Best Waterfall Day Trip from Kathmandu: Unwind & Recharge in Nature

waterfall day trip near Kathmandu

26 Mar 2024 Chandra Gurung

Summer is approaching and what better than to head toward the waterfall destination near Kathmandu? The bustling capital of Nepal has quick access to day trips to unwind, recharge, and reconnect to nature. 

Here are some of the best waterfall day trips from Kathmandu to consider for a day escape near Kathmandu.                                    

1. Jhor Waterfall

Jhor Waterfall lies 12 km from Kathmandu Ring Road (Basundhara Chowk), approximately taking 45 minutes to an hour to reach, depending on the traffic conditions. It lies in the northern hills of Kathmandu, near Tokha. You can take an additional side trail to Baundeshwor Temple and Cave on your day trip to Jhor Jharana. 

Waterfalls offer a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of life. You can plan an ideal waterfall day trip near you, as the waterfalls are easily accessible. Choose a difficulty level that suits you and uncover adventure in the secluded destination near you. It was a long hiking day to reach the unexpected challenge of that one sight of a waterfall as a soothing balm. 

2. Lauke Jharana (Kakani)  

Lauke Jharana is a new viral waterfall near Kathmandu. The less-explored waterfall lies in the Simle village of Nuwakot, with the immense possibility of exploration on a hike to Kakani. It is around 30 km from Samakhusi Marga. Though it lies near the Kakani viewpoint and hiking destination,  the route from Tokha to Suryachaur. Finally, Lauke Jharana is more convenient. 

It lies northeast of the Kakani Adventure Camp, around an 11-kilometer hike to reach your destination. If you choose to go from the Pasang Lhamu Highway, the relative distance is around 27 km to reach the waterfall, heading west to the destination. 

Lauke Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall near Kathmandu that is nestled in nature’s grandeur. This is worth a refreshing visit to escape in the Nuwakot district of Nepal. It is a cool swimming spot to visit near Kathmandu, within a 1.5-hour bike ride from Samakhusi.

3. Sundarijal Waterfall

Sundarijal adventure can be perfect for any weekend getaway. Take a short Chisapani hike in the village of Gokarneshwor municipality, Sundarijal, which lies in the North of the Kathmandu ring road. It takes around 5 to 6 hours to reach Sundarijal Jharana. 

The cycling trail in Shivapuri National Park via Sundarijal Marga can also be the most anticipated adventure. The vibrant nature-nestled waterfall is located around 11 km from Bagmati Corridor Road and Jorpati-Sundarijal Road. If you want to visit the stunning location, you may need to pay Rs. 100 per ticket per person as a charge to enter Shivapuri National Park. 

4. Chitlang Waterfall 

Mohini Jharna, also known as Chitlang Waterfall and Thado Khola, is a major attraction for visitors. It is a short hike away from Markhu, Kulekhani, in the Makwanpur district of Nepal. The waterfall is conveniently located between Hetauda and Kathmandu, in the Southwest territory of the capital itself. 

It is an amazing picnic destination, worth photography, amidst the hills and forests, worth the hype, around 45 km away from Kathmandu. Have a refreshing swimming session in the chilly water in the summer with a life jacket on for additional security. There is a ticket system, so bring along charges of Rs 25 to visit the waterfall. 

How do I reach the Mohini/Mohani Jharna (Chitlang Waterfall)?

Start from Kirtipur on the Pharping-Fakhel road, then take a turn towards Kulekhnai until you reach Markhu. The Mohani Jharna is around a 30- to 45-minute hike away from the Markhu village of Makwanpur.

5. Tindhare Waterfall 

Tindhare Waterfall is a waterfall located in Roshi Rural Municipality, Kavrepalanchok District, Nepal. It has a height of about 300 meters (980 feet). They are also known as Bahubali Jharana. It lies northeast of Kathmandu, around 65 km away and the best time to visit this waterfall is year-round. 

This is because the waterfall has similar visuals as in the Bollywood movie Bahubali. The Sindhuli-Dhulikhel highway segment will take you to Jaruwakhola after an approximately 35-kilometer drive from the old Newar settlement of Dapcha. 

How do I reach the Tindhare Jharna?

From Kathmandu, there are two different routes to reach Tindhare Jharana: a local bus, a bike ride, or hiring a jeep. 

  • Kathmandu-Dhulikhel-Kafal Dadha-Tindhara Jharna
  • Kathmandu-Banepa-Panauti-Kafal Dadha-Tindhara Jharna

6. Kageshwori Jharana 

Kageshwori Jharna (waterfall) is located in the North-East of Kathmandu in Kageshwori Manohara Municipality. You can reach Kageshwori Jharana, situated 25 kilometers away, when you head east towards the Araniko Highway.  

You can find this Kageshwori Jharana, waterfall near Kathmandu in a religious place in the Manohara municipality. The name Kageshwori means Kag-crown and Ishwori-god, where you worship crows and visit during Kaag Tihar. 

7. Muhan Pokhari 

Muhan Pokhari lies a few kilometers uphill from the Changunarayan temple. The cascading waterfall and water park located in Mahamanjushree Nagarkot lie 4.5 km south of Bhaktapur on Nagarkot Rd. from the hill station of Nagarkot. 

8. Bishnudwar Waterfall 

Bishnudwar waterfall is one of the gorgeous waterfalls around Kathmandu, which you spot on your hike to the Shivapuri Hills. The waterfall is named after the holy Hindu Lord Bishnu. Budanilkantha is the starting point for the hike to Bishnudwar.

