How to Reach Mount Manaslu?

Mount Manaslu

17 Feb 2023 Chandra Gurung

Mount Manaslu Overview

Mount Manaslu is the eighth-highest mountain in the world, situated in Nepal. It stands at an elevation of 8163 meters or 26,781 feet. Mount Manaslu shares a border with the Gorkha and Manang districts of Nepal. So, How to reach Mount Manaslu? The previous name of Mount Manaslu is Kutang. “Tang” is the Tibetan word that means flat place. After that, the mountain’s name was changed to Manaslu, which comes from the Sanskrit term Manasa. In Sanskrit, “Manasa” means the Mountain of the Spirit.

Mount Manaslu is the best gift from nature. It’s a fantastic paradise for adventures. It offers a variety of secret locations to discover and beautiful scenery for hikers to see. It is renowned for both its breathtaking views and its extensive cultural legacy. Manaslu is a famous location for climbers, trekkers, and adventurers because it provides a unique and surreal view of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Similarly, it is said that Mount Manaslu is one of the most difficult mountains to climb than Mount Everest because of its unpredictable weather and steep slopes.

Mount Manaslu Itinerary(How to Reach Mount Manaslu)

How to Reach Mount Manaslu

Starting point: The journey to reach Mount Manaslu starts at Kathmandu. If you are outside of Nepal, you must book a flight ticket to go to Kathmandu first. Similarly, you must first arrive in Kathmandu if you are within Nepal. 

Kathmandu to Dhading Besi

After reaching Kathmandu, our next stop will be Dhading Besi. To get to Dhading Besi, we can catch a bus or Microbus from Kathmandu.

Dhading Besi to Arughat

Arughat is the next stop of our Mount Manaslu journey. It is a small village in the Gorkha district of Nepal.

Arughat to Arkhet Bazaar and Soti Khola

The journey to Arkhet Bazaar marks the beginning of the main ascent to the Manaslu Base Camp. We will then continue walking until we get to Soti Khola.

Soti Khola to Machha Khola

The actual trekking starts from here. The road from Seti Khola to Machha Khola is steep and rough and will take around 7 hrs on foot. There will be waterfalls, little rivers, and sal forests along the way. We will meet many local Gurung villagers.

Machha Khola to Dovan to Jagat

Upon reaching Machha Khola, the next journey will be to reach Jagat. On the way, we will visit Khorla Besi, Gurung village and Tatopani (hotspring). Tatopani offers warm showers where we can rest and calm our restless muscles. Once we’ve relaxed in hot water, it’s time to get to Dovan by crossing the Budhi Gandaki River on a brand-new suspension bridge. 

We will arrive at the lovely Gurung settlement of Jagat after passing via the communities of Thulo Dunga and Yaruphant on the opposite side of the Budhi Gandaki. When we get to the village, we must check our hiking permits at the check station.


Jagat to Pewa

Pewa is the next location. First, we need to reach Salleri from Jagat. Next, we must get to Tsum valley and Philim village. From here, if we choose the left turn, we’ll proceed to Nyak and the village of Pewa.

Pewa to Namrung

To reach Namrung, we must cross through places like Deng, Budhi Gandaki valley, etc. We will also get a chance to meet villagers and view natural beauty throughout the trial.

Namrung to Lho Gaun

The distance between Narung and Lho Gaun is 10.5 Kilometers/6.5 Miles, which may be reached on foot in five to six hours. We will cross a massive stone gate as we proceed past the vast Mani stone walls of the settlement of Lho, which are bordered by breathtaking views of Peak 29. Additionally, from this settlement, we have excellent views of the magnificent Manaslu.

Lho Gaun to Samagaun

The distance between Narung and Lho Gaun is 8.1 Kilometers/5 Miles which may be reached on foot in six to seven hours. Samagaon is blessed with breathtaking scenery and lovely mountain blooms. One can also enjoy breathtaking incredible views of Manaslu and the surrounding ranges from the viewpoints in the locations located along the walk.

