Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Kathmandu for Couples


17 Oct 2023 Chandra Gurung

I know it’s a couple Time out. You are confused about where you can take your girlfriend on a date within Kathmandu. Let me tell you how your date in Kathmandu can get exciting if you visit these top 10 places and opt for romantic things with your other half. 

Our blog is targeted at couples who can visit these naturally beautiful places in Kathmandu to relax and enjoy their time with their partner on the weekend.

1. Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams is an exquisite garden located inside Tridevi Sadak Kathmandu. Near the Thamel and Jamal areas of Kathmandu, you can find a tranquil romantic escape for couples in Dream Garden Kathmandu. For entry, the Garden of Dreams ticket price is Rs 150 per person for Nepalis and Rs 400 for non-Nepalis. Discount offers for children, the elderly, and members are often available. 
Couples can enjoy their time-out throughout the week between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. By walking hand-in-hand along the beautiful garden, you can appreciate what is between you two, plus, greenery, and fountains in the location. You can enjoy a picnic, snacks, and a bottle of wine, and also, serve yourself tasty cuisines from Kaiser Cafe to have tasty cuisine. From taking romantic photos in the Garden of Dreams to making the most of romantic ambiance, it is truly a couple’s destination.

Pashupatinath Temple

 2. Pashupatinath Temple 

Pashupatinath Temple Darshan holds religious significance for couples. The best time when you can visit Pashupatinath temple is in the morning if you want to see Abhishek puja between 9 to 11 a.m. when all four doors of Pashupati are open. However, the temple is closed between 12 pm to 5 pm. 

Even Pashupati Aarati (Sandhya Aarati) starting between 5 pm to 7 pm is one of the favorite activities to participate in. Getting blessings from the Holy can fuel your romantic life. 

From the Lichhavi period, Prachanda Devi officially built Pashupatinath Temple, which is widely worshiped by the Hindu community to date.

3. Swayambhunath Stupa

Swayambhunath Stupa is known as Monkey Temple, anciently built in the holy places in Kathmandu. Listed as a World Heritage Site in UNESCO, this hilltop Stupa offers amazing views and is suitable for a romantic getaway for a couple. By having a walk around the stupa, you not only get spiritual energy but can also strengthen your bond with your partner. 

Couples can climb and visit Swayambhunath Stupa, and visit Buddhist monasteries in the area. Picnics launch in the area and watching the sunset on the hilltop is one of the couple’s favorite romantic activities to do herein. For couples in love, your romantic time shall count to visit Kathmandu.

Swayambhunath Temple
Kathmandu Durbar Square

4. Kathmandu Durbar Square 

Kathmandu Durbar Square visit for couples can be a historic walk, where couples can enjoy the amenities of the area. Starting with old royal palaces during the Malla and Shah Kings period, this Hanuman Dhoka Square has a lot to see and visit. You can see Kumari Ghar, Taleju Temple, and Kalbhairav Temple which were beautifully crafted in the 1770s. 
Couples can taste local street food, offer prayers to the Bhairav temple, feed birds, and sightsee the historic Durbar Square, listed by UNESCO. From dining at a fine cafe to tasting Newari cuisines and praising ancient arts and sculptures, this place is an amazing destination for visitors.

5. Chandragiri Hills 

Chandragiri Hills is located near Kathmandu, which is a popular tourist destination. Beautiful views and sights of the valley are provided when you take a cable car ride to the top of Chandragiri Hills. The entry fee for Adults is Rs 800 for Nepalese and 1280 for SAARC members. Besides, foreigners are charged around $22 per person. 

By worshiping at Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple, couples can have religious and cultural encounters at this naturally beautiful place in Nepal. You can also propose to your girlfriend in the romantic ambiance of Chandragiri Hills, allowing the blessings of Mahadeva to fall in love. Adventure enthusiast couples can also hike for around 5 hours to reach Chandragiri hills.

Chandragiri Hills

6. Nagarkot

Couples can arrive in Nagarkot, a popular romantic getaway that offers panoramic views for couples. An overnight stay in the hotels of Nagarkot, accompanied by candlelit dinner, an outdoor setting launch, and watching the sunrise and sunset, could be an unforgettable experience for couples. 

From planning a hike to booking a hotel with great ambiance and amenities to visiting Buddha Peace Park, there are many romantic activities a couple can do in the best place to visit in Kathmandu. It’s you and your partner in Nagarkot who can roam around and have the best time in the hills of Nagarkot, especially in the snow in winter. 

7. Godawari

Visiting Godawari Botanical Garden which is a beautiful hill station near Kathmandu, provides a peaceful atmosphere for couples. Lush green forests, beautiful waterfalls, elegant gardens, candlelit dinners, and romantic picnics in Godawari are ways to explore the beauty of this best place to visit in Kathmandu.

Couples can also roam around the botanical garden and greenhouses and watch the rich floral diversity of the garden. Godawari Kunda and Godawari Temple are widely appreciated during the Maha Kumbha Mela once every 12 years in Godawari.

Budhanilkantha Iskoon Nepal

8. Budhanilkantha and ISKCON Temple 

Budhanilkantha and ISKCON Temple are closely located. Visiting these popular Vishnu and Krishna Mandirs can be an ideal place where they can witness intricate carvings, ancient architecture, Hindu spirituality, and enjoy Hindu traditional values. 

Couples can meditate together in ISKCON Temple and thereafter have romantic meals together. In the company of your loved one, you can engage in a memorable time in the peaceful surroundings of the Budhanilkantha area.

9. Dakshinkali Temple  

Dakshinkali Temple is located in the village of Pharping, one of the best celebrated Maa Kali temples. Couples can go for bike rides to reach and worship in the Holy Hindu Temple. Herein, you can observe sacrifice in the arena of Dakshinkali temple and learn in detail about how this sort of practice begins and review it accordingly. 

By enjoying the religious setting, opt for devotional activities, and sightseeing the beautiful surroundings to make the most of your day at Dakshinkali Temple. Couples can dine fine local cuisine in the nearby eateries and enjoy refreshments near Dakshinkali.


10. Whoopeland

Whoopeland Amusement Park located in Chovar can be an ideal couple’s destination for thrilling rides, adventure, Jurassic Safari, and fun at Water Park. From having fun at the amusement park to growing proximity between the couples, you can create a lasting memory. 

Climbing up Chovar Hill, sightseeing Manjushree Park, and visiting the Kirtipur area can complete your day. Thrilling rides, food and treats, and romantic moments and photos, can lead you to have a memorable evening with your partner. It’s how to create a beautiful date night with your beloved in this cozy fun place to visit in Kathmandu.


Visiting Kathmandu can be a truly romantic experience for couples of all ages. Including cultural visits, natural scenery, spiritual values, and intimate moments, Kathmandu is a popular hub for the best places for couples to hang out. By taking leisurely walks to the aforementioned top places, historic landmarks, and vibrant religious sites, you can completely make your day count with your lover, by adding your own touch of fun. From planning activities, dressing code, planning proposals, and tasting local delicacies, you can immerse completely in your fun time herein these top places to visit in Kathmandu.