Get Wet & Wild Adventure: Top 5 Natural Swimming Pools in Nepal

Natural swimming pool in Nepal

13 May 2024 Chandra Gurung

Summer is approaching. On this hot, warm day, do you also want to swim in a cold swimming pool, but something natural suits your taste? Well, here is what we have come across, the best natural swimming pools in Nepal.

In the true sense, the below-mentioned swimming spots (natural ones) can just be the pipelined summer adventure for all Nepalese. Even foreigners coming to experience the remote beauty and local lifestyle of Nepal want something cool, like a pool in the middle of the jungle with no polluted crowd that disturbs their peace.

There is a yin and yan side to the swimming pool in Nepal. The natural pool is exploited due to a lack of commercialization and conservation efforts, while these are the ones to cherish in their natural setting, the green water.

1. Kogate Sisneri Natural Swimming Pool in Nepal

The Sisneri Natural Swimming Pool in Nepal (Kogate, Makwanpur) is a real natural pool located about 35 km from Kathmandu. It’s hard to be unhappy when you have a sight of the green and natural surroundings in Sisneri, which is the best natural swimming spot near Kathmandu.

People describe it as a perfect place to spend a day away from Kathmandu Valley and Hetauda, with its natural pool, where memories and laughter echo. The crystal-clear flowing water in Sisneri has a sufficient depth for swimming. Noteworthy to mention, the sound of the natural swimming pool is healing, and it rests near a huge rock with an adventure, with beautiful landscapes and off-road rides.

An entrance fee of NPR 50 is charged at the natural pool. Here you get facilities like life jackets, vendor shops for snacks, and changing rooms that have been set up. 

While commercialization has its benefits, visitors need to be mindful of their impact and consume natural resources responsibly, without contributing to the degradation of the environment. The visitors may also face issues getting a safe parking space. 

If you want to go there, grab a Sisneri Route Map so you do not get lost ( well, you eventually get lost in the beauty! ) 

2. Bhootmul natural swimming pool in Nepal (Lele)

Bhootmul Natural Swimming Pool is located about 17 km from Gwarko, Lalitpur, following the Satdobato-Tikabhairab road. It’s briefly a 2.5-kilometer drive and about 45 minutes of hiking from the Lele Bus stop to reach there. This TikTok viral swimming pool in its natural location got hype on social media, on the banks of the Nakkhu River. 

On the tarmac hot weather, the shadow of trees is reflected by the pond, the natural spring, which gives untouched beauty to the natural world. Bhootmul is a natural swimming pool with a height of 10–12 feet, and one can dive from the top of the 8-meter tree for an amazing swimming experience. 

The chilled water can be dangerous, as one person has died here previously, and it is not suitable for beginners without a life jacket. In addition, the current state can be a concern, as this cleanest and coolest water source near Kathmandu has started to pollute over the years. 

Greenery is exploited early, but you can still visit here for a one-time experience. This small open pond can attract tourists if the concerned authority draws attention to its preservation, or else it will be a tale of extinct beauty. 

3. Pangdure Kurintar Natural Swimming Pool in Nepal

Pangdure Kurintar is a natural water slide and river spring associated with the waterfall. It’s a beautiful hiking spot near Kurintar, other than worshipping at Manakamana Temple. It takes you to Barsinghe Chitwan, where you hike to Pangdure Khola. You can have a picnic lunch in Kurintar, a small village located on the sandy banks of the Trisuli River, and visit the Manakamana temple. 

4. Dhodeni Chitwan Nawalparasi 

Dhodeni is a dam that is more sea green in color. It is a natural swimming pool located on the border of Chitwan and Nawalparasi. This natural swimming pool is located about 6 km away from the Maula Kalika Mandir of Gaindakot, Chitwan, via the Kalika Mandir Trail and the way to Dhodeni. The Dhodeni Natural Swimming Pool has limited hype and is untouched by urban eyes, but it is worth it to have a relaxing day out around Chitwan. 

5. Furse khola in Pokhara

Furse Khola to Chisapani Gaun—that is yet another adventure. On the tributary of the Seti Gandaki River, you find the best place to hang out and chill. This is a tributary of the Seti Gandaki River suitable for friends getting together and swimming dun. The best part is that it is a real natural pool. 

Furse Khola Natural Swimming in Kaski is a great place to bathe and swim when you navigate it with the locals. It is 5.6 km from Lakeside Pokhara to Furse Khola via the Siddhartha highway. The natural swimming pool is also known by its alternative bank name, Dovilla. It is about 11.6 kilometers from Phewa Taal Pokhara, accessible via Bagmara Road. You can take Panchase Marga and Baidam Rd./Lakeside Rd. to Thado Pasal Path and continue to Pardi Bazaar to reach Dovilla Pokhara. Dovilla Pokhara is one of the best natural swimming pool in Nepal (Pokhara).  

Besides swimming, you can enjoy activities like rock climbing, natural views of the scenery, and a refreshing dip at the pool, all surrounded by authentic beauty. Some boulders might interest you for wilder and wetter adventures in Nepal’s beautiful landscapes. 

You can also have staycations at Hotel Himalayan Inn, Sunshine Resort Pokhara, and a day excursion at Dovilla Khola, the natural swimming spot. Additionally, Ghatichhina- Harpan Khola and Madiwang Khola are other popular refreshing natural swimming spots in Pokhara, Nepal. 

Final words to protect Natural Swimming Pool in Nepal 

The best perk about swimming in a natural swimming pool in Nepal is that it is cooler than a chlorinated pool. These ponds help you relax, unlike the crowded pools. You can sunbathe for natural tanning on the banks of this swimming pool and have a rare glimpse at the protected beauty of this pool, located in tranquility on the urban side. 

The increasing number of visitors has raised some concerns about the preservation of natural swimming pools in Nepal. Moreover, there is a risk of the place being littered with waste, and during peak seasons like summer, it can get overcrowded, making it difficult to find parking. It’s an appeal for visitors to take responsibility for disposing of their waste properly and respecting the natural beauty of the place.


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