Samagaun to Mount Manaslu Base Camp

Our next itinerary is Manaslu Base Camp. Climbers who desire to reach the top of Manaslu can start from there. It is 7–8 hours away on foot from Samagaun and is situated at an elevation of 4900m/16072ft. It provides breathtaking views of the mountain and its surroundings.

Therefore, we can conclude that to access Mount Manaslu; we must acquire a special permit and recruit a certified guide from a recognized trekking organization. Tough terrain, high altitude, possibly dangerous weather conditions, and steep ascents and descents are all part of getting to Mount Manaslu

Usually, the journey begins at the town of Soti Khola and proceeds along the valley of the Budhi Gandaki before climbing to base camp. Before attempting to climb Mount Manaslu, it is crucial to have previous trekking experience and be in good physical condition.So this is the way how to reach Mount Manaslu.


Things We Need Before Climbing Mount Manaslu

1.  A valid permit document

We must receive the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), Manaslu Conservation Area Project(MCAP), and Restricted Area Permit to climb Mount Manaslu (RAP). The Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permits can be obtained at offices in Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Besisahar trekkers. However, obtaining a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) from an authorized trekking company in Nepal is only possible.

2.Technical climbing skills

Technical climbing abilities, such as ice climbing, glacier navigation, and rock climbing, are necessary for ascending Manaslu. These abilities must be developed ahead of climbing a mountain, ideally under the supervision of an expert mountaineering instructor.

3. Physical Fitness

Excellent physical condition is another essential requirement before ascending Mount Manaslu. We must be physically fit, focusing on tolerance, stamina, and speed. Physical activity, weight training, and intensive hiking should be part of a Manaslu climbing workout routine.

4. Mental preparation

Climbing a mountain isn’t a joke. We need to be physically and mentally prepared. It is a very challenging task to climb a mountain. We must be mentally prepared to handle the pressure, uncertainties, and risks. We can prepare for the climb by engaging in mental exercises and yoga.

5. Equipment and gears

Lastly, we must ensure that we have all the necessary gear and logistics. The expedition is made easier and less difficult with the aid of equipment and gear. Accidents and injuries can frequently result from faulty and inadequate equipment. As a result, when selecting equipment, mountaineers must take into account aspects like the weather, level of difficulty, and length of the climb. 

They must ensure that any equipment they choose for the Manaslu expedition needs to be helpful and in good shape. We can ensure a safe and successful climb by working with an experienced climbing agency.

Packing Tips for the Mount Manaslu

We can adopt the following packing tips for Mount Manaslu:


Layering clothes is a must. We must bring clothes appropriate for the warm climate and cold climates. Clothes packing should include a warm jacket, a cap, socks, long sleeve sweaters, and thick trousers.


We must wear strong yet lightweight footwear as we ascend Mount Manaslu. We should bring hiking footwear with excellent grip and ankle support. Additionally, we should bring a pair of sandals or comfortable shoes for basking around in the evening.

3.Trekking poles

Trekking poles help to give more stability and lessen the stress on the knees when walking on rocky or uneven terrain.

4.Sun protection

We should also carry sunglasses, caps, and a high-quality sunblock cream to shield ourselves from the sun.

5.Water bottle

To stay hydrated during the trip, we also need to have a water bottle filled with water.

6.First aid kit

It’s always a smart idea to pack a tiny first aid kit with some basic items like bandages, pain relievers, and antiseptic wipes.

At last, we must remember to bring the necessities and pack lightly. Checking the weather prediction before you depart is a good idea so you can revise your checklist.


Q: What is the best time to climb Mount Manaslu?

The best time to climb Mount Manaslu is during the spring season, that is, the month of March, April, and May.

Q: Is Mount Manaslu the hardest to climb?

Yes, it is hard to climb Mount Manaslu. It is more difficult to climb from Camp 1 to Camp 4 on Manaslu than on Everest.