Manaslu Trek Permit Information

Manaslu Trek Permit Information

16 Dec 2021 Chandra Gurung

Manaslu Trek Permit Information, Topographically Nepal is divided into three parts as Tarai region, the Hills region, and the Mountains region. So, especially trekking and mountaineering start from hills region to Mountain’s region.

Manaslu Trek Permit Information, The government of Nepal has been declared Manaslu region restricted area from Jagat to Larkya Pass 5106 M and Tsum valley restricted area from Lokpa to Mu Gumpa 3709M. For this restricted area, we need a special restricted entry permit.
Manaslu restricted area, individual trekkers are not allowed because they must hire license holder trekking guide through registered trekking company to get special permit. Minimum two trekkers are required to issue permits. We organize solo trekker special permits on their request and group joining service.

1, Manaslu Trek Permit Cost
Before planning to trek in Manaslu you should manage all trekking permits. Manaslu region is one of the restricted trekking regions in Nepal. So, it needs a special permit with a license holder trekking guide. And those trekking permits are only allowed to issue by government-registered trekking companies. Trekkers need three category permits to enter Manaslu region.
I, Special Restricted Permit for Manaslu Trek.
A special permit is required from Jagat to Larkya Pass 5109M. It is minimum of 7 days and if trekkers interest to spend more time entire this place, then need to extend permit days in Kathmandu.

Manaslu Special Restricted Permit

Cost of Permit: –

September to NovemberUSD 100 per person for first a week then if day is increased then adding USD 15 per day accordingly.
December to AugustUSD 75 per person for first a week then if day is increased then adding USD 10 per day accordingly.

Authorized trekking companies can apply for Manaslu permits with the following documents.

  • Photocopy of the trekker passport.
  • Online application form with summit number of trekkers, Link of Trekking permit online.
  • Valid visa for whole trekking days.
  • Name details of all group trekkers.
  • Trekking itinerary of Manaslu Trek.
  • Assurance letter of the company.
  • Latest government tax clearance document of trekking company.
  • Travel insurance of agency staff for trekking.
  • Certificate copy of Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Civil Aviation from a company.
  • Certificate of Nepal Rastra Bank, authorize exchanging of foreign currencies.
  • Registered certificate of Permanent Account Number (PAN or VAT)
  • Full payment voucher from Bank (as your traveling days)

II, Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit (MCAP).
In Manaslu Trek Permit Information, Manaslu trek permit cost is USD 30 per person for the whole trip. And it is checking from Philim to Samagaun. This permit cost is the same for a whole year. You can make this permit from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) building, Manaslu conservation office Brikutimandap, Kathmandu.

MACAP Permit

III, Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit (ACAP).
ACAP permit needs in the Annapurna area. It is from Bhimthang to Besisar. If trekkers want to continue the Annapurna circuit, then necessary to buy a TIMS permit too. ACAP permit cost is USD 30 per person for the whole trip and TIMS cost is USD 10 per person. Manaslu Trek Permit Information will help you all traveler for trek information about permit.

ACAP Permit

Tsum Valley Trek also needs special permit from Lokpa to Mu Gompa and Manaslu conservation project Permit (MCAP).

2, Manaslu Circuit Trek Blog
The journey starts like some other ordinary excursion to Nepal, with your landing in the air terminal, and touring around UNESCO World Heritage locales in Kathmandu valley. The next day, a half-day-lengthy drive from Kathmandu to Arughat, and therefore, a few hours long drive will take you to Sotikhola, where the trip starts along the banks of the Budi Gandaki waterway. During the excursion, you will cover places like Machhakhola, Jagat, Deng, Namrung, Samagaun, Samado, Dharamsala, Bimtang, Tilje, and Dharapani. On the trip, you will likewise get to cross Larkya La Pass 5160M. The excursion closes as you require a 4 to 5 hours long drive to Besisahar from Dharapani, and afterward back to Kathmandu. Manaslu Circuit Trek Blog details here.

Beautiful mane wall on top with pray falgs and Mt. Manaslu galcier in Samagaun.
Beautiful scenery from Sama Goun

3, Manaslu Base Camp
Manaslu base camp is situated above the Samagaun of Gorkha district Nepal. It is the best place for a day hike. And when Manaslu trekkers are resting in Samagaun they hike to Mt. Manaslu base camp for acclimatization. The base camp lies at the 4800m. It takes around 3 hours to go base camp from the hotel and 2 hours back to the hotel. You view beautiful Birendra lake, samagaun village.

Picture from Mt. Manaslu Base Camp 4800M.

4, Trekking Itinerary
Day 00: Arrival in International Airport Nepal 1350mtrs

Day 00: Equipment and legal documents preparation day.

Day 01: Kathmandu-Dhading to Sotikhola 710mtrs/ 6-7 hours’ drive.

Day 02: Sotikhola – Khanebensi to Machhakhola 869mrs/ 5-6hours.

Day 03: Machha Khola – Khorla Bensi – Dovan to Jagat 1410mtrs/6-7hours.

Day 04: Jagat- Pewa to Deng 1350mtrs/ 6-7hours.

Day 05: Deng-Rana-Bihi Phedi to Namrung 2165mtrs/ 5-6hours.

Day 06: Namrung-Lihi to Lho 3180mtrs/ 5-6hours.

Day 07: Lho-Syala to Samagaun 3525mtrs/ 3-4 hours.

Day 08: Rest Day in Samagaun 3525mtrs/Site trip 3-4hours.

Day 09: Samagaun to Samdo 3875mtrs/3-4hours.

Day 10: Samdo-Larkye Bazaar to Dharamsala 4460mtrs/ 3-4 hours.

Day 11: Dharamsala – Larkye Pass 5160mtrs to Bimthang 3590mtrs/7-8 hours.

Day 12: Bimthang – Yak Kharka – Gho to Tilije 2300mtrs/6-7hours.

Day 13: Tilije – Dharapani – to Besisahar 560mtrs/ 4-5hours.

Day 14: Besisahar to Kathmandu by public bus 6-7hours drive.

5, Manaslu Trek Map

Manaslu Trek Map create by Himalaya Guide Nepal.