It takes you around 2 to 3 hours to hike through 6. 5 km uphill to reach Bishnudwar and have a sight at the waterfall. Not to deny that it is a refreshing waterfall retreat and the ultimate reward of your hiking.

9. Nagarkot Waterfall (Tudi Jharana) 

Nagarkot is a famous hill station near Kathmandu and a good place for 1-night and 2-day packages around the bustling capital of Nepal. The north-eastern hill station of Nagarkot has a secret waterfall near Kathmandu.

When you chase a waterfall in your staycation in Nagarkot, it’s a short descent to a natural waterfall in an uphill section through the forest. The Nagarkot guided community hike takes you to Nagarkot Jharana (Tudi Jharana), which is a Secret waterfall in Nagarkot. Besides, you can have a relaxing day out there, with an additional side trail to Muhan Pokhari for extra exploration. 

How do I reach the Nagarkot Waterfall?

If you take the Araniko Highway (Kathmandu-Bhaktapur Highway), you can continue on a bumpy road to Nagarkot from Sankhu. It takes around 25 km from Kathmandu Ring Road to reach Nagarkot viewpoint, at 2, 175 m elevation. 

The Nagarkot waterfall is located a short distance from Jalpadevi Temple. The secret waterfall in Nagarkot is within a few kilometers of its territory. Briefly, it’s around a 6-kilometer hike from the Hotel Club Himalaya of Nagarkot to reach the secret waterfall near Kathmandu.  

10. Simba Waterfall 

The Simba Falls translates to “cold” in Tamang. The secret waterfall in Lalitpur rests around the picturesque hillside, with the well-maintained route in Manikhel village. It is a traditional Tamang village situated on a hilltop in Lalitpur district. 

It takes about 2 hours of driving and a 45-minute walk from the final parking area of the Simba Falls via Kathmandu Ring Road, around 19 kilometers away from Satdobato-Tikabhairab Rd. Couples can also join the refreshing waterfall retreat fun at the Simba Waterfall. 

The recommended route to reach Simba Falls is

  • Start from Satdobato, Kathmandu
  • Proceed to Chapagaun. 
  • Take the road to Lele 
  • Then continue to Bhardev, Kathmandu 
  • Keep driving on the road to Chaugharey
  • Make your way to Gotikhel 
  • Then, you finally reach the village of Manikhel 

If you take a bike ride or car with private vehicle access, you get to enjoy the peach (deliciously red, sweet, and organic) during the spring in villages on the way to Lele. Also, visit temples like Tikabhairab temple (and the river banks of the Nakkhu river) and Sano Pathivara Temple. Meanwhile, hike to the Lopse hiking area, and finally reach the really attractive and eye-catching waterfall nearby Lele.

11. Konjyosom Waterfall

Many of us might not be aware of the wonders of Konjyosom Waterfall, located around 18 km from Gaushala in Kathmandu. You can have an exciting discovery of these secret waterfalls, embedded in the Lalitpur district of Nepal. 

A relatively easy hike, it takes 2 hours from Rato Ghar to reach the Jharana. It takes about a 1.5 to 2-hour bike ride from Jhamsikhel to reach Rato Ghar. Then, you can trek upward to the cold water, which is as soothing as an ice bath in the waterfall of Lalitpur. 

12. Roshi Waterfall 

Roshi Waterfall is located on the Malpi road in Lalitpur district, which takes you around 30 km from Satdobato to reach there. The chilled, refreshing waterfall near Kathmandu is an off-road distance, offering you the most refreshing retreat. 

Roshi waterfall is less crowded even on weekends, so it’s a peaceful getaway to have fun with your friends and family. Also, take your slippers and swimsuits for the ultimate water adventure near Panauti. 

13. Jharuwarasi Waterfall 

Jharuwarasi Waterfall is a beautiful and refreshing waterfall near Kathmandu, located in Lalitpur district, Nepal. It’s a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months. The waterfall is about 100 meters high and cascades down into a natural pool below, and it takes only 12 km from Gaushala, Kathmandu, to reach the waterfall. In addition, Here’s why Jharuwasi Waterfall is worth visiting

  • Jharuwarasi waterfall is only about an hour’s drive from your private vehicle, making it easily accessible.
  • A beautiful synergetic view of mountains, forests, and rice fields in the Jharuwarashi village of Lalitpur.
  • The water is cool but not so clear yet local conservation efforts can make it a great place to swim and relax.


Looking for a refreshing waterfall escape near Kathmandu? These captivating waterfalls, located near the outskirts of Kathmandu, offer the perfect day trip for nature seekers like you. The Yashir waterfall and Jhyampfal waterfall are right here near Kathmandu, the less crowded yet most fascinating as the newly discovered waterfalls near Kathmandu, Satdobato, and Lalitpur.

Choose one of these magnificent waterfalls as your day trip destination and make the most of your adventure. Moreover, recharge and reconnect your adventure spirit with the natural wonders and freshwater streams in Mohini Jharana, Simba Waterfall, and one that aligns with your interests. 

While numerous breathtaking waterfalls await exploration, be sure to consider them during the summer on a day off from the heat of Kathmandu. Just exclude the monsoon season, June to August, to have a less slippery path and avoid encounters with leeches when exploring the waterfall near Kathmandu.