Full Information on Manaslu Trek

Full information on Manaslu Trek

24 Jul 2019 Chandra Gurung

We hope that this blog helps you to get the Full Information on Manaslu Trek. And reading this blog might help you to some extent to know about one of the stunning treks in the country of the Himalayas “Nepal”.

Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar or Sotikhola

Complete information on Manaslu Trek start from this day. Most trekking companies make itineraries to start the trek in the Arughat Bazar of the Dhading part. This pleasant marketplace town is on the right part of the Budi Gandaki (Old River). On this same day, we can drive or walk to Sotikhola if trekkers have a tide schedule and prefer to walk.

On another side, some itineraries through the Gorkha side buy public bus tickets through the Gorkha side to directly reach Sotikhola. Generally, the public bus leaves only morning time in that place too, and if you hire a private Jeep, you can go anytime you prefer.

Arughat Bazar 570 meters

Arughat Bazaar is the gateway to Manaslu trek, where bazaar means itself market where people can buy things. This place is the valley between Dhadingand Gorkha. which is the border of the Budi Gandaki River, but they can go very quickly to both places as a lovely bridge and can take a vehicle. Hilly part local people come to Arughat bazaar for their shopping, especially festival time.

Arughat bazaar has many lodges local bus park, and you can easily take the private jeep to theirs. Many ethnicities live there: Gurung, Newar, Brahaman, Chhetri, Tamang, and Biswokarma. You can spend in peace place hotel overnight beside the river bank.

Soti Khola 730 meters

Soti Khola is a small settlement; if you walk from Arughat, it takes 3-4 hours. We can have lunch or keep continue to the next destination overnight. Soltikhoa is the last destination for a drive after you would need to walk. This place is Inear Budi Gandaki, so when you are overnight there you can swim in fresh running water, but the river is quite big so you should be careful. There are 3-4 hotels for trekkers to sleep with standard room, and this area’s inhabitant is mixed.

Lapubesi 880 meters

 In Nepal’s Gorkha district of province number 4 is Lapu Besi. Besi means the lower part of the village, which means they have Lapu village up to Lapu best; they shifted Lapu best when the trekking route was promoted, and they came for business. There are two lodges with a restaurant and room for trekkers. Gurung people live in this area and grow many crops seasonally.

Machha Khola 930 meters

Machha Khola is a delightful town built on the slopes of the mount with several guest houses. This rural community can be a suitable stop place for the overnight. There are Birthing clinics, and they have regular medicine, so if some trekkers and Nepali have any problems, they can go there for some standard treatment. Machha Khola mean, long years ago, they had many fish. From that name, this name became Machha Khola, “Fish River.”

Tatopani 990 meters

Tatopani market village

Tatopani is in Nepali, meaning “Hot Spring,” which is natural hot water. The location of Tatopani is below a big cliff on the way to the Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal. There are two small ponds with taps where you can take a bath during your trek. There are three tiny guest houses. It is a lunch break place, but some trekkers stay there overnight. This place is near a Budhi Gandaki.

Thulo Dunga 1100 meters

There is a massive stone near the guesthouse, which is called Thulo Duga. They’re very ordinary lodges, so they mostly stop her for rest or tea break, but sometimes trekkers sleep overnight here. From here, you can see a nice river view and Yaruphant.

Jagat 1340 meters

Jagat is an old place known as the border of the trade market; many years ago, Tibetans brought something from Tibet then, collected taxes there, and went further to sell goods, but now it is not that system. The Karki cast inhabited it, and the other casters now inhabit it. This place has two tea houses which are usual standards. There is an elementary school.

Jagat is a central village in Manaslu trekking, so there is an MCAP office. You must enter your guest’s limited permission and tickets for the Manaslu conservation area project in this office. And where you can collect trekker data on how many people go through this trekking, both day and year.

Philim 1590 meters

Philim is the central village in the area. This place has a high school that is good for children with dormitories assisted by Japanese people. It is lovely with many guest houses; you can sleep here if you camp. Most of the Gurung and Lama people live in this village. There is an MCAP office where you must show your MCAP permit and ticket.

Ekle Bhatti 1600 meters

Ekle Bhatti is a lodges point on the trail, making it a convenient sleeping station. It is after the Gurung village Philim; mostly, trekkers have a break here for lunch.

Bihi Phedi 1985 meters / Bihi 2130 meters

Manaslu Cottage is on the main road in Bihi Phedi (Literally – “at the foot of Bihi”). There is a footpath leading to the large Bihi village. We don’t have time to explore the village, but it seems like a suggested thing to do if you like Nepali village life. Not far from Bihi, which is high on the slopes of a mountain in one of the neighboring villages, we saw the Gompa, which might also be interesting to visit.

Prok 2380 meters

Above the river lies a surprisingly small plateau known as Prok. It looks like a village stuck in time, with beautiful traditional houses, large fields, friendly residents, and attractive, active Gompa. There are two lodging options in Prok – Ask where Norbu Samdo or Hishi’s lodge is. Prok is also the base for day trips to Lake Kal (Kal Tal).

Namrung 2660 meters

Namrung is a lovely town in the Manaslu circuit trek and feels touristic, although not so much as Deng. There are many excellent lodges nowadays, so where mostly Thakali and Lamas live there. Nepali police will check an MCAP check post, permit, and trekking guide license; if the guide does not have a licensee, they will not go from there.

