Manaslu Circuit Trek in November


29 Aug 2022 Chandra Gurung

If you are planning for a Manaslu Circuit trek in November, this is a considerate choice of timing. Trekking through this part of the Great Himalayan trail around the world’s eighth-highest mountain gives way to vivid, unobstructed views of the mountains.

The best trekking trail path for the entire year is the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November. The finest months for trekking in Nepal are November and December, and these months include one of the treks over the Manaslu range. You were drawn to the extensive Himalayan trail traveling by the Manaslu Circuit trek.

The most significant month for a Manaslu Region trip is November, which provides you with the ideal hiking conditions. You get a fantastic view while trekking in November, which marks the conclusion of the autumnal season. Even though it gets chilly and drier, now is the ideal time to go hiking.

You may be concerned about the weather and temperature you experience throughout the trek in November. Manaslu Circuit is the greatest among all busy trekking trail routes. Trekking up Manaslu, the eighth-highest mountain in the world, is not an easy task. However, the walk becomes more challenging when you cannot experience and appreciate nature.

However, the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November provides you with the ideal weather and temperature, fresh full airs, customs and traditions of local people along the road, clear Himalayan views, sunrises and sunsets, beautiful skies, crystal clear views of mountains, and fantastic wildlife. It eases your aches and fatigue along the way and provides a peek at your journey.

As a result, we advise hikers to go on their hike in November because it’s the best time and everything. November is considered to be the busiest month for trekkers in Manaslu. Many trekkers travel to Nepal this season to climb in the Manaslu region.

Do you need a guide for Manaslu Circuit?

The stretch between Jagat and Bimthang which has been designated a restricted area is followed by the Manaslu Trail. Therefore, a guide must be hired in order to complete the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Cliff-side trails along the rugged terrain of this route are teeming with tourists this month, and you’ll end up bumping into all kinds of people from across the globe. However, you don’t need to be apprehensive because everyone is in good spirits now, especially the locals.

November brings forth pleasant weather, excellent extended visibility, sumptuous sunny days, and the lowest humidity of the year. 

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We will now discuss the pros and cons of trekking the Manaslu Circuit in November in the following points:-


Manaslu Circuit Trek draws crowds in November, let’s get to know how.

(I) Ideal Weather and Temperature: 

November marks the end of the autumn season. It ranges on average temperatures, making hiking or trekking easier. The previous monsoon season removes dust from the atmosphere and cleanses the environment. It also gives you the best opportunity to climb the peaks. 

There are several ideal circumstances that the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November has to offer, including consistent weather and temperatures. Clear sky and snow-capped mountains are visible. During the morning and evening, you will experience calm winds. Trekkers may encounter slightly chilly weather in late November due to the onset of the winter season.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in November

 You may positively anticipate cool and dry weather. 

This month’s temperature also drops below-freezing levels at higher altitudes. At 3087m, the beginning point of your Manaslu trip, the temperature is approximately 12°C. At 3690m elevation on the highest altitude of the trek, the lowest temperature can reach -3°C.

(II) Crisp Atmosphere and Good Views:

The pristine and beautiful environment is the most excellent part of walking the Manaslu Circuit in November. The former month’s optimal downpour will have left considerable lush green vegetation. During your Manaslu Circuit Trek in November, you’ll experience a refreshing look at the spectacular views of the Himalayas. 

One of the trip’s highlights is the chance to see yak grazing upon this bright natural vegetation. 

(III) Safest Month Due to Mild Weather:

This month is far safer and more secure than any other trekking region. The journey is highly suitable for newcomers since the trails are bare, and the potential danger of landslides or avalanches is non-existent, making it a good choice over other trekking trails. 

There is almost no chance of rain. Thus, the roads aren’t treacherous and are in good condition. As there’s no rain, there are hardly any leeches, insects, bugs, or mosquitoes in the woods.

(IV) Flight Delays and Cancellations Are Less Likely:

Because the weather is exceptionally predictable and transparent this month, there is a negligible risk of flight delays and cancellations. This is also why many travelers undertake the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in November


These are some of the cons you might face while going for the Manaslu circuit trek in November.

(I) A Shortage of Accommodation:

The tea houses are always packed due to a large number of backpackers. So, once on the trail, you have very few options for hotel accommodation. Instead of haggling, you may be forced to embrace what little they have to offer. As a necessity, we advise that you make a reservation for meals and lodging ahead of time.

(II) Crowded Trails:

Since the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November is so popular, you may see dozens of fellow hikers everywhere. This may cause congestion along the journey, and you may miss some key moments, especially if you’re a photographer. If you wish to avoid crowds, it is better to take an alternate route. You can also begin your journey early in the morning before the rest of the group.

There is no privacy because visitors may be seen all along the walking paths. On the Manaslu Circuit, you could feel pressure, making you miss some opportune peaceful moments.

Is Manaslu a killer mountain?

Some people call it a killer mountain too. The massive Manaslu, which rises above the pine forests of Nepal’s Budhi Gandaki river valley, is known locally as the “killer mountain” since more than 60 people have perished on its perilous slopes.

(III) Budgetary Woes:

On the trekking route, during the days of the first two weeks of November, you can expect pleasant days with cold nights and mornings. However, by the end of the month, you will begin to notice the arrival of winter.

The base camps and paths at higher elevations begin to snow. You will need to wear extra layers of clothes and attach crampons to your shoes. As a result of increasing demand for meals during peak season, the tea house owners raise the prices of just about everything—the costs of tickets, gear, meals, and so on rising.

When the altitude increases, budgeting becomes more difficult. As you ascend in height, the cost of food, amenities, and lodging rises. As a result, we advise you to bring extra cash. The budget issue is avoided.

Emphasis of Manaslu Trek in November:

  • Scenic mountain drive across hills and on dirt roads departing from Kathmandu
  • Lovely traditional communities and distinctive customs
  • The many insights from Tibetan and indigenous Nepalese people
  • Crossing Larkya La Pass, one of the highest in the world at 5153 meters in elevation
  • Exotic valley of the Budhi Gandaki River
  • Mountain vistas of Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Ganesh, Mt. Annapurna, and many others are breathtaking.
  • Interaction of the bordering Nuri people with Tibetan culture’s
  • pristine nature
  • The region’s lush forests, rivers, plants, and fauna have awe-inspiring natural splendor.
  • The environmentally conscious people have a rich culture and tradition.


If the trip is well-planned in advance, the Manaslu Circuit Trek in November can still make for a unique experience, disregarding all the negative aspects that this season of the year invites. Hence, careful and proper planning is a prerequisite if considering a trip to the Manaslu circuit in November.

November sees a gradual drop in temperature. You must bring clothing for both chilly weather and cool summer weather. If you go on a hike at the end of November, you might also need some winter climbing gear. A porter can be significant assistance. A porter can make your weight lighter, freeing you up to explore the communities and paths.

In November, having a guide is quite beneficial. They are well-versed on the trails. They can dial and assist in making reservations at the top tea houses for meals and lodging. This way, you won’t have to worry about waiting in line for your feeds or the best rooms. They may also suggest the ideal spots for stunning views and the regional celebrations in the villages this month and soon.

Don’t be intimidated by all the nasty rumours about trail traffic, accommodation, and the sub-zero climate at the climax of your trip. You can only witness a wholesome experience of the snow-covered mountains during this month, in contrast to springtime when the snow recedes a fair amount and the extreme winters when it is impossible to walk along the trails.