manaslu base camp is a starting point for all Sherpa’s, guides and guest; those are preparing for Mt. Manaslu expedition and acclimatized there to make easy for the summit. Mainly, two seasons for the expedition so this time base camp looks like festival place due to colorful tents and many people of expedition members.
We move from Samagaon and it takes around 4-5 hours to MBC. The trail has a short begin in the timberland at that point winds up uncovered on the precarious incline above Samagaon north of the amazing Manaslu ice sheet. As you gain elevation the view turns out to be increasingly fantastic – the ice sheet simply adjacent, the turquoise lake underneath, and mountains to the extent the eye can see. The last piece of the trip is the steepest on a tricky trail on a limited moraine. Next, to the experience of seeing the camp movement and meeting climbers in expedition time only, the encompassing Mountain View is amazing. Despite the fact that there is some ice sheet put together water sources with respect to the way, convey enough water with you. The slide to Samagaon takes around 3 hours

Tibetan Border – Rui La Pass 4998M.

Day hike from Samdo there is essentially two choices to get to the Tibetan fringe. Alternative one is seeing the view from Lajyung Bhanjyang, a go at 5098 meters east of Samdo. Local people did not prescribe this choice as it isn’t generally utilized and the trail isn’t clear (Yaks rule these slopes and imprint various trails there). Alternative two is the “fundamental street to Tibet”, which means the primary exchange course to Tibet that experiences Rui La go at 4998 meters north of Samdo. The closest Tibetan town is just multi-day stroll through this course, and a motorable street in the Tibetan side is a two days walk. We picked this choice as local people suggested it is an oftentimes utilized trail and guaranteed it tends to be done on long vacationers strolling a day.

You begin by going north from Samdo as though you are going to Dharamshala: crossing the Athahra Saya Khola and moving from the opposite side. In any case, rather than going west towards Dharamshala you proceed with north along the western side of the Athahra Saya Khola. The trail climbs step by step along the Athahra Saya Khola, at that point drops delicately towards the stream bed crossing a side waterway on a wooden scaffold. It at that point climbs again and goes adjacent to the stream on its western side. Following 3 hours stroll from Samdo, the Athahra Saya Khola turns west. On this point, there is a little wooden extension and on the opposite side of it a reasonable incline that prompts a removed mountain passes. Cross the scaffold and start to jump on the incline.

The trail may appear to be vague as there are a few Yak trails going up, however as you climb unmistakably your route is up. The move to the highest point of the Rui La goes, at 4998, takes an additional 2 hours. En route, there are excellent sights of Manaslu out yonder just as the Hindu and Fukang icy masses simply behind you as you climb. The Rui La pass is a “work of art” “U” formed mountain pass. Petition banners mark the pass and an outskirt stone denotes the fringe among Nepal and “Dzong Who” – China. Various mountain reaches can see on the Tibetan side, and on the off chance that you are quiet enough, hold back to see a Yak parade crossing the go to bring merchandise into Nepal. The route back to Samdo took us 4 hours. Begin early and take enough drinking water with you.

Ponker Lake 4200M.

Ponker lake is beside the Bhimthang, this lake made from Himlung and glacier of the other many mountains. When you are descending from larkya pass then you can see a very clear lake and if you have a day rest in Bhimthang then you would better to visit this Tal.

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Full information on Manaslu Trek

Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar or Sotikhola
Full information on Manaslu Trek start from this day. The majority of the trekking company make itinerary to start the trek in Arughat Bazar of the Dhading part. This pleasant marketplace town is situated on right part of the Budi Gandaki (Old River). This same day we can drive or walk to Sotikhola if trekkers have tide schedule and they prefer to walk.
Other side some itinerary through Gorkha side and they boy public bus ticket through Gorkha side then they can direct reach Sotikhola. Generally the public bus leaves only morning time in that place to and if you hire private Jeep then you can go anytime you prefer.

Arughat Bazar 570 meter.
Arughat Bazaar is gate way to around Manaslu trek, where bazaar mean itself market where people can buy things. This place is valley between Dhadingand Gorkha. which is border fo the Budi Gandaki River but they can go very easy both place as a lovely bridge and can take vehicle. Hilly part local people come to Arughat bazaar for their shopping, especially festival time.
Arughat bazaar has many lodges, local bus park and easily can take private jeep to their. There are many ethnicity live there Gurung, Newar, Brahaman, Chhetri, Tamang and Biswokarma. You can spend in peace place hotel overnight beside river bank.

