Manaslu Circuit Trek: 10 Reasons You Must Do It

Reasons to visit manaslu circuit trek

20 Oct 2022 Chandra Gurung

The round Manaslu trek is a fantastic Himalayan journey to Mount Manaslu’s base. Being a distant trip, this one gives you access to Manaslu’s less traveled, untamed, and unspoiled routes. Additionally, you will see the simple Tibetan Buddhist lifestyles of the kind people. We will explain everything about the topic “Manaslu Circuit Trek: 10 Reasons You Must Do It” in this blog.

One draw of trekking in Manaslu is Larkya La, the most significant pass in Nepal. It is challenging to get to the pass’s peak. But it’s worth it for the breathtaking Himalayan vistas of the high mountains. At Manaslu Trek, every second is speechless. The enormous Annapurna Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Mt. Manaslu will be visible.

Nature and culture abound on the walk. You will see a wide selection of biodiversity and species while trekking from lower elevations to higher heights. You will also notice how geography, climate, and temperature have changed.

Manaslu’s settlements are quiet and tranquil. The stupas, monasteries, chortens, prayer wheels, and prayer flags along the road are visual indicators of Buddhist rituals. At the summit of Larkya La pass, you will also notice the vibrant prayer flags swaying in the brisk breeze.

Autumn (September, October, and November) and Spring are the ideal seasons for walking the Manaslu Circuit (March, April, and May). The greatest alternative for avoiding the congested Everest and Annapurna trekking paths during peak seasons is to use this route.

You should do the Manaslu Circuit trek for a variety of reasons. Your time with us will be enjoyable, I’m sure. Here are a few justifications for joining the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Look at this:

1. Himalayas and Scenery

Manaslu Circuit Trek: 10 Reasons You Must Do It - Himalayas and Scenery

One of the alluring Himalayan treks in Nepal is the Manaslu trek. This journey offers breathtaking views of the enchanted, snow-covered Himalayan peaks as one ascends. During your Manaslu walk, you may marvel at the stunning views of the majestic Himalayas.

Himalchuli (7,893m), Manaslu (8163m), Shringi (7,187m), Ganesh Himal, Ngadi Chuli (7,879m), Himlung Himal (7,125m), Cheo Himal (6,820m), Kang Guru (6,981m), Annapurna II (7,939m), Larkya Peak (6250m), and Manaslu (8163m) are just a few of the magnificent Himalaya.

The trek’s breathtaking scenery changes with the altitude changes. One may enjoy diverse landscapes and abundant greenery in the lower regions. It is a lovely experience to stroll around the varied countryside and stunning mountain scenery. You can view the different ecosystems as you begin your trip through the Budhi Gandaki river’s riverbanks, lush rainforests, and the alpine flora at Larkya La.

The spectacular Himalayan vistas at higher heights and the fascinating landscapes in lower places constitute a beautiful combo. You will be ecstatic to cross the picturesque Himalayas at their foothills during this walk.

2. Larkya La Pass—a 5125-meter crossing

Larkya La Pass—a 5125-meter crossing

A challenging crossing in Nepal, the Larkya La pass is located on the Manaslu trek route and is 5125 meters high. During the Manaslu Trek, it serves as the most significant pass that hikers should cross. The Around Manaslu trek’s highest point is Larkya La pass. This is unquestionably the best vantage point along the way because it is the highest point.

You may get a beautiful glimpse of the mighty Himalayas from the summit. The views of dazzling peaks that can be viewed from the pass are indescribable. Additionally, descending and ascending the difficult pass is an interesting experience in and of itself. After you see the bright Himalayas in front of your eyes, it is extremely thrilling but also rewarding.

So, if you enjoy crossing difficult high crossings in the Nepalese Himalayas, the Manaslu trip looks forward to your arrival.

3. A Quiet and Less Congested Trail

Due to its excellent isolation from other well-known treks in Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit trip is less well-organized than those treks. As a result, fewer people walk the Manaslu circuit than on other well-known paths like Everest and Annapurna. Due to this, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a serene and tranquil hiking destination year-round (autumn and spring).

The quiet paths are beautiful. While traveling alone on Manaslu’s solitary and uninhabited routes, you might develop a strong connection with nature. This walk provides hikers with the finest lifelong experiences after an exhilarating climb to the summit of Larkya La. Manaslu Circuit Trek must be the next item on your bucket list if you’re looking for serenity.

4. Wilderness Trails for Trekking

The Manaslu hiking routes are far away. The way of life, creatures, vegetation, and everything else you encounter is amazing. Everything will be present to you in its original state, free from modernity.

Manaslu’s secluded and off-the-beaten-path terrain rewards hikers with a wealth of natural beauty and diverse topography. The trip to Manaslu base camp is fantastic. Hiking over the untamed and distant trekking paths allows you to discover the ideal nature.

The trails provide a variety. You will walk along the Budhi Gandaki River’s banks while you hike at lower heights. While on this walk, one may see the changes in the physical and natural landscapes. Trekking through untamed forests with the potential to see animals in their native surroundings is a unique experience.

The trip is distant, so life in the little communities is simple. The homes are modest, and there are no functional roadways for moving about. Agriculture and trade are activities carried out by people. You may observe daily life in Nepal’s rural communities during this trip.

