Manaslu Circuit Trek: 7 Main Reasons to Choose Himalayan Adventure

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25 Sep 2023 Chandra Gurung

Are you ready to conquer the lifetime fun adventure into the mountains of Manaslu Circuit Trek? 

Gear up for your next adventure trail to Manaslu, where adventure is sought. You can immerse yourself totally in the mysticism of the serene beauty of the Himalayas.

Manaslu, a pristine hub for nature’s adventure, is located in the Northern part of Nepal. The moderate difficulty trek routes have been known for the native culture and warm hospitality.  Moreover, the geographical location of the Manaslu region, indigenous people and culture, flora and fauna, and remote villages are some of the major highlights. 

Adding to what tops the list, the major source of attraction of Manaslu Circuit Trek is the eight-highest peak, Mount Manaslu, present at an altitude of 8163 meters above sea level. If you sign up for a trek, you can get beyond the ordinary experience, and know more about the ancient Buddhist heritage throughout the trail. 

Delve more to understand why choosing Himalayan Adventure at Manaslu Circuit Trek is worth it.

1. Majestic Views of Mountain 

From the Manaslu Circuit Trek experience, what you bring out is a magnificent experience to have witnessed the snow-capped Mount Manaslu. Even the journey will be quite interesting, from stunning natural beauty, uneven landscapes, and through lush forests. 

The majestic views of the mountain invite you to trek on this amazing Himalayan adventure. Immersing yourself in the Himalayan panorama can never go wrong. For an unforgettable experience, you can also add up the views of Mt. Annapurna. Langtang, and Ganesh Himal when conquering the majestic vistas of Mount Manaslu

The perfect blend of serene valleys, remote villages, snow-capped peaks, and a rural lifestyle, is what truly connects one to the soul of the Himalayas.

2. Larkya La Pass

Larkya La Pass is one of the peak points and the central attraction of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The sceneries from the summit are worth appreciating, it is a spectacular experience to encounter the Majestic mountain and natural serenity from the ultimate destination. 

What you get to see from Larkya La Pass, at 5160 m above sea level, is completely satisfying. Your days of walking and thirst to witness the Himalayan’s grandeur are fulfilled once you reach the pass. 

Severe snowfall occurs in this Larke Pass too, hence, as per trek guidelines the area might be closed to trek around December and January of the year. The isolated beauty of Larkya La Pass is suitable for trekking, around the Spring and Autumn, when seasonal tints hit differently, more weather-friendly for trekkers out there.

3. Tsum Valley

Tsum Valley offers you a pleasant experience. Located in the Manaslu Conservation area, this remote valley has a hidden gem, Chumling Village, rich cultural encounters, and the whispers of nature that feel heavenly. 

You get to interact more with the warm hospitality of Phurbe village in the Tsum region, and also participate in their traditional villages to understand more about their cultural significance.

4. Remote Villages Rich in Culture

Remote villages in the Manaslu region are away from the distractions of urban lifestyle, a tranquil space, where beauty meets culture. The symphony of the natural colors, sounds of the birds, and streams of fresh waters lead to a peaceful destination, what could go wrong in this peaceful yet challenging journey?

Traditional Ceremonies and Festivals of the locals, breathtaking vistas of the uneven terrain, and lush greenery await you. Apart from this, you can also witness the subtropical region and the rare wildlife and vegetation in the remote villages. The savory cuisine directly from the hill including the local herbs can delight your taste buds.

5. Monasteries that offer peace

The pilgrimage and religious structures are the heart of the Himalayan culture. Gumba Longdang is a peaceful monastery located in the Tsum Valley. Other sacred gumba like Serang Gumba aka Nubri Monastery is also there that offers true peace. Visiting these religious places of Buddhist culture provides you with soulful relaxation. 

The ancient monasteries and Buddhist rituals, and understanding the true significance of their traditions and festivities, is a magnificent experience. Moreover, Praying, chanting, and meditating with the monks rejuvenate your soul and enlighten your spiritual journey.

6. Challenging yet Rewarding Adventure

If you are wondering if the challenges to conquer Manaslu Circuit Trek are even justified, then let me tell you, what you get afterward is more rewarding. 

What are the challenges of Trekking in Manaslu Circuit Trek?

High Altitude:

When looking for adventure at high altitude, one must be aware of the challenges that insufficient oxygen brings you to your body. Proper acclimatization is key to physiologically adapting to altitude ranges and having an undisturbed adventure toward your destination. Altitude sickness can be challenging, for which proper safety and prevention methods above 3500 meters need to be done.

Long Hours of Walking:

There are certain fitness and physical strength requirements for conquering the Manaslu Circuit Trek. You need to follow an itinerary with an experienced trek guide and have long hours of walking on this uneven terrain that is challenging enough for beginners. Make sure you work on your stamina and strengthen your core to administer the Manaslu Trekking challenge. 

Permit Requirements:

Manaslu Special permit, Manaslu Conservation permit, Nar Phu Special Permit, and TIMS card are required for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Meeting permit requirements can be challenging for naive travelers and trekkers. But not anymore, when you have the right trekking companion, by your side. Special trek permits can be obtained with the help of a trekking agency, of your preference. 

Weather Variables: 

As weather continuously fluctuates in the Manaslu Circuit region, it is difficult to make a correct forecast of the weather. Especially in high-altitude regions, you need to adapt yourself to cold temperatures and be prepared for unexpected snowfalls and blockage of the trek routes. 


Moving past the challenges, there is certainly a reward that gives more personal touch in life. You can experience the most beautiful sunrise and sunrise from the peak of Larke Pass and the remote villages in the Manaslu region. Warm hospitality, rich cultural immersion, and truly enchanting natural beauty are some rewarding experiences for life. 

A sense of accomplishment and solitude is embodied in our hearts at our ultimate destination. As you walk up the steep ascend and descend, what you bring is a rich memory of your endeavoring journey to Manaslu Circuit Trek.

7. Picturesque Landscape

Inside the irresistible and picturesque landscapes of the Manaslu region, you can find endless possibilities for photography. Capturing every moment possible here in Manaslu Circuit Trek can be relaxing and joyous. Despite the trek’s difficulty, the ambiance and the aura the trek follows is what touches your soul within. The feeling of captivating the trekker’s paradise at a glance feels surreal. 

The forest trails, remote wilderness, and the more cultural touches in the uneven trail each nook deserve a shout-out. The lush valleys and meadows down the line, strategically, call for a photographic shot. As you approach your destination, you know the worth of photography of the Majestic Peak of Manaslu.


In a nutshell, you can opt for a challenging adventure to Manaslu Circuit Trek, to encounter the liveliness of the region, rich in mystic mountain views. You can explore and delve more into the culture of indigenous people. You can have your authentic trekking experience amidst the hills, terrains, and lush fields of the Manaslu region, with the Manaslu Guide. To ensure a satisfying travel expedition, you can join our services, and pre-book for more offers and discounts.