Dharapani to Chame: Witnessing Manaslu on the Annapurna Circuit

Dharapani to Chame trek distance

22 May 2024 Chandra Gurung

If you are looking for an adventure that screams wow, Annapurna Circuit Trek 2024-2025 can be that one for you. But how familiar are you with the trekking route and conditions in Nepal? Let’s take you to Dharapani to Chame trek today.

Well, in this blog, we highlight the trekking distance between Dharapani and Chame. Also, we take you to the unheard tale of the mystical place, Chame, the headquarters of the Manang district of Nepal. 

Bumpy road ahead? Prepare well and good for a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar in a deluxe bus. Now, the time has come to leave Besisahar (Lamjung) and take a Jeep drive from there to the next district, Manang, which is a must-visit destination in the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. 

Jeep Ride from Besisahar to Dharapani 

Take a jeep ride from Besisahar to Dharapani on a bumpy road, through the scenic greenery, and listen to the soothing Nepali song the driver plays in the background. It’s a nice way to vibe with the Nepali culture and have a great ride of around 40 km, so it’s a 4 to 5-hour driveway. Eat light, as the dances you take on jeep rides (due to dips) and rocks on gravel roads can’t digest it all. 

  • Travelers take an extremely exhausting jeep ride on the not-so-pitch black, 
  • It’s around a 40-km motor road from Besisahar to Dharapani through Annapurna villages and jungles. 
  • Expect to sightsee a waterfall draining on the roadway. 
  • See the trekking sections of villages like Syange, Jagat, and Chamje along the Marsyangdi River. 

You choose to skip the trekking path on the barter to the jeep ride from Dharapani to Chame. Probably because you are in the press of time on the Annapurna Circuit trekking adventure. 

If you take a jeep ride, you miss out on the hike to Ngadi and Chamje. Some trekkers ironically explain cheaters as those who actually miss out on the fun aspects of trekking from Chame directly. 

Dharapani to Chame Trek Distance in Annapurna 

The most awaited beginning of the Annapurna Circuit trekking trail is finally here. The Dharapani to Chame trek distance is roughly 15 km, with narrow trekking trails, and sometimes a road through the pine and oak trees. 

In the 10 miles between Dharapani and Chame, you pass through several small villages, including Bagarchhap, Danakyu, Timang, Thanchok, and Koto. These are ideal places where you can stop for refreshments and interact with the locals. 

An enthusiastic trekker from anywhere in the world can cover it all within 6 hours of walking at a natural pace. The trek unveils the scenic pathways, waterfalls, and crossings of suspension bridges over the Marshyangdi River, as well as the Manang villages like Koto, Chame, and many others you encounter. 

You chase the views of Manaslu, paving the primary steps on the Manaslu and Annapurna circuit treks. But is it only about the distance all the time, as sometimes the memories we make along a journey are more pivotal in shaping our experience? And catching up to the views of the eighth-highest mountain in the world, Manaslu at 8,163 meters, is definitely one to consider. 

The geo-mechanical characteristics of Dharapani to Chame Road

The geo-mechanical characteristics of Chame Road section Manang is the talk of the table today. Here you get to understand the elevation changes, geological formations, terrain variations, scenic landscapes, and weathering and erosion on the Dharapani to Chame roads. 

  • Motor road tourism in Annapurna Circuit, on the banks of the Marshyandgi River
  • If you reach the eastern horizon of Manang, start for the challenging ascent to Timang. 
  • Lower areas dripping towards the northeast lack facilities so pack all your trekking gear and energy bars. 

The route takes you from Dharapani (1,860 m) to Timang (2,750 m), then to Koto (2,600 m), and finally to Chame (2,670 m). The ascent to Timang is the most challenging part of the day, but the views from the village are well worth the effort. 

The Dharapani to Chame trail is a steep climb with an elevation gain of around 900 m, covered within 6 hours. From Dharapani (1,860 meters) to Chame (2,670 meters), you get magnificent views of the Manaslu and Annapurna mountain ranges along the way. 

Dharapani (1860 m), Timang (2750 m), Koto (2600 m), and finally reaching Chame (2,670 m), Are you excited for that? 

Dharapani to Timang 

Dharapani to Timang is a remote trekking trail of about 7 km from an altitude of 1860 m to 2750 m. In Tour des Annapurna, you walk through big pine trees for around 2 hours, up until you reach Timang. 

Dharpani, where you make all last-moment preparations to start trekking after a jeep ride, is one of the off-road ones. You can find Citizens Bank Limited, Shine Resunga Development Bank, and Prabhu Bank ATMs to withdraw cash for your trek. 

The distance between Dharapani and Timang is approximately 7 kilometers. Get officially in the rain forest; your heart pounds a thousand times when you take a stairway to reach the next destination. The loud, booming river with spectacular scenery, the apple orchard in Dharapani, a long village, and greeting the local’s Namaste—everything recalls. 

As you start from Dharapani, you take a steep climb to reach Timang (2750 m), for an elevation gain of around 900 m. It’s 1.5 hours of walking, to reach the village of Danaque. From that 1500-foot steep climb, take you to Timang, a motorable road, at Danaque, which is prone to landslides and also has the crossing of streams. And a steep footpath to reach Timang. 

You walk through a narrow forest path and find yourself walking barefoot on the river path, “Boom-boom” waterfall, as the trekkers name it for fun on the way, spotted 2 hours on your journey from Dharapani. That’s truly mesmerizing.  

Timang to Koto 

The trek from Timang to Koto is a relatively easy and scenic section of the Annapurna Circuit, covering a distance of around 3 to 4 km. This means a comfortable hiking session of approximately 1 hour takes you to Koto, where lies the check-in point for the ACAP office.

Timang is a popular stop for food, rest, and exploration of the Manaslu range on a clear day. You can take a banana smoothie, scrambled eggs, lentil soup, or Dal Bhat, and explore the regions. 

Buy your dinner and breakfast in the villages and support the local community. You get to see some flat area walks and uphill walks in dense forests, exploring the amazing views of Annapurna and the Mansiri Himalayan range. 

Lunges on the gym cannot solely guarantee a long walk in the Annapurna Circuit trek, as it is exclusively steep and painful at times. That’s why those aspiring to trek in Nepal need regular practices to walk with their heavy backpacks. 

Among all that is relaxing is the crossing of suspension bridges over the Marshyangdi River. It can be one of the favorite parts of your hike, plus the backdrop of the mountains looks incredibly good and makes you scream out as an epic peak. You see horses walking on the narrow street in Koto. 

Don’t break your ankle, don’t rush, take a steep climb, and don’t miss out on the amazing view of the terraced field. As you are just here in Chame, the journey to Pisang and the ultimate Annapurna is still on the list. 

Koto to Chame 

Upon reaching Koto, you will need to sign in to the police check post, register your details, and show your ACAP permit before continuing to Chame. As trekkers are exclusively detailed, the scenery is reminiscent of the Swiss alp, with old wooden houses contrasting with the deep blue views of the Himalayas and the dark green forest background. 

It is 2 km from Koto before reaching Chame, the business center of Manang, at a height of 2670 m above sea level. Just a 25- to 30-minute hike and you reach the destination of the day, Chame, where you get a luxury stay on a budget with quite good food. But check once; you may need to take squatty potty ( at squat toilets) at some hotels in Chame. 


Stay tuned to the Manaslu Guide for more information on the Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit Trek. We help you navigate the landscapes and remote villages in the Manaslu and Annapurna trekking regions. Inquire today to make your most-awaited adventure on trekking trails in Nepal. Drop comments, if you like the map route from Dharapani to Chame, we intended to pass through this well-articulated blog.