Nepal Safari Adventures: Jungle Safaris, Elephant Rides and City Explorations

Nepal Safari Adventure

10 Feb 2024 Chandra Gurung

Attracted by the snow-covered, majestic mountains, medieval temples, and rich traditions of Nepal. Here is good news. This small kingdom, located in the heart of the Himalayas, will not leave you unimpressed. But beyond the iconic peaks lies another realm of adventure, since Nepal Safari Adventure is such a thrilling world. 

Why Nepal Safari Adventure?

Nepal Safari adventure will be an immersive search of the elaborate biodiversity that ritually reclines in Nepal’s thick forests, full of wild creatures. Crocodiles in the wild water of Chitwan National Park—such encounters will ensure your and your eco-tourist’s dreams come true. Not to mention the marvel of elephant rides that let you tour lands like a king or queen; treks through green mountain fog; jungle safari experiences bringing close easy glimpses along with other thrills define this Nepal experience.

However, there is much more to the enigmatic ambiance of this ancient land, as we will explore the energetic roads and heritage sites of Nepal’s cities in order to provide an insight into that exquisite cultural background that makes ‘Nepal’ a strange phenomenon on its own.

Be prepared to be enchanted by the surrounding sapphire vegetation of jungles. Take an elephant ride on a hunt for evasive rhinos and get lost in an antique city. This blog is essentially your go-to resource when it comes to building an iconic safari expedition through Nepal, which would be the most amazing of dreams that you can imagine.

Jungle Safari in Nepal: Roaming through the Lush of Nepal

In the lush Nepalese jungle, the air was filled with the perfume of unfamiliar plants and an unseen orchestra. And then the excitement of seeing a rhinoceros, a horned one, moving serenely through the long grasslands. Its bulky relics are carved against blood on the sun in an old cave. Maybe you can sense the quake beneath the giant stride made by an elephant as he traverses a savannah on your safari trip. That is indeed as wild and deep as it is, just like a vividly woven piece of art.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is the entry point of Nepal’s wild safari kingdom, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a large population mix. Here, one will be able to identify how the one-horned rhinos graze in tall grasslands; watch fiercely the Bengal tiger hunting its prey; and marvel at the exploding numbers of bird species that dance gracefully.

1. Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park

What kind of fun can you have while on a safari in Chitwan National Park? Indeed, you can go on an elephant safari, riding on one of these gentle giants through the thick jungle. Additionally, you will feel the trembling of the earth under their heavy footsteps and learn from them how it is to look upon everything from such a peculiar height as the beasts’ backs.

2. Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park

You will enjoy jeep safaris in Nepal more than you had ever anticipated. During jeep safaris in the thick grasslands and heavy forests, your eyes are open for one-horned rhinos, chimerah Bengal tigers, spotted sambars, gharial groups, and a number of bird feathers.
You have the chance to traverse into the wilderness of Bardia National Park, the largest sanctuary in Nepal.

Bardia National Park

The National Park also serves as the residence of over 600 wild animals, including the rare Royal Bengal tiger and Gangetic dolphin, whose sightings have become increasingly elusive in Bardia

1. Boat Safaris

Boat safari is mostly an exhilarating journey, from gazing at the Karnali River through wooden boats to seeing crocodiles basking on the shore and birds in every color by air. This still peaceful ride gives a chance to see the life of the park water unusually.

2. Jungle Walks

The park is covered in dense forests where you may attend guided walks with professional naturists, who will lace up their boots for the hikes. Besides, you will have a great opportunity to observe the rich fauna and get to know the flora of the park, listen to rare birds flying over your head and breathe in the wilderness.

3. Tharu Cultural Experience

Tharu culture is one of the key elements that make people associated with the Terai region stand out. The indigenous inhabitants of the Terai region—the Tharu people—will become its shared life here. At night, you can go to their villages with high traditions and enjoy dancing, acquaint yourself with the peculiarities of culture, and eat tasty homemade food.

Beyond the Jungle: City Safaris and Cultural Gems

There is much more to Nepal than the beaten trekking trails. Here, you will be discovering the finest gems of Nepal that are not in this jungle but beyond it. Besides the wealth of nature, this country has much more to offer, such as protected wildlife and its jungles.

The streets of Kathmandu are a world of ancient temples, colorful bazaars, and the exciting atmosphere one associates with a historic city. And maybe wander away into the peaceful lanes of Patan, given its name as the ‘City of Fine Arts and Temples’, where artful carvings and brightly painted stupas relay stories belonging to a bygone time. Also, read things to do in Nepal.

1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu, in Nepal, is the most prominent cultural city. Therefore, you can become entirely absorbed in the dynamic pandemonium of Kathmandu, Nepal’s mesmerizing capital. You will be able to visit ages-old temples such as the Swayambhunath Stupa and Boudhanath, bargain for your souvenirs at crowded bazaar shopping sites, and get caught in the rhythm of pondering energy available in Durbar Square.

2. Patan

You may also visit Patan, a renowned place for near-excellent carvings and colorful temples, to escape the hustle of city crowds and walk hand-in-hand through the streets. The city has an ancient charm for its admirable architecture and chaotic, narrow streets.

3. Bhaktapur

The willingness may either set the clock back to Baktapur’s medieval aura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is renowned not just for its traditional pottery making but also for its intricate pagodas as well. Discover a maze of temples and palaces at Durban Square, where you also see the practice that has lasted through centuries: pottery making.

Planning Your Nepal Safari Adventure: What to Consider?

Wondering how to design the next travel itinerary for going to Nepal? 

Yes, Nepal is not merely within the bounds of the Himalayas. It is not just the rugged landscapes and diverse culture that will hold you in awe or make you feel like one with nature; it will also be the adventure, passion, and determination of Nepal.

Have a look at some of the key factors that you can look upon to make your next Nepal safari adventure fun:

1. Best Time to Visit Nepal

The climate between October and March is dry, which can be an ideal time for seeing wildlife from the ground as well as having some outdoor activity. This is because the climate is calming and the skies are often blue.

2. Nepal Safari Options

Nepal is a country where there are multiple choices for outdoor and indoor entertainment to pick from. Therefore, you may go on jeep safaris, elephant rides, forest canoe boats, or even walk through a jungle in terms of difficulty.

3. City Exploration

You can also make your safari adventure a combination of city tours; in Nepal, there are rich urban centers that one should visit to experience the culture and heritage of our beautiful towns.  For instance, Kathmandu is a city of temples that represent the rich cultural heritage of this country. They also provide you with an overview of the diverse culture of Nepalese society.

4. Nepal Safari prices

Since Nepal safari adventures can be adjusted for different budgets, high-end wildlife retreat options are available alongside more economical ventures. Before booking, you can do research and consider sample prices. Prices for a jungle safari vary from $150 to $1000 per person. As a comparison, one elephant ride may cost from 20 to 100 USD per person, depending on the timing of the visit.


A Nepal safari is not simply a wildlife encounter; it is a venture into the people’s rich diversity and resplendent collection of geographical greens. For every Nepal safari adventure journey, you will take back memories with you. With proper planning of your trip and consideration of the key factors, you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Nepal is for everyone. From the young adventurous spirit to a retiring person seeking sanctuary, Nepal will offer you everything. The natural and spiritual destinations in Nepal extend beyond the cultural capital. Thus, with this blog, you will get a brief overview of planning your next trip to a Nepal safari adventure. 

For now, pack the extra spirit of adventure for your next Nepal Safari Adventure trip!