The fact that fewer people prioritize this journey is a benefit for hikers looking for gentle terrain. The Manaslu circuit is a less commercialized and tourist-heavy trek route that features locals, their culture, way of life, and various ecologies.

5. Reach Manaslu Base Camp, the eighth-tallest peak in the world

 Reach Manaslu Base Camp, the eighth-tallest peak in the world

One of the main draws of the hike is Manaslu Base Camp. It is a magnificent experience to go up Mt. Manaslu, which stands at 8163 meters and is one of the world’s eight highest summits.

Mt. Manaslu’s base camp is at 3530 meters in Samagaun (8163 m). You may find a little community with elderly Tibetan residents in Samagaun. You can find a lovely monastery in this picturesque town. Since you will have a day of relaxation in the village, you might take a quick tour of the area to learn more about the people and their incredible culture.

6. High-altitude freshwater lakes

High-altitude freshwater lakes and rivers

There is more to the Manaslu Circuit Trek than just the Himalayas, rivers, animals, and forests. The freshwater lakes over 3500 meters are one of the trek’s appealing features. In reality, Manaslu is home to several high-elevation freshwater lakes.

The two most well-liked among them are Birendra Tal and Phunkar Tal. On their day of rest at Samagaun, Manaslu Base Camp, trekkers make a quick ascent to Birendra Lake to acclimatize. This lake locates in Manaslu Glacier, nearer to Punhyen Glacier. Rare alpine migratory ducks live in these lakes. If you’re lucky, you could see them at the lakes.

7. Simple Side Trips

The Manaslu Circuit Trek includes a variety of side hikes. Some beautiful locations around the Manaslu hiking path are easily accessible within hours. The walk to Birendra Lake and the Pungeen Gompa excursion near Samagaun are two of the most well-liked side trips.

These detours are to hiking locations. There are no lodgings or meals there. Moreover, these are not places to stay overnight. You may visit these locations if you have additional time to go there and back.

8. Manaslu National Park

The Manaslu Conservation Region’s protected perimeter includes the Manaslu hiking area. The conservation area safeguards the woods, rivers, lakes, and numerous bird and animal species. The Manaslu Conservation Area is located at 1400 meters and 8156 meters.

The geography and wildlife inside the protected area vary greatly. Rich rainforests, gushing rivers, streams, and cascading waterfalls may be found at lower elevations. You’ll notice that the flora continues to thin out as you go at greater altitudes. 

They become uncommon at high altitudes. Small shrubs will be all that you can see. Even pines and junipers are short in stature and have a distinct appearance from a distance, which is an intriguing fact. You will observe how the earth’s organisms change to fit their environment.

There is a potential that you will encounter different types of wildlife and birds as you walk around the conservation area. A walk is made ideal by the quiet pathways and the melodic bird chirps. You will like the journey.

9. Experiences from Diverse Cultures

Tibet and the Manaslu area have similar histories and cultures. People who moved from Tibet to Nepal in the distant past now live in Manaslu. Since they moved, several centuries have passed. While seeing the beautiful towns in Manaslu, you may still witness traces of Tibetan culture. People have been maintaining and carrying on their traditions and culture.

Manaslu’s way of life is far way from the period of industrialization and growth. As you stroll by the settlements, the distinctiveness of the cultures is plain to see. People will be dressed traditionally, as you’ll see. Here, Buddhism is practiced. Along the hiking path is numerous stupas, monasteries, gompas, prayer wheels, and chortens.

Another historic highlight of this trip is a visit to Tsum Valley. Tsum Valley is a hidden valley known as a “Beyul.” You may discover Manaslu culture in its purest form in the valley. Numerous monasteries exist. This serene location is brimming with good vibes. The Mu Gompa is the area’s biggest monastery. It is delightful to visit monasteries and stroll about under cover of prayer flags bearing hymns for the lost.

Culturally appealing is the Manaslu circuit trek. Also found are several holy caves. People think that Guru Rinpoche and prominent master Milarepa spent a significant amount of time in meditation at one of the caves. He is credited for finding the Tsum valley.

10. Safe and Slightly Difficult Routes

Manaslu Circuit hiking is entirely safe and stunning despite being a remote trip. Although secure, you cannot just go there and come back. You must be in average shape. You must also possess a strong character and resolve.

Additionally, it would be best if you considered your health concerns because you’ll be traveling to high elevations. Altitude sickness, accidents, discomfort in the knees, stomach problems, colds, and many other things are possible risks. Before embarking on the Manaslu hiking paths, you should speak with your medical adviser.

The trail has some challenging portions. However, the entire hike is not strenuous. For the typical trekker, it is pretty tricky. This journey won’t be too challenging for you if you’ve done some high-altitude and high-mountain hiking in the past.

At The End.

You must take great caution when picking a trekking company or agency for your Manaslu trip. Compared to the well-known Everest and Annapurna regions, fewer guides are familiar with the Manaslu region. 

There have been reports of hikers straying off the track and encountering additional difficulties due to the guides’ inexperience. When walking at a high altitude, it is essential to have a guide familiar with basic first aid. If you aren’t in capable hands, trekking in the isolation of Manaslu might be more stressful than fun. Pick Wisely!

You can get in touch with Manaslu Guide for further details.