When Is the Best Time to Trek the Manaslu?

When Is the Best Time to Trek Manaslu?

22 Aug 2022 Chandra Gurung

The Autumn season is inarguably the best time to trek the Manaslu Circuit, with its clear skies and breezy days accompanied by occasional bouts of rainfall. The stability of this mild weather is highly favorable, keeping the challenging terrain of this trail in mind.

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This three to four-week-long trek along the vicinity of the world’s eighth highest mountain requires a walk of a minimum of 6 hours in a day, all above an altitude of 3,000 meters. A strenuous hike is best dealt with the reassurance of pleasant weather, making the experience of trekking through a high pass (The Larkya La Pass) substantially less excruciating. 

The Manaslu Marathon is a major annual event during this part of the year. It is best advisable to track their itinerary unless you’d like to bump into this sweaty bunch during your peaceful hike. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Highlights

  • Stunning panorama of mountain ranges, such as Langtang Himal, Annapurna, and Manaslu.
  • A more profound comprehension of and exposure to local customs and culture
  • Visit Larkya La, the highest mountain pass at 5,106 meters.
  • Investigate the historical Tibetan monasteries and mani walls.
  • Enjoy the striking backdrop of deep woodlands and beautiful fall trees.

Why Not Any Other Season for this Specific Trek?

Although the spring season is a close competitor after weighing out the pros and cons for trekking in this region, also taking into account the increased influx of tourists during this ideal (Autumntime) context – let us consider the upsides of the other seasons too. Starting with: 

  • The Spring Season – this season’s ace is the implicit fact of the blooming rhododendrons across the many valleys and mountains through this trail. As you get higher in altitude while traversing this terrain, you can also expect accommodating temperatures at the high passes, which is a winning point.
  • Of course, if you plan on scaling the summit, this is the perfect time for you to go for it! The first summit ascent, too, was made on the 9th of May, 1956.
  • Summer/Monsoon Season – receding snow, wet trails, mosquitoes, bugs, leeches, landslide hazards, and the sweltering heat! Ugh. Need we say more? My harshness may be a bit excessive. Let us start over – peaceful trails, deserted sceneries, high humidity, and over-flooding rivers and streams– are not recommended. 
When Is the Best Time to Trek the Manaslu?: monsoon season of manaslu

If you wanted to hike alongside views of snow-covered mountains, why would you choose a season that is least likely to have any substantial snowfall? Isn’t this all too self-contradictory? We approve this season for those reenacting a man-vs-wild episode.

  • Winter Season – We advise all those stoic types to opt for this. We offer you frozen waterfalls and rivers, a few snow storms along the high passes, complete desolation, and shut-down tea houses/lodges. Accommodations are only provided on a pre-informed reservation basis.

The frigid winds during this time of the year are a force to be reckoned with. On the bright side, much rather on the cold side – you get the rare opportunity to witness mountains engulfed in the snow (make sure you have your snow goggles on). 

The Himalayas, being the third pole, experience some of the harshest weather on Earth. Although some may argue that the overall experience of this trip remains unhindered by its meteorological factors, the reason why people flock to this section of the year for a trekking event isn’t something done on a whim. Instead, it is a planned study of the factors that add to a wholesome experience of trekking the Manaslu circuit.

When Is the Best Time to Trek the Manaslu?: Fall/autumn season of manaslu

Fall/Autumn is also a harvest season, meaning that the buckwheat and potatoes in the alpine region are available for consumption, and many palatable local dishes are based on these two key ingredients. Terrace farmed paddy fields among the lower elevations present a heart-warming sight, with smiles on the farmers’ faces as they sow their crops. 

The dynamic landscape of this route is also something to be given due credit for. Edelweiss and gentian flowers (which represent justice and victory) populate the alpine meadows of this region. Blue pine and oak trees comprise the many forests through your trail that builds up into a cinematic, dream-like experience.  

Some Advice

  • Choose the spring or winter months for this walk if you are a beginning or inexperienced hiker. In winter and summer, the Manaslu trek’s degree of difficulty may be a little more brutal and unfriendly.
  • Consider the many paths while choosing the optimal time to climb Manaslu. The many pathways each come with their own unique set of difficulties.
  • In a single day, you could experience a variety of temperatures. It can result from the Himalayas’ fluctuating height and erratic weather.
  • Your Manaslu trek packing list will change every month. Be careful and take this into account while you’re packing.

Level of Difficulty: Any time you decide to go, be sure to pack appropriately. Check the Manaslu Trek Packing List.

Advice for Navigating Challenges on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Before putting together your day’s wardrobe, observe the weather and temperature.
  • To minimize problems and additional costs, make your hotel reservations in advance.
  • Off-season hiking is the best option if you want to avoid the crowds.
  • Use bottled water or bring a water filter with you.
  • If you are trekking in the summer, bring an insect repellant and a sun hat.
  • Bring the necessary hiking gear.
  • Investigate the nature reserves’ distinctive flora and animals.


One of the most recognizable thrill-seeking and adventurous activities is trekking in Nepal. The most incredible treks in Nepal to experience the untamed natural beauty and the extremeness of the Himalayas are the Everest, Annapurna, and Manaslu treks. 

When Is the Best Time to Trek the Manaslu?

For the best possible experience, choosing the best possible time to accomplish something is crucial. Whether they want to hike the Manaslu Circuit or the Everest Base Camp, everyone searches for the optimal time to go hiking. 

Trekking is relatively safe in Nepal. To opt for prudent timing is wiser than trekking through difficult times while looking for an excuse elsewhere or blaming someone else.

Autumn is the Best Time to Trek the Manaslu Circuit, but it’s also the best for all hiking since it’s so beautiful. Following that, springtime is also another excellent period for trekking in Nepal to take in the fresh start of Nature following the bitterly cold winter nightmares.