Trekking Lower Manaslu? Discover the Top Facts of Barpak Nepal 

Trekking Lower Manaslu- Barpak Gorkha Nepal

24 May 2024 Chandra Gurung

Lower Manaslu trekking- where does it take you to? 

The Lower Manaslu Trek starts from Piplechhap, near the famous Manakamana Temple. Throughout the scenic journey, you chase the views of Manaslu and pass through Gorkha Bazaar, Sirandanda, Barpak, Laprak, Nambai Kharka, and Dharchye Danda. And it does not end here. 

Today we will discuss Barpak Gorkha Nepal, one of the key highlights in Lower Manaslu trekking. 

How to reach Barpak Nepal? 

Barpak Nepal is the starting point for adventurous treks like  Rupina La, Tsum Valley, and Manaslu. To reach the historic Gorkha place (once lost in reconstruction) in Barpak Sulikot rural municipality, the best route one can take is, 

  • The driving distance between Kathmandu and Barpak is about 175 km, with pitch-black and bumpy roads. 
  • Take a bus from Kathmandu ( Thankot) to Gorkha Bazaar ( which is about 120 km by road). 
  • From Gorkha Bazaar, it takes you about  48 km to Barpak via the Daraundi Link Road. 
  • One can go to Barpak by taxi or car too, but the cheapest ride from Gorkha to Barpak is a bus ride of about 1.4 hours. 

Barpak Gorkha Nepal is where the late veteran Gaje Ghale was born, the Gurkha recipient of the Victoria Cross in the Second World War. With a population of around 15,000, mainly comprising the Ghale and Gurung tribes, it is a village of vitality, charm, and resilience. 

Trek from Gorkha Bazaar to Barpak

If you are skipping a bus ride and instead prefer Lower Manaslu trekking on foot, we have you. Your trail starts with the green hills and great views of the Shringi Himalayas, while you can have an overnight stop at Thotnery in your Rupina La Pass trek. So, here is the itinerary of the  5 days to reach Barpak. 

Day 01: Kathmandu-Gorkha to Gyampesal (1300 m)

Day 02: Gyampesal-Deurali to Thotnery (1650 m)

Day 03: Thotnery-Crossing Darche Danda (3220 m) to Nambai Kharka (2915 m)

Day 04: Nambai Kharka-Bosu Kang to Barpak (1915 m)

Day 05: Rest Day in Barpak

Gyampesal is the first night of our Barpak trekking. Then, you trek to Deurali and finally reach Thotnery after 5-6 hours of trekking at an altitude of 1650 m. 

After visiting local destinations around Thotnery, you’ll trek to Darche Danda, one of the finest viewpoints in the Manaslu region. It’s a scenic vantage point with views of Annapurna, Gangapurna, Sringi Himal, Himalchuli, Buddha Himal, and the entire Ganesh Himal range on a clear day. 

Continuing from Darche Danda, you’ll descend to the beautiful village of Nambai Kharka for an overnight stay. You reach the hilltop settlement area Barpak on Day 4, and despite being the epicenter of an earthquake in 2015, it has recovered well, and its local lifestyle and historic Gorkha bravery make it popular. 

Rupina La Pass Tsum Valley trek from Barpak 

If you continue the exciting adventure into the Rupina La Pass Tsum Valley trek for 2024-2025, then the detailed itinerary extends with, 

Day 06: Barpak-Jongong to Gai Kharka, 2900 m

Day 07: Gai Kharka-Campsite to Sanrung Kharka/Rupina La Phedi, 3800 m

Day 08: Sanrung Kharka-Rupina La Pass (4720 m) to Boudha Himal Base Camp Camp (3600 m)

Day 09: Boudha Himal Base Camp-Jarang to Jhon Kharka (2960 m)

Day 10: Jhon Kharka-Gomna to Nyak Village (2340 m)

Day 11: Nyak Village-Nyak Phedi to Lokpa (2240 m)

Day 12: Lokpa-Chumling to Rainjam (2450 m)

Day 13: Rainjam-Chhekampar to Rechen Gumpa (3240 m)

Day 14: Rechen Gumpa-Chuele to Mu Gompa (3700 m)

Day 15: Mu Gompa back-Lamagaon to Chhekampar (3031 m)

Day 16: Chhekampar-Gho to Lokpa (2240 m)

Day 17: Lokpa-Philim to Jagat (1340 m)

Day 18: Jagat-Dovan-Tatopani to Machhakhola (869 m)

Day 19: Machhakhola to Soti Khola (700 m)

Day 20: Soti Khola-Dhading/Gorkha to Kathmandu

Barpak is an acclimatization and rest spot for your Rupina La Pass Tsum Valley Trek. After exploring Barpak and witnessing the heritage home hospitality herein, you now take uphill to Gai Kharka, passing through the villages of Tumsiak village, Jongong, and crossing the Daraudi Khola of Gorkha. 

