Which Mountain is Known as Killer Mountain?

Which Mountain is Known as Killer Mountain

4 Aug 2022 Chandra Gurung

Which Mountain is known as Killer Mountain? The enormous Manaslu, which rises above the pine forests of Nepal’s Budhi Gandaki river valley, is locally known as “Killer Mountain” since more than 60 people have died on its dangerous slopes.

The Killer Mountain adventure has grown to be one of the most sought-after ones in the world because of its popularity for having a fantastic structure and stunning views. 

Seven Facts About Manaslu You Should Know

Manaslu has some amazing facts which will amaze you. The most important fact among several noteworthy ones is that Manaslu is known as the Killer Mountain. 

Manaslu Himal has a lot of secrets and interesting facts, so keep an eye out for them.

The Sanskrit term “Manasa,” which implies intellect or soul, is from where the word “Manaslu” originates. 

Manaslu hike gives the astounding beauty of an ideal fusion of nature, the way of life of the locals, and beautiful views of breathtaking mountain ranges in the Manaslu region.

1. Eighth-Highest Peak in the World

As the eighth-highest mountain in the world, Manaslu stands at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft). It is situated in the west-central region of Nepal in Mansiri Himal, a portion of the Nepalese Himalaya.

2. Manaslu is Popular For Small Tea Houses

Manaslu is renowned for its tea houses as well. Local residents construct and run the tea houses. Locals generate money by selling food and accommodating hikers for night stay in exchange for payments or charges.

3. First Climb of Mount Manaslu

On May 9, 1956, Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu became the first people to climb up Mount Manaslu.

H.W. Tilman was the first European to make an attempt before them in 1950 after making the disastrous climb to Annapurna IV.

On the east side of the mountains in 1952, a Japanese reconnaissance party made it to a height of approximately 5275 meters after the monsoon season.

The Japanese team of 15 climbers, commanded by Y. Mita, reached the summit in 1953 at a height of about 7750 meters using the northeast face, which was also used by K. Kato, J. Yamada, and S. Ishizaka.

Following them, other Japanese teams attempted to reach the top of Manaslu but failed. Because of its numerous icefalls, Mount Manaslu is also known as Japanese Mountain and Killer Mountain, where high-altitude trekkers sometimes become ill or lose their lives.

4. Places of Historical Importance

Many historical buildings, including the Manakamana Temple and Gurkha Durbar, can be found on Mount Manaslu, which is part of the Gurkha area.

It is a lovely and challenging trip that offers breathtaking views of Manaslu and travels through numerous Tibetan and Hindu settlements.

5. Religion and Ethnicity

Manaslu and its bordering territory, Tibet, have a lot in common in terms of history and tradition. The Tsum and Nubri are the two primary ethnic groups of Manaslu.

The primary ethnic group that has enlisted in the Brigade of Gurkhas in significant numbers is the Gurung. The Bhutias, who live close to Tibet and are related to the Sherpa tribes, are of Tibetan ethnicity.

Manaslu is full of culture and tradition. The locals maintain a traditional way of life and live in remarkable homes with stone walls and slab roofs.

6. Astonishing Geographical Features

Trekking on the Manaslu is breathtaking and amazing in terms of geography. The trekking path is across mountains vulnerable to landslides, landfalls, and the effects of monsoon rainfall.

7. A Bio-Diversity Rich Environment

The Manaslu region is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including critically endangered species like the snow leopard and red pandas.

Numerous other species are also present, including the gray wolf, Himalayan musk deer, blue sheep, Asian black bear, langur monkey, over 110 bird species, 33 mammals, and a few reptiles.

These animals not only enhance the beauty of the area but also touch people’s hearts.

Why is Manaslu called the Killer Mountain of the World?

Manaslu is a spectacular mountain that rises majestically over Nepal’s forests in Gorkha’s northern region.

Manaslu is referred to as the “Killer Mountain of the World” and is also known as the “mountain of the spirit.” The Manaslu mountain has seen more than 60 mountaineers lose their lives while climbing it, so it is known as Killer Mountain.

The Mountain of Spirit may not be the world’s tallest mountain. But it is hazardous, just like any challenging climb. 

To climb the Manaslu mountain, you need to have plenty of experience and superb specific techniques. Most people climb it before Everest to get a taste of high-altitude trekking.

Manaslu Deaths as of 2021 | The Killer Mountain 2021 Deaths

53 people were killed by the killer mountain between 1953 and 2006, according to records.

The number of deaths from Manaslu has risen to 89 as of 2021. Despite Manaslu being the second choice mountain most people choose to trek as they are drawn to its natural beauty.

What Are the Main Reasons for Manaslu Deaths?

As you are probably aware, the Manaslu Region has had a significant number of deaths. The reasons for Manaslu’s death are unsettling. If things don’t go according to plan, nature can destroy individuals through avalanches and altitude sickness.

The following are some of the main causes of Manaslu deaths:

  • Avalanche
  • Exhaustion
  • Fall
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Collapsing
  • Hit by falling seracs


Manaslu is known as the Killer Mountain because although having been climbed by relatively few people, it causes a large number of deaths.

However, thorough planning with the top trekking company ensures that you get the most out of your Manaslu adventure.