Trekking Shopping on a Budget: Find the Best Deals in Kathmandu

Trekking shopping in Kathmandu

26 Nov 2023 Chandra Gurung

Trekking Shopping in Nepal

Are you looking forward to Trekking Shopping in Nepal? From premium to budget-friendly trekking gear, you can get what you want in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. So, no last-moment rush as we came up with trekking shopping on a budget blog in Nepal. 

Nepal offers a plethora of trekking opportunities for all the adventure lovers out there. With a range of trekking trails to experience comes a liability to shopping for the right gear. From the challenging peak climbing, trekking, and expedition, one must invest in quality trekking essentials. 

When shopping for the ultimate adventure of life, excitement is at its peak. But what triggers more often is a budget-friendly purchase with bargains. Thamel, the busy street of Kathmandu can be a perfect place where you can find all the trek essentials at a go, but how can you grab the best deals? 

As you stay tuned we update you with significant discount deals ongoing on essentials for trekking in Nepal. Well, as you hassle with your trekking shopping, both high-end brands and budget-conscious purchase options are available in the Nepalese market, hence, get planning. 

How to Find the Best Deals on Trekking Shopping in Nepal?

For budget-minded trekkers, there are avalanches of bargain options if you approach the right platform. You can find several deals ongoing on Daraz, where festive offers, discounts, and coupons are available during the peak trekking season, October to November. 

Trekking shopping in Nepal can be quite hectic if you are unaware of these tricks. We can understand that the cost of trekking gear can get expensive, but not anymore as you can find great deals, simply by adhering to our tips. 

1. Shop in Thamel 

Thamel is one of the tourist hubs in Kathmandu, where you can find all the required trekking gear at a go. What makes it a must-go is the range of options you can find in trekking gear. If you want to shop around and compare pricing, Thamel presents you with several trekking shops. Compared to Europe or other Western countries, you can find better deals on brand and local trekking brands. 

2. Negotiate More often 

Negotiating the price, aka haggling is a popular trend in Nepal. Don’t just pay the amount the owner marks for. Initially put a low offer on the trekking gear and negotiate until you arrive at a mutually agreed price through bargain. Being polite will help you leave a positive impression on the owner and find the best deals at the same time. 

3. Shop around 

The genuine suggestion when trekking in Nepal is to look to shop around. If you want to get good discounts and deals, it’s better if you don’t buy the first thing you notice. You can look for similar products in another shop, compare the prices, and even bargain based on that. You can also find something that’s on your budget simply by not buying impulsively. 

4. Thrift Shopping 

Thrift shopping i.e. buying used gear like trekking poles, bags, and other gear can save you a lot of money. Since safety comes first it is advised for you to check if the used gears are in good condition or not. Saving money on high-end brand’s used trekking essentials will prevent you from running out of cash. 

5. Renting Trekking Gear 

If you are planning to go for a shorter trek within Nepal, renting trekking gear can also be an effective way. Before you buy, you may also consider the rental services of trekking gear, from different brands and models. 

6. Buy Local Products 

Buying Nepal-based trekking gear and local products will not only help you save money but also support the Nepali economy. Be aware of buying from reputable shops only to ensure better customer service afterward. 

7. Buy Off-season 

Discount on Trekking shopping in Nepal? What’s the ideal way to shop in advance during the off-season? Usually, the prices go down when buyers come less frequently in the off-season. Doing your research and even buying in bulk, can help you save more money. 

Trekking Essentials that you Need not Miss out on 

Trekking shopping can be frustrating when you do not know what to look for in the market. But we have prepared a complete list of what you can purchase for your trekking in Nepal. 

Trekking EssentialsDescription 
ClothingWaterproof jacket, pants, trousers, fleece jacket, inner wears, insulating hat, down jackets 
Footwears Trekking boots, sports shoes, heavy and light socks
Personal AccessoriesBattery backup, cellphone, camera, Sunscreen, sunglasses, body wipes, cash
Toiletries Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, shampoo, Toilet paper, wipes, towel 
Miscellaneous First aid kit, personal medications, water purifying tablet, bottle, sleeping bag, backpack, documents, permit requirements

Affordable Trekking Gears in Nepal

Trekking ShoppingApproximate Cost(Nrs)Brands 
Jackets and Clothing9000 to 32,000Sherpa, Sonam,  Gorkha Athletics, Himalayan Gear
Accessories like Hat1500 to 8000 Sherpa, Trekking Gear Nepal, Himalayan Gear
Trekking Poles1300 to 27,000REI Co-op Trailmade, LEKI, Adidas, CAMP
Backpack 1500 to 11000Osprey, Bajrang, White Peak, KOBIEU 
Trekking Shoes2500 to 49000Salomon, Goldstar, Sherpa, Scarpa,  La Sportiva
P.s. The prices are general estimations, based on affordable and premium prices. While the brand prices may be subject to fluctuation, the pricing option relies on the item you are purchasing plus deals, and discounts.

Recommend Trekking Gear Shops in Kathmandu 

1. Shona’s Alpine 

One of the popular and tourist-reviewed trekking shops in Kathmandu is Shona’s Alpine. Located in Amrit Marg, Thamel, the shop has a vast array of trekking shopping essentials to choose from. You can find rentals, used gear, and branded products, especially North Face jackets and other high-quality gear that is their top-selling. 

2. Yak Mountain Himalayan Trekking Shop 

Yak Mountain Himalayan Trekking Shop is another reputed trekking essentials shop located in Thamel Marg, Kathmandu. In-store shopping facility accompanied by friendly staff in the outlet, makes it a go-to shop for trekking gear. 

3. Kalapatthar Trekking Store

Kalapathar Trekking Store located in Saat Ghumti Marg, Thamel, is a go-to place for premium and affordable trekking gear in Nepal. Outdoor enthusiasts can find quality trekking jackets, and trekking gear, that cater to your adventure needs. 

4. Everest Trekking Gear

Everest Trekking Gear is another recommended shop for getting your required outdoor sports essentials at a reasonable price option. Located in JP Marga, Thamel is a genuine manufacturer of trekking equipment in Nepal. 

5. Wild Everest Trekking Shop 

Located in the Saat Ghumti Marg, Thamel, Wild Everest trekking shop is a stop where you can pre-book and even rent your essential trekking items at an affordable range. Trekking poles, sweaters, down jackets, and backpacks, are readily available for in-house shopping. 

6. Ocean Trekking Gear 

Ocean Trekking Gear is a trekking equipment and clothing shop in Nursing Chowk Kathmandu. It is one of the recommended and genuine places for purchasing your trekking needs in quality and reasonable pricing options, as the review suggests. 


Looking for the best store in Kathmandu to grab a kind of deal in Trekking Shopping can be a daunting task. But researching effectively on what you value, seek, and budget for buying trekking gear is essential. As you shuffle through the extensive collection available in the heart of Kathmandu, you may witness a trove of opportunities, suited for your most-awaited outdoor adventure. 

Navigating trekking gear essential in the Nepalese market requires great patience. While the great thing is you can negotiate on friendly terms with the staff and get good deals within budget when shopping for adventure gear in Nepal. Find a balance between choosing high-quality brands or budget-friendly trekking essentials, especially when you are on a tight budget. Ultimately, get trekking gear that ensures comfort, safety, and most importantly confidence when conquering the rugged and rustic landscape of the Himalayas in Nepal