Soti Khola 730 meter

Soti Khola is a small settlement, if walk from Arughat it takes 3-4 hours. We can have lunch or keep continue to next destination for overnight. Soltikhoa is last destination for drive after would need to walk. This place  Inear Budi Gandaki so when you are over night there you can swim in fresh running water but river is quite big so you should careful. There are 3-4 hotels for trekkers to sleep with common room and inhabitant of this area is mixed.
Lapubeshi 880meter
Lapu Besi is situated in Gorkha district of provenance number 4 in Nepal. Actually, Besi mean lower part of village, that mean they have Lapu village up to lapu besi, they shifted lapu besi when trekking route is promoted and they came for business. There are two lodges with restaurant and room for trekkers. Gurug people live in this area and they grow many crops as a seasonal wise.

Machhakola 930 meter
Machha Khola is an enjoyable town built on the slopes of the mount with a number of guest houses. This rural community can absolutely be a suitable to stop place for the overnight. There are Birthing clinic and they have normal medicine so if some trekkers and Nepali got any problems then can go there for some normal medicine. Machha Khola mean, long years ago they had many fish, from that name this name became Machha Khola “ Fish River“.

Tatopani 990 meter
Totopani is in Nepali name and it means “Hot Spring“, which is natural hot water. Tatopani is located below big cliff on the way to Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal. There are 2 small ponds with taps so where you can take bath during your trek. There are 3 small guest houses, actually it is lunch break place but some trekkers stay there overnight. This place is near a Budhi Gandaki.
Thulo Dunga 1100meter
here is very big stone near the guesthouse, so that this place name called Thulo Duga. They’re very normal lodge so mostly trekkers they stop her for rest or tea break but some time trekkers sleep over night here. From here you can see nice river view and yaru phant.

Jagat 1340 meter
Jagat is an old place known as the border of the trade market, many years ago Tibetans brought something from Tibet then they collected taxes there and they went further to sell goods, but now it is not that system. Especially the cast of the Karki people lived there and now the days of the other casters also live there. This place has two tea houses which are normal standards. There is elementary school.
Jagat is a central village in Manaslu trekking so there is an MCAP office. This office you must enter your guests limited permission and tickets for the Manaslu conservation area project. And where you can collect trekker data how many people go through this trekking, both day and year.

Philim 1590 meter
Philim is the central village in the area. This place has a high school that is good for children with dormitories assisted by Japanese people. This is a very nice place and there are many guest houses and you can sleep here if you make camp. Most of the Gurung and Lama people live in this village. There is an MCAP office where you have to show your MCAP permit and ticket.

Ekle Bhatti 1600 meter
Ekle Bhatti is a lodges point on the trail, making it a convenient sleeping station. Which is after the gurung village Philim, mostly trekkers have break here for lunch.
Bihi Phedi 1985m / Bihi 2130m
Manaslu Cottage is located on the main road in Bihi Phedi (Literally – “at the foot of Bihi”). The large Bihi village is located on a footpath. We don’t have time to explore the village, but it seems like a suggested thing to do if you like Nepali village life. Not far from Bihi which is high on the slopes of a mountain in one of the neighboring villages, we saw the Gompa which might also be interesting to visit.

Prok 2380 meter
Prok is located on a surprising small plateau above the river. It seems like a village is stuck in time, with beautiful traditional houses, large fields, friendly residents and attractive active Gompa. There are 2 lodging options in Prok – Ask where Norbu Samdo or Hishi’s lodge is. Prok is also the base for day trips to Lake Kal (Kal Tal).

Namrung 2660 meter
Namrung is very nice town in manaslu circuit trek and feels touristic, although not so much as Deng. There are many nice lodges now days so where mostly Thakali and Lamas lives there. There is MCAP check post, permit and trekking guide license will checked by Nepali police, if guide does not have licensee then not they will not go from there.

Lihi 2910 meter
Lihi or Ligaon (“gaon” means village) is a small but attractive village. Houses here are built like American “town houses” – adjacent to each other in sequence, to save space. Some are built around a public courtyard. It also has a small active Gompa. Lihi is a recommended base for visiting Hinang Gompa and Himal Chuli. There are campsites and stay here.

Lho 3180 meter
you are dominated by the big Gompa, which includes homes many children who get education here. Gompa and its dormitory are located above the village. The top of the hill is the recommended viewpoint for first time to see Mount Manaslu. Manaslu looks best here, with its twin “fishtail” peaks. It is advisable to look at Manaslu because it fades at sunset, but is better during sunrise, when morning light shines on it. You don’t have to climb to the top of the hill – the area above the Gompa gate is a perfect viewpoint.