Lihi 2910 meters

Lihi or Ligaon (“gaon” means village) is a small but attractive village. Houses here are built like American “townhouses” – adjacent to each other in sequence to save space. Some buildings surround a public courtyard. It also has a small active Gompa. Lihi is a recommended base for visiting Hinang Gompa and Himal Chuli. There are campsites and stay here.

Lho 3180 meters

Lho sunset view on manaslu mountain

A big Gompa dominates the area, which includes many children who get an education here. Overlooking the village, there is a gompa and its dormitory. The top of the hill is the recommended viewpoint for the first time to see Mount Manaslu. Manaslu looks best here, with its twin “fishtail” peaks. It is advisable to look at Manaslu because it fades at sunset but is better during sunrise when the morning light shines on it. You don’t have to climb to the top of the hill – the area above the Gompa gate is a perfect viewpoint.

Shyala 3520 meters

Shyala gave us a strange feeling. Despite having significant agricultural activities, it seems that most of the villagers are currently busy with development. We have never seen so much construction anywhere during this trip. New stone houses were being built everywhere in what appeared to be village-made ‘villages.’ It is unclear whether all of them are tourist-oriented, but surely Shyala will soon turn out to be a preferred tourist stop, not because the snowy mountain scenery is one of the best on the trip. Nonetheless, the view of the forest cut down around the village is more than disturbing and adds to the disgusting attitude of this place. Shyala and Samagaon are suitable bases for visiting Punggen Gompa.

Samagaon 3530 meters

Samagaon village scene:Full Information on Manaslu Trek

Samagaon is a beautiful village with houses parallel along a small river facing a beautiful courtyard. The land is above the house level on both sides of the village. The lodges are located in the north of the village and are full of action, especially during the Manaslu climbing expedition. The two climbing seasons are Autumn and Spring, with excellence for Autumn. Despite the problematic weather this year, most climbers reached the top, some without using oxygen bottles. Samagaon is the closest village to the Manaslu Base Camp – the first station of the expedition, and the villagers often carry items there and back, earning them a living.

You should stop at Samagaon for more than one night for several reasons: acclimatization, enjoying the village, and a day trip to Manaslu Base Camp, Punggen Gompa, and village roads with a visit to Lake Birendra, a charming city on Mt. Manaslu.

Samdo 3800 meters

Samdo is the last village before Larkya Pass and is a lovely tiny village located just under the majestic Samdo peak 6335m and the Samdo glacier. There are two ordinary lodges and camping places for camping trekkers. It is optional to stay in Samdo for more than one night for acclimatization and a day trip to the Tibetan border.

Dharamshala 4460 meters

Complete Information on Manaslu Trek Dharamshala is a wide gradual mountain slope with a campsite and two normal tented lodges. Following renovations in 2011, it now features several double rooms and a well-equipped kitchen. Forget about the awful stories you heard about this place. It is now one of the best places to stay, especially with the energy you need to gain before Larke Pass. There’s a great variety of food made to a tourist’s taste. Yes, even complete Dal-Bhat lovers will not resist a good pizza at this trek stage. And it’s good here! Surprisingly, this remote high point is one of the only places along the trek where you can get fancy touristic food. Prices are naturally much more expensive than in other places.

Larke Pass (Larkye La) 5106 meters

Larke (also spelled “Larkye”) Pass is not the typical pass you would expect in the Himalayas, where you usually reach the lowest “U” shape, get a glimpse of “another world,” and gladly start your offspring.

Instead, the Larke Pass area is a group of rocky moraine. The lowest place of the ridge is actually under the road but is out of bounds because it is a glacier filled with cracks. You don’t see “the other side. From the first part of the pass,” You have to walk another 15 minutes along the moraine to reach the western side of the gap where you can see the Mountain View from the other side.

Bhimtang 3720 meters

Bhimtang is a surprising, beautiful place located in an almost impossible area between the Bhimtang glacier and the Larke Himal range. This small meadow currently contains some basic huts that are not too friendly to make your stay longer. But this will change soon because new luxury hotels with separate “cottage” rooms are being built, equipped with luxury kitchens, showers, and rooms with attached toilets. It will make Bhimtang the right place to stay for more than one night because the scenery around it is charming, and there are many guest houses daily.

Gowa 2560 meters

The village of Gowa stretches along the path; this place is between Bhimtang and Gurung village Tilje. This hotel is fun and mostly a trekker’s day camp from Bhimatang to Tilche, but if you have time and are short in your trekking, then you can stay in Gho because it is an excellent and quiet place to spend the night.

Tilje 2300 meters

Tilje Village is a Gurung village in Manang district, the last village from the Manaslu circuit trek. The local villagers are from Buddhist regions and grow barley, maize, vegetable, and apple. There is still a driving road, so they transport all things by people and donkey.

Darapani 1745 meters

Complete Information on Manaslu Trek, Dharapani is a gate of the Annapurna circuit trekking and the joining point of the Manaslu circuit trek. For long years there was no driving road, so all trekkers walked through this trail, but nowadays, there is a trekking trail, so some tourists take jeeps directly to Chame. But all trekkers should stop there to check their ACAP and TIMS cards. Ninety-five percent of the inhabitants are Gurung, and some are lama. You do not need to walk from this place because we can catch a jeep, but if you have days and prefer to walk, that is also an option.

Besisahar 760 meters

Complete Information on Manaslu Trek, this place is placed after Manaslu trekking. It is the district headquarter of Lamjung district, so it is a small town where all government administration offices are. From here we can catch a public bus, private car, and jeep as your interest and there is average hotel to luxury hotel as well.

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