Stunning Documentary on Manaslu Trekking

Stunning Documentary on Manaslu Trekking

4 May 2018 Chandra Gurung

Highlights of the Stunning Manaslu Trekking

  • Moderate trekking trail embedded in the Himalayas with some challenging sections with adventure.
  • Fantastic view of the Manaslu and surrounding Mountain ranges.
  • Wildlife and vegetation showcase a wide range of climatic regions.
  • Tsum, Nubri, and Sherpa culture and tradition experience.
  • Beautiful and historically significant mountain monasteries with amazing paintings and architecture.
  • Opportunities for encountering rare animals, birds, and herbs in the Manaslu area.
  • Magical views of the scenic landscape of the Himalayas.
  • Himalayan cuisine experience with Yak and Chauri dairy products.
  • Authentic Himalayan trek experience in the lesser traveled trails.
  • Exploring mountain villages, culture, and terraced farmlands of central Nepal.

Stunning Manaslu Trekking is a finished and prominent trek goal for those looking for an undertaking pressed and testing trekking in the Himalayas. This brilliant trek comprises social, grand, and Himalayan goodness stuffed in the otherworldly place where there is Manaslu.

Ideal for the progress to doing a lot harder treks from moderate ones, Stunning Manaslu Trekking serves you consistently with the rapture of eminent Himalayan view. With a wealth of mountain ways of life and persuasive Tibetan Buddhism, this trek satisfies your desire most excitingly.

Other than the strong Annapurna circuit path, this path has effectively held status among trekking sweethearts around the globe. Stunning Manaslu Trekking offers you a valid mountain-trek experience joined by difficult fragments as well. These confined territories are flawless secret zones to find your actual self with delights closest to nature itself. 

The amazing perspectives on Manaslu (8163m), Shringi Himal (7161m), Nagdi Chuli (Peak 29, 7871m), Cheo Himal (6812m), Himlung Himal (7126m), Ganesh Himal II (7118m), Himalchuli (7893m) along the path make each progression divine. The lavish vegetation embellished by wild mountain blooms and uncommon fauna adds a little something extra to every one of these encounters. This way, lock in and head for a lofty trek of a lifetime in Manaslu.

What Distinguishes the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Professional trekkers rank the Manaslu Circuit Trek as one of the top treks in Nepal. The Manaslu Trek remains isolated and less congested than the well-known teahouse treks in Nepal, despite its recent growth in popularity. The hike around Mount Manaslu, the eighth-highest summit in the world at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft).

Documentary on Manaslu Trekking: What Distinguishes the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

This Trek’s Main Characteristics Are:

  • Compared to competitors like the Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp, it is popular yet less congested. It is becoming increasingly popular, but Manaslu still has around ten times fewer hikers than Everest.
  • Manaslu Circuit is a tea house walk rather than a camping trek. However, it offers wild and wilderness experiences with genuine local culture and people (lodge to lodge trek).
  • There is no need for exhausting domestic flights to reach the Manaslu hike.
  • The Buri Gandaki is a deep, lengthy river canyon that the path first follows, with several suspension bridge crossings.
  • This journey satisfies every craving for Nepal: you’ll ascend from the subtropical forest at lower elevations to the alpine zone via Himalayan foothills and brave the cold and windy Larkya Pass at the height of 5100 meters (17,000 ft).

How Long Exactly is the Stunning Manaslu Trekking?

Unlike other nations, Nepal defines trekking distance in days. It is 177 kilometers long and varies depending on where you begin and conclude your trip. Manaslu Circuit treks typically last 12 to 14 days. It takes more additional days if you incorporate more side trips.

Other day-long side trip sites include Serang Gonpa, Kaal Taal (Death Lake), Hinang Gompa, Himalchuli Base Camp, Manaslu Base Camp, Pungyen Gompa, Lajung La, etc. Side trips to Tsum Valley Trek take an additional week of travel time. The route is therefore chosen based on your available time, your interests, your history of trekking, your level of physical condition, etc.

What is the Price of the Stunning Manaslu Trekking?

This might be the first of many inquiries about the Manaslu Circuit Trek. We must know your hiking needs to respond to this. The cost depends on the trekkers because we organize the Budget trip, Standard trip, and deluxe trip. We offer the best trip you prefer.

