Manaslu Trek Accommodation

Manaslu Trek Accommodation

19 Sep 2022 Chandra Gurung


Widely regarded as the best tea-house trek circuit in Nepal, it is vital for anyone setting on this trek to have a sound knowledge of the types of manaslu trek accommodation offered on this route. Since there are quite several places you can stay during your trip along this route, too many choices can confuse you and lead to a hasty, indecisive solution. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, only to ensure that your trip is taken care of smoothly, we have carefully compiled a list of affordable, hospitable places for your stay during your Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Trek Accommodation in a Camping Style:

Although you always have the option to camp, this may not be viable for those not naturally inclined to the rough and raw experiences of camping out in the wilderness. For others, camping can be a delightful experience to look forward to.

If you decide to camp along the trail, there is always the added advantage of having a team to carry your camping gear. During your Manaslu trek, your guide will help you find a suitable place to camp. You do not have to worry about cooking meals because a designated cook among the porters will prepare fresh breakfast and dinner during your trip. 

However, camping can be comparatively more costly, so settling for rooms provided by the local tea houses and lodges is better. Spending your nights at the local tea-houses along the routes isn’t a bad idea either. 

Manaslu Trek Accommodation Cost:

Manaslu Trek Accommodation with Hotels

The accommodation costs vary depending on your altitude and the trekking season. During the peak seasons, 3-5$ is the average rate for accommodation in the lower altitudes. Higher altitudes call for increased rates of 7-10$ per night. 

The off-seasons don’t have much difference, as the prices go down a dollar or two in each scenario. The tea houses all have a homogenous room layout, consisting of single rooms with attached bathrooms. Twin-sharing rooms with a common bathroom are a common feature of the higher altitude guesthouses. Most of these hotels are built of stone, wood, and tin roofs, providing only the most basic amenities. 

Wi-Fi is provided across all the guesthouses, albeit the connections are slow. Calls and Texts are functional on this network. And now, here’s a serialized list of the major hotels for your Manaslu Trek accommodation:

(i) Soti Khola: 

It is the starting point of your trek, and it is located 140 kilometers away from the Kathmandu Valley. To reach Soti Khola, you will travel via bus or jeep, which takes roughly 10 hours.   

  • Satkar Guest House
  • Tsum Valley Guest House
  • Hotel Fulbari Lodge and Restaurants
  • Green Valley Guest House
  • ABC Guest House

(ii) Machha Khola:

During this point of your trip, you will be trekking alongside trails with waterfalls and suspension bridges of a river that has reached a relatively steep gradient. You will pass by many mules through the small settlements in this area. Whitewater rapids with runs and cascades in their course provide an ambiently pleasing sensation to your ears, and this is relaxing to the senses. 

  • Larkey Guest House
  • Hilltop Guest House
  • Everest Guest House
  • Hotel Chumvaley Restaurant and Lodge

(iii) Jagat:

Jagat is the starting point of the Manaslu Conservation Area, and from here on, you will start to see significant Buddhist-influenced culture among the inhabitants of this village. 

  • Manaslu Shanti Hotel and Lodge
  • Dobhan Hotel
  • Gaurav Guest House
  • Himalayan Tourist Guest House

(iv) Deng:

On your way to this point in the trek, you will see dense bamboo forests and probably many Grey Langur Monkeys. The Budi Gandaki will still be visible, as the route involves trekking along the valleys of this river.  

  • Windy Valley Guest House
  • Hotel Sangrila
  • Hotel Bihi Phedi
  • Manaslu Hotel and Lodge

(v) Namrung:

This neighborhood in ‘Prok’ features a fine establishment called the Namrung Thakali Hotel, with excellent hospitality. The Nubri Four Season Resort is also noteworthy, showcasing exquisite, fully-furnished interiors. 

  • Nubri Four Season Resort
  • Namrung: Thakali Hotel

(vi) Lho: (satellite phones are a basic amenity here)

Located just a little above 3000 meters, this is among the more famous villages in the valley. The town features a nice view of Manaslu Mountain and two notable gompas.

  • Annapurna Hotel and Lodge
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Himalayan Home
  • Majestic Manaslu

(vii) Samagaun:

A personal recommendation for your stay in Samagaun is the Norling Hotel. This fine establishment is one of the few places offering room service facilities, a dinner buffet, and a separate meeting room. Outdoor enthusiasts would also be interested in the bicycle rental services provided by this hotel. Other activities include horse riding, which is a great way to explore the neighboring areas.

  • Larke Phedi
  • Mount Manaslu Guest House
  • Peace Heaven Guest House
  • Norling Guest House
  • Nobri Valley Guest House

(viii) Samdo:

Samdo is a precursor to the Larkya La Pass, which lies in the rain shadow region. It is situated close to the Tibet border and is popularly recognized as a Tibetan Refugee Village.

