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Recommended side trip in Manaslu Trekking

12 Aug 2019 Chandra Gurung

Around Manaslu is the best trekking destination after driving the road in Annapurna circuit because the Manaslu trekking route is very peaceful to walk because there is no driving road. So, there are many side trips to do when you are in a Manaslu circuit trek. When you are on this trip, our office staff takes you this side area if you have time to go there.

Kal Tal 3650M

We recommend a side trip to Kal Tal; this lake is no regular way to Manaslu circuit trek but which is a side part so you can manage one day to spend Prok village and the side trip to Kal Tal. This is a mountain lake at an altitude of 3685 meters. It takes about 5-6 hours to Round Trip Lake from the village of Prok. The mountain scenery from the lake is superb, but the effort is worth only in clear weather. Note that in early autumn and late spring, clouds cover the mountains even early in the morning, so plan accordingly before you leave from Kathmandu.

Hinang Gompa 3120M.

Manaslu trek route goes through Lihi phedi so we should walk to Lihi village to go Hinang Gompa. It takes 1 hour walking from Lihi village ascending to Hinang Khola and go to the large Hinang Gompa. When you are there monks will well come as their culture and there is normal room and basic food so if you prefer to spend a night there. If you go continues ascending to the Himal Chuli range then you can see spectacular Mountain View, and continue to visit the Hinang glacier. Taking a local guide that knows the area and the glacier is highly recommended. We highly suggest if you go Hinang glacier to hire a local guide from the village.

Punggen Gompa 4245M

Punggen Gompa is a day trip that starts in a branch of the trail between Shyala and Samagaon. It takes about an hour to reach a Yak pasture area and an additional one and a half hours to reach the punggen gompa, this place is located at the end of a huge green plateau surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. This is one of the best places to get a view of Mount Manaslu from mountain valley and but again – the effort is worth only on a clear day. The Gompa includes a small prayer hall and some monk dormitories built into the mountain. There are no accommodation facilities here but it looks like an attractive place for camping. Morning views from here will probably be awesome.

Birendra Tal (Lake) 3643 M

Birendra Tal (lake) is a turquoise lake at the foot of the Manaslu ice sheet and day hike place from samagaoun. It tends to become to by 45 minutes turn from Samagaon. Those of you who like to wash shower in removed waters will think that it’s agreeable to plunge in its nippy ice water. The lake can be visited in transit from Samagaon to Samdo, as it is a generally short preoccupation from the primary trail.

Manaslu Base Camp 4756M

Manaslu base camp is a starting point for all Sherpa’s, guides and guest; those are preparing for Mt. Manaslu expedition and acclimatized there to make easy for the summit. Mainly, two seasons for the expedition so this time base camp looks like festival place due to colorful tents and many people of expedition members.
We move from Samagaon and it takes around 4-5 hours to MBC. The trail has a short begin in the timberland at that point winds up uncovered on the precarious incline above Samagaon north of the amazing Manaslu ice sheet. As you gain elevation the view turns out to be increasingly fantastic – the ice sheet simply adjacent, the turquoise lake underneath, and mountains to the extent the eye can see. The last piece of the trip is the steepest on a tricky trail on a limited moraine. Next, to the experience of seeing the camp movement and meeting climbers in expedition time only, the encompassing Mountain View is amazing. Despite the fact that there is some ice sheet put together water sources with respect to the way, convey enough water with you. The slide to Samagaon takes around 3 hours

Tibetan Border – Rui La Pass 4998M.

Day hike from Samdo there is essentially two choices to get to the Tibetan fringe. Alternative one is seeing the view from Lajyung Bhanjyang, a go at 5098 meters east of Samdo. Local people did not prescribe this choice as it isn’t generally utilized and the trail isn’t clear (Yaks rule these slopes and imprint various trails there). Alternative two is the “fundamental street to Tibet”, which means the primary exchange course to Tibet that experiences Rui La go at 4998 meters north of Samdo. The closest Tibetan town is just multi-day stroll through this course, and a motorable street in the Tibetan side is a two days walk. We picked this choice as local people suggested it is an oftentimes utilized trail and guaranteed it tends to be done on long vacationers strolling a day.

You begin by going north from Samdo as though you are going to Dharamshala: crossing the Athahra Saya Khola and moving from the opposite side. In any case, rather than going west towards Dharamshala you proceed with north along the western side of the Athahra Saya Khola. The trail climbs step by step along the Athahra Saya Khola, at that point drops delicately towards the stream bed crossing a side waterway on a wooden scaffold. It at that point climbs again and goes adjacent to the stream on its western side. Following 3 hours stroll from Samdo, the Athahra Saya Khola turns west. On this point, there is a little wooden extension and on the opposite side of it a reasonable incline that prompts a removed mountain passes. Cross the scaffold and start to jump on the incline.

The trail may appear to be vague as there are a few Yak trails going up, however as you climb unmistakably your route is up. The move to the highest point of the Rui La goes, at 4998, takes an additional 2 hours. En route, there are excellent sights of Manaslu out yonder just as the Hindu and Fukang icy masses simply behind you as you climb. The Rui La pass is a “work of art” “U” formed mountain pass. Petition banners mark the pass and an outskirt stone denotes the fringe among Nepal and “Dzong Who” – China. Various mountain reaches can see on the Tibetan side, and on the off chance that you are quiet enough, hold back to see a Yak parade crossing the go to bring merchandise into Nepal. The route back to Samdo took us 4 hours. Begin early and take enough drinking water with you.

Ponker Lake 4200M.

Ponker lake is beside the Bhimthang, this lake made from Himlung and glacier of the other many mountains. When you are descending from larkya pass then you can see a very clear lake and if you have a day rest in Bhimthang then you would better to visit this Tal.

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