9 Mistakes to Avoid when Going on Manaslu Circuit Trek


8 Sep 2023 Chandra Gurung

Manaslu Circuit Trek is an amazing Trekking destination, popular for its vistas of the Magnificent Himalayas. If you are elevating your trekking experience with mindful pre-planning activities. Let me clear out a few things that you ought to avoid when going on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The trek is one of the best yet most adventurous trek when you can captivate the breathtaking vistas of one of the highest peaks of the World. You can explore the biodiversity of Nepal, by encountering the abundant wildlife, flora, and fauna, prevailing in these areas.

1. Inadequate acclimatization

Acclimatization is the physiological process of an organism to adjust to climatic, altitude, humidity, and other environmental factors. Neglecting the aspect of acclimation can lead to altitude sickness and related health issues during high-altitude trek. Managing your Trek Schedule accordingly, by taking gaps and enough rest at different levels of altitude, is key here. Allowing yourself to adjust accordingly and take care of your body will ensure proper acclimatization. 

In case of inadequate acclimatization, plasma volume, heart rate, and capillary activation of the human body can be adequate. Which needs to be considered and taken care of. When the oxygen level is dropped, a hazardous condition may occur, if we remain ignorant. Hence, the need to adjust and not rush to the trek is key here.

2. Unmanaged and Poor Choice Packaging

Poor choice of Package options could ruin your trip at the last moment. Make sure you develop an ability to choose essentials over quantity when packing for a trek. Underestimating the trekking difficulty, and packing more, does not favor you. 

Careful choice of clothing and proper assessment of packaging can help you avoid any sort of unnecessary items in your backpack. As over and packing both are problematic in the end, so, listing your trek items with reasonable thinking and analytics will be a plus point. 

Commonly overpacking items in your backpack could be an additional set of hiking clothes, food, water, and toilet paper. Only adding some band-aids, ointments, and ibuprofen, can be a wise choice. Decent packing skills will help you avoid discomfort and any sort of injury on the way. Having warm clothes, trekking gear, boots, a sleeping bag, rain cover, and other needed materials will be a plus point to your journey. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare beforehand regarding the essential equipment you need to make your trek worth it.

3. Neglecting the Trekking Permits Requirements

Manaslu Circuit Trek requires permits to explore its reserved area, and ignoring these can be troublesome. Without the required permit, your entry can be denied, which you need to analyze. You can get trekking permits like the Manaslu Conservation Area permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP), and others as required to continue your Trek. The trekking permit can be obtained from the Immigration Authority in Kathmandu, and the designated authority in this field.

TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card can help the Nepal government track the trekkers’ whereabouts and troubleshoot if any regarding the missing trekkers. For data entry and safety features, the system demands a permit card. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek requires permits and proper documentation. Neglecting these can lead to fines or being denied entry. Research the permit requirements, ensure your paperwork is in order, and carry copies at all times.

What is the cost of the Manaslu Conservation Area permit?

Regarding the total cost of trekking in the Manaslu Circuit Trek, it may vary. In general, the Manaslu Conservation Area permit is charged US$25. 

If you plan to explore the restricted area, you can get one from Manaslu, which ranges from US$75 for the first week in the off-season. The charges are increased by US$10 for every day thereafter. In peak season (Sept to Nov), you can travel, explore, and hike through the area, charging US$100 for the first week and additional charges of $15 for every day thereafter.

4. Not Following Trekking Regulations

Not Adhering to Trekking regulations can cause penalties and legal issues. To protect the government interest and ensure the protection of endangered species, and the regulations of the conserved area, it is crucial to abide by the rules. This also ensures and safeguards the security of the trekkers and promotes welfare, when regulations align with the values of the explorers. If you want to avoid any mishappening and uncertain events, you are advised to abide by trek regulations.

5. Underestimating Physical Fitness

Preparing your Body for the High-altitude Trek is crucial. Failing to prepare beforehand, both mentally and physically, can be challenging and exhausting before reaching the destination. 

To avoid any sort of physical and emotional injury, you can maintain your fitness level, and perform yoga, and meditation. Practicing, cardiovascular and strength training exercises are equally important if you want to trek in high altitude and be healthy.

6. Ignoring Weather Conditions

The foremost tip during the Trek is to keep in mind the stats and analytics of weather conditions. Weather forecasting and scheduling trekking on suitable days are crucial for avoiding any sort of mishappening. 
The weather conditions on your Trek route can be unpredictable, at times. If you fail to check weather forecasts and prepare accordingly, you may encounter some unpleasant situations.  You need to pack a good rain jacket, and seasonal clothing, and stay informed about the weather conditions of the place and the best season you are trekking in.

7. Avoid Rushing the Trek

If you are an avid adventure lover, it would be advisable for you to trek at your own pace. Meeting a tight schedule can be hectic, and some unnecessary exhaustion, tiredness, and missed experiences may arise when exploring the places of your choice. Hence, rushing through the trek is something to avoid to fully enjoy the ambiance of the Mystic and the uneven landscape and local culture of your destination.

8. Trekking Without a Guide 

Trekking without a guide is something you ought to avoid, as this may lead to unpleasant surprises, which you are least expecting at your Trek. In the restricted and high-risk areas, international tourists should bring their trekking guide along to enter the premises. 

Looking ahead of the time, having an experienced guide, porter, and a group of friends to trek, will add fun too. Hence, you can consider hiring a reasonable yet friendly trekking guide, who can be your companion, to the ultimate experience in your life.

9. Not Budgeting Carefully

Trekkers along the trail can get exhausted and stressed, as their gear, supplies, transportation, accommodation, and food all cost money. Because of inadequate budget preparation beforehand, some trekkers find it difficult to complete their trail. 

You can opt for budget-friendly trekking plans and also, avoid realistic evaluation of your day’s hike by difficulty, time, and pace. Also, you can be considerate of planning ahead, preparation, and being aware of your gear, to avoid any complicated choices during the trek.


For a fulfilling adventure on the Manaslu Circuit, you can avoid the aforementioned common mistakes that many trek enthusiasts are making. Provided you adhere to trek regulations, forecast weather, pack essentials, and be mindful about your trek planning in general, you can have a safe and enjoyable journey. 

With adequate preparation, acclimatization, and attention to avoid mistakes as such, you can enjoy the ambiance, be a cultural mosaic of the local culture, and adjust to pitfalls, if any arise, in between, you can create an everlasting memory of your life.