Shyala 3520 meter
Shyala gave us a strange feeling. Despite having significant agricultural activities, it seems that most of the villagers are currently busy in development. We have never seen so much construction anywhere during this trip. New stone houses were being built everywhere in what appeared to be village-made ‘villages’. It is not clear whether all of them are tourist oriented, but surely Shyala will soon turn out to be a preferred tourist stop, not that, because the snowy mountain scenery is one of the best on the trip. Nonetheless, the view of the forest cut down around the village is more than disturbing and adds to the disgusting attitude to this place. Shyala and Samagaon are good bases for visiting Punggen Gompa.

Samagaon 3530 meter
Samagaon is a beautiful village, where houses are parallel along a small river and face a beautiful courtyard. Land is located on both sides of the village above the level of the house. The lodges are located in the north of the village, and are full of action especially during the Manaslu climbing expedition period. The two climbing seasons are Autum and Spring, with excellence for Autumn. Despite the difficult weather this year, most climbers reached the top, some of them without using oxygen bottles. Samagaon is the closest village to the Manaslu Base Camp – the first station of the expedition, and villagers are often called to help carry items to and from the base camp, adding they are a significant source of income.
It is recommended to stop at Samagaon for more than one night, for several reasons: acclimatization, enjoying the village, and a day trip to Manaslu Base Camp, Punggen Gompa and village roads with a visit to Lake Birendra, a very pleasant city on Mt. Manaslu.

Samdo 3800 meter
Samdo is a last village before larkya pass and which is tiny lovely village located just under the majestic Samdo peak 6335m and the Samdo glacier. There are two normal lodges and camping places for camping trekkers. It is optional to stay in Samdo more than one night, for acclimatization and a day trip to the Tibetan border.

Dharamshala 4460 meter
Full Information on Manaslu Trek Dharamshala is a wide gradual mountain slope with campsite and two normal tented lodes. It was renovated in 2011 and now equipped with several double rooms and a well equipped kitchen. Forget about the awful stories you heard about this place. This is now one of the best places to stay, especially with the energy you need to gain before Larke Pass. There’s a great variety of food made to a tourist taste. Yes, at this stage of the trek, even complete Dal-Bhat lovers will not resist a good pizza. And it’s good here! It is surprising that one of the only places along the trek where you can actually get the fancy touristic food is right here in this remote high point… Prices are naturally much more expensive than in other places.

Larke Pass (Larkye La) 5106 meter
Larke (also spelled “Larkye”) Pass is not the typical pass you would expect in the Himalayas, where you usually reach the lowest “U” shape, get a glimpse of “another world” and gladly start your offspring.
Instead, the Larke Pass area is a group of rocky moraine. The lowest place of the ridge is actually under the road but is out of bounds because it is a glacier filled with cracks. From the first part of the pass, you don’t see “the other side”. You have to walk another 15 minutes along the moraine to reach the western side of the gap where you can see the Mountain View from the other side.

Bhimtang 3720 meter
Bhimtang is a surprising beautiful place that is located in an almost impossible place between the Bhimtang glacier and the Larke Himal range. At present this small meadow contains some very basic huts that are not too friendly to make you stay more. But this will change soon, because new luxury hotels with separate “cottage” rooms are being built, equipped with luxury kitchens, showers and rooms with attached toilets. This will make Bhimtang the right place to stay more than one night, because the scenery around it is charming and there many guest houses day by day.

Gowa 2560 meter

The village of Gowa stretches along the path, this place is between Bhimtang and Gurung village Tilje. This hotel is really fun and mostly trekker’s day camp from Bhimatang to Tilche but if you have time and short in your trekking then you can stay in Gho because it is nice and quite place to spend night.

Tilje 2300 meter
Tilje Village is a gurung village in Manang district which is last village from Manaslu circuit trek. Local of this villager are Buddhist region and grow barley, maize, vegetable and apple. There is still driving road so they transport all thing by people and donkey.

Darapani 1745 meter

Full Information on Manaslu Trek, Dharapani is a gate of the Annapurna circuit trekking and joining point of the Manaslu circuit trek. Long years there was not driving road so all trekkers walk through this trail but now days there is trekking trail so some of tourist they take jeep direct to chame. But all trekkers should stop there to check ACAP and TIMS card check. This are 95 percent inhabitants are Gurung and some are lama. From this place you do not need to walk because we can catch jeep but if you have days and prefer to walk that also option.