  • Chez Karsang Lodge
  • Yak Hotel
  • Samdo: Tibetan Twin Hotel
  • Zambala Hotel

(ix) Dharamshala:

Also called the Larke Phedi, this section marks the beginning of your trek’s highest and most strenuous part. 

  • Hotel Zambala Dharamsala
  • Larke Phedi

(x) Bimthang:

This charming little town is home to Ponkar Lake. The Pyakane Cave, Tilche Village, and Tamrang Gompa are common points of interest in this town/village.

  • Ponkar Mountain Hotel
  • Bintang Hotel and Lodge
  • Apple Garden Hotel
  • Hotel Ganga Manaslu and Restaurant

(xi) Dharapani:

Dharapani lies in the Manang District of Nepal, and a downhill descent will mark this day. Don’t forget to visit Dona Lake while you’re here!

  • Hotel JK Restaurant
  • Marsyangdi guesthouse and restaurant
  • Hotel Gurkha’s Inn
  • Thoroungh Peak Guesthouse

With that, we conclude our list of all the finest hotels along the Manaslu Circuit. 

What Can You Expect from Manaslu Guest Houses?

Manaslu Trek Accommodation Camping Style

The modest motels along the Manaslu are owned and operated by locals. Tea houses previously consisted of wooden structures with wooden blocks dividing rooms. However, there are currently several nice tea places built with advanced technologies. The main dining hall usually has a heating system to keep the hotel warm. This restaurant or motel serves the meals of your choosing in Manaslu. Trekkers can dine while watching the fire.

Despite their tiny size, the bedrooms are clean and comfy. The manaslu trek accommodation are supplied on a sharing basis for two to three tourists (On special request, you may be provided rooms with a solo facility). You will be provided a mattress, a small blanket, a pillow, and a bed cover here.

Manaslu Trek Accommodation Teahouse

During high season, the second blanket is not accessible, and we ask that everyone bring their sleeping bags. Some hotels in Manaslu may include a tea desk, chair, and mirror, but otherwise, the equipment is rather modest. Because the Nepal government has designated Manaslu as a restricted location, ensure you have a reliable tour agency in Nepal, such as Manaslu Guide. We assist you in obtaining the greatest lodging.

Bathroom: Cabins with attached bathrooms are unavailable on this Manaslu Circuit trek. Shared bathrooms are offered at Hotel Manaslu. The freshly built tea shops have western seating, but the bathrooms are Indian in design. A heated water shower is offered in nearly all tea houses, although it costs an extra $2 to $3.

Electrical Power in Manaslu

Lower altitude locations like Soti Khola, Bhimthang, and Dharapani may have power plugs in their rooms. Otherwise, it would be best to charge your electronic gadgets at the hotel Manaslu’s dining hall. The owners of the Manaslu tea shop or the receptionist will charge your device. Even powering your device costs money, and trekking in the Himalayas isn’t cheap.

Please keep in mind that the added expense of the Manaslu trip for hot showers, Wi-Fi, and power is frequently not included in the Manaslu trek package. Before making your reservations in Nepal, ensure you have these facts from your travel provider.

Manaslu Trek Accommodation With Baggages

Last words,

So, are you looking forward to your journey to Manaslu? If you intend to visit Nepal, you should be escorted by a reputable tour service such as Manaslu Guide. We also have written some blogs related to Manaslu Circuit Trek. You can read it here if you want to. We are thrilled to have you here in Nepal.

Hoping to see you soon!!

Furthermore, if there are any queries regarding Manaslu Trek Accommodation, please leave them in the comments section. For reservations, please contact us here.


Q: Is pre-booking necessary? 

Pre-booking for Manaslu Trek Accommodation is highly recommended (mandatory for bigger groups), especially if you participate in this trek during the peak autumn or spring seasons. It ensures the staff is prepared accordingly and prevents unnecessary compromises on facilities.

Q: What are the check-in timings for the hotels?

Even though hotel check-in timings are unspecified by the hotels, any emergency accommodations will be welcomed unconditionally. Punctuality still invites good humor.

Q: Is there a room heating system?

No, the manaslu trek accomodation does not have heating or air conditioning. Even the blankets aren’t thick enough to withstand Manaslu’s frigid weather. As a result, we recommend that everyone bring a sleeping bag for the Manaslu Circuit hike. The restaurant, on the other hand, has a heating system. You are welcome to remain in the mess hall to warm up.

Q: Do Manaslu hotels provide food?

Absolutely, the tea houses provide a delicious meal along the walk. In reality, trekkers must eat in the hotels where they stay throughout the Manaslu Circuit trip.