Nepal welcomes you! Tourism-friendly updates from the Immigration

Nepal welcomes you ( tourist visa in Nepal)

16 Feb 2024 Chandra Gurung

Namaste! Are you planning a tour of Nepal? Get ready to pack your bags and worry less about your Nepal visa, as the Immigration Department now extends its service delivery hours. Nepal’s friendly immigration policies now ensure more hassle-free services and visits to Nepal than ever before. 

Don’t you have a visa yet? Worry not, travel enthusiasts; most nationalities can conveniently get Nepal visas on arrival at major entry points like Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. From trekking in the Manaslu to white-water rafting in Trishuli, enjoy Nepal’s adventurous trekking tour, which is unforgettable. 

Nepal Visa: How much does an entry permit cost for tourists?  

Visitors to Nepal can explore its natural grandeur under a tourism visa. The Department of Immigration of Nepal has updated delivery hours from the e-visa system and has worked on the visa application process, making it convenient to apply anytime and anywhere, more transparently. 

A tourist visa can be issued for 15 days,  30 days, or 90 days consecutively, subject to applicable visa processing fees. Learn about the cost involved in a Nepal visa application.

Visa Validity PeriodVisa application fees 
15 DaysUSD 30
30 Days USD 50
90 Days USD 125

Apart from the original visa validity period, visitors can extend their tourist visa for 15 days at a time to a maximum of 150 days’ stay in Nepal in a year. Stay updated on friendly immigration policies from the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal. 

Nepal’s Immigration Department has introduced tourism-friendly updates like E-visas, Automated Systems, and Online Payment, while also extending its service hours.

Tourism-friendly Nepal visa services: What to expect?

Nepal offers various visa services to facilitate tourism. For international travelers, a tourist visa can be obtained on various terms, such as an e-visa on pre-arrival, a Nepal visa on arrival, or at land border crossings. Indian citizens, however, do not need any visas to travel and tour around the Nepal border. 

1. Nepal E-visa services

In Nepal, e-visa services are available for tourists willing to get a visa to Nepal before arriving in the country itself. The Government of Nepal has been providing visa-on-arrival services as well. But if you want to get a visa in advance, then apply during working hours, i.e., between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM (local time), as per recent official news dated February 12, 2024. 

You can get these services from various visa application centers and services in Nepal. However, Nepal immigration services are primarily focused on making visa processing through online portals more effective. Apply online for a smooth arrival experience in Nepal’s entry terminal at Tribhuwan International Airport or Pokhara Airport. 

2. Tourist Visa extension

Let us help you make an easy tourist visa extension for your Nepal stay. First of all, ensure that your passport does not expire during your intended stay. Then, download the online form for visa extensions. Once you fill in the information, also attach recent passport-sized photographs and submit proof of onward travel.

Pay the applicable visa fees along with the visa extension application. If you want to extend the tourist visa period during your Nepal stay, you are subject to a charge of a minimum of 45 US dollars for up to 15 days. Also, you can extend your stay period for 3 US dollars per day. Also, the Department of Immigration charges you the following fees, as notified on the official website: 

  • An extra charge of 25 USD is applicable for the MRE facility 
  • In case of delays in payment, an extra % USD is charged per day
  • Minors below 10 years of age get free extension service ( except US passport holders)  

It may take you around 2 hours to add an extended visa period to your tourist visit to Nepal. Take along your passport, receipt of the online application, tax clearance certificate (if applicable), and guardian passport (in the case of minors under 10). 

But don’t freak out; you can renew a tourist visa and add a valid visa period (up to 150 days per year) with online visa convenience.

3. Non-tourist to tourist visa conversion

Eligible candidates can turn their non-tourist visa into a tourist visa to Nepal. A tourist visa is available on arrival in most countries. If your country does not qualify, make sure you get an e-visa pre-arrival in Nepal or from nearby diplomatic missions (embassy or consulates) acting on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs). 

You can also convert your existing visa in Nepal to another visa type. If you have a business visa, you can switch it to a tourist visa with the necessary documents and tax clearance certificate as requested by the Government of Nepal.  

4. Non-tourist visa issuance

Non-tourist visa issuance services could include working, press, relationship visas, and even marriage visas in Nepal. Until and unless you follow the immigration rules and have a valid purpose to visit Nepal, the DOI will issue you a non-tourist visa pre-arrival. Check the e-Visa services on the official website for further information. 

Nepal also offers long-term remote work visas. Manage your visa application online and get more convenient services 12 hours a day. The processes are more streamlined than ever. 

5. Trekking permit issuance

If you are new to trekking in Nepal, let us clarify a few things. Foreign visitors to Nepal must obtain a Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) card to proceed. Necessary trekking permits and restricted area permits are arranged with the help of authorized trekking agencies. 

Besides, you can also hire a licensed trekking guide who can help you with the arrangements and paperwork. Navigate the diverse landscape in Nepal, including the Manaslu region, Everest, the lush jungles of Terai, and the vibrant culture of Nepalese—one worth remembering miles away. 

Additional things to know before getting a Nepal visa

What is Nepal to you? Once you are familiar with the entry tourist visa, visa plan upgrade, and arrival/departure certificate within Nepal, let us also tell you some important things to consider before visiting and getting a visa. 

Track your visa application and even apply for electronic travel authorization (ETA) online before arriving in Nepal. Do you know? The official currency of Nepal is the rupee (NPR). However, English is also spoken in tourist areas by most people in the tourism industry. 

Additionally, it is always better to learn basic Nepali phrases to introduce yourself to the locals and show respect for Nepal’s authentic culture. Public displays of affection are not common in Nepal. Also, we recommend dressing modestly to visit religious places in Nepal, especially the Hindu shrines. 

Be prepared to book your stay in advance with the best trekking agency in Nepal or a travel partner during peak tourist season( October to December).  


Spontaneous travelers in Nepal can always get a tourist entry visa at major entry points in Nepal, like the TIA airport. Besides, if you want to save time, apply online before arrival, and most importantly, check if your nationality qualifies for a Nepal visa on arrival too. 

The choice is yours! Look for a streamlined application process, clear guidelines, and working hours at the Immigration Office. You can find friendly immigration officers who are courteous towards providing the Nepal visa on arrival. Also, online applications are typically processed for an efficient transition on your tourism visa. Happy travels!