You can camp at Gai Kharka and enjoy the views of the Himalayas. After breakfast (an English one, if you prefer that), you can now take lunch at Sanrung Khola. It is day 8 on the trek, starting from Kathmandu, when you cross the challenging Rupina La Pass (4,720 m). 

The steep and small terrain takes you to the Boudha Himal Base Camo, where you will be planning a tent night, at an altitude of 3600 m. And with this, the journey of switchbacks in trekking and adventure in the Manaslu region continues. 

What are the highlights of Barpak Nepal? 

Barpak is not just the essential stop; it’s a hub for education, health, and local markets, catering to neighborhood villages. Once ruled by the Ghale kings and unified under Prithivi Narayan Shah, Barpak has a history we must know about. 

Historical Significance:

  • Birthplace of late VC Capt. Gaje Ghale, recipient of the Victoria Cross in World War II in Burma
  • Ghale and Gurung tribes have inhabited the village for generations
  • Sunuwar, Pariyar, and other ethnic groups are also living in Barpak
  • Connection to the Unification of Nepal by Prithivi Narayan Shah

Cultural Heritage:

  • Celebrations of festivals like Dashain, Tihar, and Maghe Sankranti
  • Glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Gurkha people
  • Curious eyes celebrate the lifestyle, pattern, and unique attire of the Gurkha people.
  • celebrate Losar or Tibetan New Year, and the Dhachyang, or Horse Festival  

Trekking and Hiking:

  • Scenic routes offer views of Manaslu, Sringi, Lamjung, Buddha, and Manapathi peaks
  • Gai Kharka, Lapu Hill, and other attractive hiking spots in the region
  • Kot Danda (Barpak Kot, Gadi or fort) was a once-power trading and business hub for the ancient Gorkha
  • Kot Fort hike from Barpak takes you to the historic security place with a 2016-built Hindu temple. 

Earthquake Recovery:

  • The epicenter of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, but the village has recovered well
  • Reconstructed stone-patched houses with modern facilities
  • Under-construction Gompa and Memorial Park for earthquake victims
  • tourism-friendly activities are constructed in the Tour des Rupina La Pass. 

Natural Attractions:

  • Mumche Hill offers stunning sunset views along the Daraundi River.
  • There are freshwater streams and waterfalls due to the melting of the Ghhulung glacier. 
  • Potential snowfall in the nearby Laprak village makes it a winter stop. 

Connectivity and Facilities:

  • Ncell 4G connectivity is available.
  • Buddha Park is nearby.
  • Hotels and affordable accommodations in Barpak.

Nearby attractions to have as a side trip 

  • Rangrung View Tower is located on Via Bhimad in the neighboring district of Tanahu. 
  • Landscapes plus picturesque big 5 6 rocks with greater heights, with a preserved park.
  • Visit the waterfall of Rangrung and have a relaxing stay here at the amazing viewpoints.
  • Marshyangdi River flows across the district, separating it from Tanahu. 
  • Hike up to Nyauli waterfall in the Manaslu Circuit area with a few days of extra adventure. 
  • Trek to Narad Pokhara, at an altitude of 4200 m for the Janai Purnima festival. 

Mountain views from Barpak Kot Danda ( viewpoint) 

One of the most popular among the 36 Kots in the ancient Gorkha kingdom, this is the major attraction of Barpak. You can see the Himalayan mountain peaks with sunrise and sunsets like, 

  • Manaslu (8,156m)
  • Himalchuli (7,893m)
  • Shringi Himal (7,187 m)
  • Buddha Himal (6,672 m)
  • Ganesh Himal (7,422 m)
  • Ngadi Chuli (7,871 m)
  • Ganesh VI (6,980 m)

Among all these fascinating peaks, Shringi Himal is the mountain whose impressive presence and views grace the horizon around the historic Barpak village. Indeed, this village holds a history that no other can replicate, as it has seen tears and the bravery of the Gurkhas since ancient times. 


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