Besisahar 760 meter
Full Information on Manaslu Trek, this place is place after manaslu trekking. This is a district head quarter of Lamjung district so it is small down where all government administration offices are here. From here we can catch public bus, private car and Jeep as your interest and there is normal hotel to luxury hotel as well.

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445 Reach Mt Everest summit this spring 2017

445 reach Mount Everest summit this spring: Govt

More than 5,000 climbers have set foot on the summit of Everest from the Nepal side since Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa first conquered the world’s tallest mountain in 1953.

This spring season, which end on May 31, saw the fourth highest number of successes with 445climbers making it to the hallowed peak, the Tourism Department said. Including these 445, the total number of Everesters has reached 5,324.

Giving a breakdown of the summiteers, Khem Raj Aryal, an official at the department that issues climbing permits, there are 190 foreigners, 32 fee-paying Nepalis and 223 high-altitude climbing guides.

The government record is 375 climbing permits this season. An Everest climbing permit costs $11,000 for foreigners and Rs75, 000 for Nepalese.

Five people have died on the Nepal side of the mountain this season. Experienced Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck and Nepali Min Bahadur Sherchan died while preparing to make their bids.

American doctor Roland Yearwood, Slovak climber Vladimir Strba and an Indian climber Ravi Kumar died above the 8,000 meters mark, an area known as the mountain’s ‘death zone’ where oxygen levels fall to dangerously low levels, heightening the risk of altitude sickness.

“This year’s success rate is satisfactory given the short window of good weather,” said Aryal. It was a safer year on Everest in comparison to previous seasons, he said.

“Many climbers had to return as strong winds prevented them from climbing at the end of the season,” he said. “However, we expect 2018 to be better.”

This year, the climbing season was delayed by a few days. The Gurkha Everest Expedition set the pace by mounting the first bid on May 15.

The 14 summiteers in the team include soldiers serving with the Brigade of Gurkhas and high-altitude mountain guides.

Everest saw a record number of climbers this season due to a backlog resulting from the 2014 and 2015 avalanches.

The world’s highest peak was closed for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015 due to deadly avalanches. On April 18, 2014, a mass of snow slid down Everest near base camp and killed 16 Nepali guides.

The government had been extending the Everest climbing permits of those climbers who were forced to abandon their bids in 2014 until 2019. That year, 326 mountaineers had received climbing permits.

The first post-avalanche ascent took place on May 23, 2014, when Chinese climber Wang Jing reached the summit of Everest. However, her ascent sparked controversy as she had flown over the Khumbu Icefall on a helicopter.

Then in 2015, quake-triggered avalanches killed 19 climbers. Not a single climb was made on Everest in 2015. This time, the government extended the permits to climb Everest for two years until 2017.

Government statistics show that 451 people climbed Everest last year. Among them, 197 were foreigners.

Published: 10-06-2017 08:56/ source

Stunning documentary on Manaslu trekking

Stuning Manaslu trekking. If you are looking trip in Nepal then Manaslu circuit trekking also one of the best and less vehicle trekking route in Nepal. We have been working for 18 years in tourism industry as well as we specially focus on Manaslu region so, we provide you local guide of this region with strong Himalaya helper.

When you are at this link please watch it full time which is 6m video for full Manaslu circit trek.

Stunning Manaslu Trekking is a finished and prominent trek goal for those looking for an undertaking pressed and testing trekking in the Himalayas. This brilliant trek comprises of social, grand, and Himalayan goodness stuffed in the otherworldly place where there is Manaslu. Ideal for the progress to doing a lot harder treks from moderate ones, stunning Manaslu trekking serves you consistently with the rapture of eminent Himalayan view. With a wealth of mountain way of life and persuasive Tibetan Buddhism, this trek satisfies your desire in the most exciting manner conceivable.
Other than the strong Annapurna circut path, this path has effectively held status among trekking sweethearts around the globe. Stunning Manaslu trekking offers you valid mountain-trek experience joined by the difficult fragments as well. These confined territories are flawless secret zones to find your actual self with delights closest to nature itself. The amazing perspectives on Manaslu (8163m), Shringi Himal (7161m), Nagdi Chuli (Peak 29, 7871m), Cheo Himal (6812m), Himlung Himal (7126m) Ganesh Himal II (7118m), Himalchuli (7893m) along the path makes each progression divine. The lavish vegetation embellished by wild mountain blooms and uncommon fauna adds as a little something extra to every one of these encounters. In this way, lock in and head for a lofty trek of a lifetime in Manaslu.

We are happy to organize and make your trip fruitful when you are in Nepal.