Below Are the Instances Where Prices Change:

  • If you choose a personal automobile rather than a municipal bus.
  • The sized group: Yes, group size affects price; the larger the group, the lower the price.
  • Many individuals like private groups when it comes to customizable itineraries.
  • The cost of the journey depends on the trek’s length and day choice.
  • Trekking via a teahouse is less costly than camping.
  • Additional services, such as appetizers, hot table beverages in pots, hot bags, etc., come at an additional expense.
  • Including lodging, food, transportation, and Kathmandu sightseeing.

Getting to the Manaslu Circuit

Arughat-Soti Khola is accessible by public bus from Kathmandu every morning between 6, and 7 am. Local buses are overcrowded if you want to go hiking during the Dashain festival since more than two million people leave the Kathmandu Valley for other locations to celebrate the Dashain festival and to see their families who live in the rural.

If your journey coincides with a festival, which often takes place in late September or early October, it might be challenging to find a seat on a bus for a last-minute reservation. Bus seats are readily available, except for festival season.

How Will Local Buses Operate?

Local buses frequently have passengers on board, even in the passage. They often stop to pick up and drop off passengers. Locals frequently travel with a basket of vegetables, chicken, and rice bags. The music is played nonstop by the drivers. 

Due to its size for Asian individuals, you could find less room for your legs. It is ideal if you wish to experience the local culture and don’t mind acting like a native; even today, many of our western visitors employ it. Of course, it is inexpensive.

Essential Permits

Since the Manaslu trek is located in a restricted area of Nepal, a trekking permit is required to enter this route. In areas where a minimum group size of two individuals is necessary, solo trekkers are also not permitted.

A Place to Stay While on the Trek

You’ll spend each night at a regional teahouse managed by the communities along the journey. Most teahouses have two single beds in each room, which is pretty simple yet comfortable. There is a communal space where people may gather for food and recreation. At night, it’s an excellent location to remain warm by the fire. Visit our post on Teahouse Trekking in Nepal to see what a teahouse looks like.

How to Reach the Trailhead?

Of the main Nepalese treks, the Manaslu Circuit trek’s trailhead is the one that is closest to Kathmandu. Nevertheless, the 126 km (80 miles) trip to Soti Khola from Kathmandu is thrilling and takes around 6 hours by jeep (preferred) or more than 8 hours by regular bus. You could have to start walking in Arughat, which adds a day if the road conditions are difficult, as is frequently the case in September towards the end of the monsoon.

Wifi and a Phone on the Manaslu Circuit Trek

The majority of the tea establishments have wifi. There is an SAT phone accessible at tea houses that may be used to contact home for a small additional fee if you wish to stay in touch with people back home. On this expedition, the local phone virtually ever functions. In the Manaslu area, Nepal Telecom has more excellent coverage than Ncell.

When is The Best Time for Stunning Manaslu Trekking?

At some times of the year, this walk is simple. For the Manaslu trip, the optimum months are March through May and September through November. The lodges in Dharamsala are closed during the winter months of December to February due to heavy snowfall, making it challenging to pass across Larkya La Pass.

The rainy season, which lasts from June through August, is dangerous for landslides and slips. Therefore, we do not advise anyone to go trekking during the winter or while it is raining.

Water and Electricity along the Journey

All of the lodges we will be sleeping in throughout the trek provide power for an additional fee, which can be used to recharge devices like cameras and phones.

Similarly, you may get boxed mineral water at nearby resorts or on-the-go stores. In lodges, you may also get boiling water to put in your water bottle. You may also get water purification tablets from us to make the water drinkable.


Tipping is accepted in Nepali culture and is a sign of excellent service. However, tipping is optional and should be consistent with the level of service received. After the journey, we advise you to tip everyone.


Stunning Manaslu Trekking. If you are looking trip to Nepal, then Manaslu circuit trekking is also one of the best and less vehicle trekking routes in Nepal. We have been working for 18 years in the tourism industry and especially focus on the Manaslu region. Hence, we provide a local guide to this region with strong Himalayan helpers.

Stunning Manaslu Trekking path

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